Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 29

29 The Lady

Isha kept on crying for days. She lost everything, her mother, father and her smile too. Nobody has seen her smiling after the death of her parents. Master Nasar started to take care of Isha, as his daughter. Master Nasar’s wife was worried about Isha as she stopped going out to play with the kids and refused to eat food properly.

Days went by master Nasar and his wife took care of Isha she started to grow up, but she didn’t talk much to the people around, everyone left her as it’s. Isha started to spend more time in the diamond hill and river and also with the scorpion King and snakes around. Master Nasar got tensed seeing her as a nobody girl. But he left her as it’s.

One day master Nasar called Isha took her out nearby the riverbank in solitude and sat there. “Sit,” Master Nasar told Isha tapping on the limed floor. “You can’t be like this you are the next Master you should be around with the people and you should know people and their needs”. But Isha just looked to ahead to the shining diamonds which were on the other side of the river. “Isha, my girl you should try to mingle it’s important”. Isha looked at master with an unblinking face, then said: “you will be your successor, which means I am going to lead all the creatures and other things over here so it has nothing to do with the humans over here”.

Master Nasar gave a smile and said “Everything here is connected here humans depend on other creatures and it’s vice versa too, you should think about what I said.” Isha just nodded her head in yes. And started to look at the diamond’s hills again. The light inside Qanat changed. Isha and master Nasar sat there for so long.

“I couldn’t see my sister for once master”, Isha said. Master Nasar was silent he looked at Isha she was still looking at the diamond hill. Then he got up and started walking towards his house. Days went by Isha started to talk with people started to know their needs and wants but she spent more time with the sea creatures and snakes and other things in Qanat. She was indeed growing in grace and beauty.

One day while Isha was working in the golden hill along with other women in Qanat she felt her body weak like never before. She was feeling anger without any reason. She felt irritated with everyone as they give her instructions on how to do the works. She wanted to hit hard with the hammer on the hill but she couldn’t. Her back was painful. She was low but still, she worked. Her nerves near her lady parts were getting stretched and that was another pain just under her womb. Then suddenly she felt something wrong, something wrong between her legs she stood still, she felt something leaking she looked down it was blood. She didn’t know what was happening it was red dark red. She ran and jumped to the river.

Everyone working there looked at Isha, first, they taught Isha got possessed. Isha swam across the river and ran to her home. Master Nasar’s wife went behind her from the hill. Isha was there trying to rub off the blood from her dress, a silk cloth which was wrapped around her waist till knee length. She took it off and was trying hard to get the blood away. Master Nasar’s wife went by her, she understood what it was. She hugged Isha and kissed Isha on her forehead. “put this cloth over there, then clean yourself and then put this around your waist then come out” said master Nasar’s wife handing Isha a cotton cloth with a silk rope and a skirt made up of a camel’s skin.

“She’s a lady now “ announced master Nasar’s wife, her voice echoed through Qanat. Master Nasar came running. Waited for Isha to come out. Isha came near the door and looked out. The whole of Qanat was standing outside their house, master Nasar at first. All were smiling at her but she felt it like everyone is laughing at her, everyone is making fun of her. She still didn’t understand what was happening she felt like everyone was laughing at her cause she shed some blood through unsayable place in her body.

Master Nasar walked ahead hugged Isha and kissed her on her forehead. Master Nasar’s wife along with a few other women took Isha inside then explained to her what was happening. They all dolled up Isha with gold and diamonds which Isha never liked. Then master Nasar’s wife gave Isha a golden chain which was to be put around her waist and said: “it’s your mothers never lose this”. Isha touched it she felt her mother as if she was getting protected by her blood mother.

Every assembled nearby the riverbank, they all were singing and dancing. Snakes and scorpions were also their dolphins doing their flips and jump according to the songs people were singing it was all festive mood. People in Qanat always celebrate the occasion of a girl being a lady. That one day they saw the girl as a goddess. On the contrary, Isha was not like this sitting in the middle of all living beings in Qanat she taught of running away.

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