Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 3

3. Al-Hamra

Faham got terrified again, all of a sudden, his hands started to freeze, he started sweating like the temperature was 83-degree Celsius, his kamiz* was all drenched by the sweat. His heart started to beat like a racing horse, his eyes turned dark, his hand was hurt. Everything stopped for a bit, he came back to his senses, his camel was down dead, he wanted to cry but he couldn’t. He wanted to scream but he couldn’t, he went all numb.

He checked his camel it was bitten by a snake. “Wait!! What a snake?” He didn’t see anything, maybe his camel sensed snake’s presence that’s why the camel took him up, maybe the camel saw something else too, maybe ghosts from past as its said animals can see and sense everything. “Ohhhh, God! I am on ground now what if snakes bite me?? I am going to die. Ohhh no, it can’t happen I can’t die in this desert, I have to live, I haven’t even started my life this can’t happen, I have to be brave think now… yes, the pyramid, I am going to run towards it and stay on it until morning. But what about him my camel if I stay to bury it, the snakes are going to find me as long as my legs are in the sand I should run now towards the pyramid.”

He started to run looking down with his eyes wide open, panting and murmuring to himself that he can do it. H ran as fast as he could and started to climb on to the pyramid. He could feel the breeze, sweat started to dry off, he relaxed a bit and then he burst out crying, thinking about his camel. The camel had been with him since he was eight, twelve years they were together, they worked together and they played together. He remembered, the day his uncle gave him the camel, he was so happy. Everyone told him to name it so he called it Al-Hamra, meaning the red one, red was always his favorite color. The day he got the camel he walked through the streets, he called out everyone and showed the camel. After his mom, Al-Hamra was his favorite being in the world. Sometimes he used to sleep with his camel, in his tent near the jewelry shop. They both use to carry jewelry around without any problems and always were good together. Now Al-Hamra is gone, saving Faham from a deadly snake. “How am I going to survive without Al-Hamra?” tears rolled down his cheeks.

Suddenly he heard some sound inside the pyramid, stones where moving and shifting places from one end the end, he don’t know what to do. He closed his mouth with his hand, eyes turned grey, his litham* was already wet, he froze. He thought, ’he needs to live but he can’t fight whatever monster is coming out from the pyramid. Three 6ft tall people walked out of the pyramid with goldenrod and ropes in their hands and they moved forward towards the camel tied its legs onto the goldenrod and took it away with them. Faham hid in a dark spot, he wanted to know what they were going to do with his camel, his Al-Hamra. Faham waited for them to get inside the pyramid, so he could go in too. He could hear the sound of music from inside the pyramid, it is flute and suddenly music faded away as the stones got back in its place as the door closed altogether and he couldn’t get inside the pyramid, he was clueless about what to do next.

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