Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 30

30 Lost Sister

Isha was sitting in the middle of people who were all dancing and singing, suddenly her face changed, she was pleasant everyone became silent snakes made a circle around Isha and here he comes scorpion King with a small piece of diamond on his head. He walked till Isha circled Isha once and kept that diamond nearby here, it was a purple color diamond. No one has seen that color diamond in Qanat before. Nobody has seen scorpion coming to a being lady function before. It was Isha so everyone was used to the miracles by now.

Scorpion King left, master Nasar’s wife ran to Isha, snakes were also gone she took the diamond in her hand. It was small, size of wheat but the glow was powerful. She couldn’t stop staring at it. Isha shook her, she came to her senses handed the diamond to Isha. Everyone started to sing and dance again.

Ishas body started to change, her body had all humps and curves a girl needed she got used to the things being a lady. She understood she can’t do anything about it. She grew up further to become a woman, strong well-built and hardworking woman with a chain around her waist with a small purple diamond hanging at it end. Master Nasar trained her to be the next master. She was taught about the history and rituals of Qanat.

Isha was all grown up. She started to take care of works in Qanat, and the duties of master Nasar as he was getting old, and finally in bed taking the long rest he wanted seeing Isha taking care of things in a mature and planned manner. She had her plans for Qanat. Everyone in Qanat was her friends and every living creature started to oblige her instructions. It all went well.

It was a full moon day while master Nasar called Isha. She walked by master Nasar’s room sat nearby him. Master Nasar held Ishas hand “There is one thing which I was not supposed to tell you, the one history I didn’t teach you about but I cannot die keeping that thing in my mind” Isha gave a strange gaze at Master Nasar. Isha then moved further near to master Nasar in that silk bed, leaned towards master Nasar without losing contact with his eyes keeping her ears wide. Master Nasar continued giving her a big shock of her life “Your sister is alive”. Isha couldn’t move for a second then she jumped, stood up her eyes was filled with tears. She couldn’t’ believe what she just heard. Isha closed her mouth tight with her hands close her eyes. Water started to flow like a river from her eyes she went to a corner, tapped her head on the walls. Cried for a while.

Isha went back and sat near master Nasar again wiped tears off her cheeks sniffed her nose and asked master Nasar “Where is she??? I want to see her now right away I will go and see her wherever she is.” “No, you can’t,” said Master Nasar “she is not here in Qanat, no women are allowed to go out of Qanat you know that rule, rules are meant to be kept intact a country and no one should break it you are next Master of the Qanat. So, you should never break any rule in Qanat” continued Master Nasar.

“But why did you keep her away from me and Qanat?? How could you do that to her ??? Why did you do that to us??” asked Isha holding her hands tight on Master Nasar’s hand with an eye filled with tears. “I had no other way out Isha, Do you know why we made the rule that women are not allowed to go out of Qanat? The only thing, the only history I didn’t tell you about, it’s because of your mother. That’s why we had to take that decision” Isha looked at master Nasar, her hand was still holding master Nasars’ hand she was listening, “In our early days we use to keep some allies with few merchants who supplied us with silks and other needful things, people in Qanat first made friends with them made sure they are trustworthy then we get them to do our things in exchange of low-quality diamonds and gold from here. But we never let them into Qanat and we never told them about Qanat. Your father and mother had a strong relationship with one such merchant, and they had told that merchant about Qanat, which we came to know afterward.” Continued Master Nasar.

Master Nasar tapped Ishas hand and said “go get some water” and started to cough. Isha ran and bought some water “Do you see this glass this was brought here by your parents. They had a good connection with a brass and they did bring lots of utensils here in exchange of Gold. But what they did wrong was your mother told him about Qanat and she did bring him here. Your father was the one who took him here while your sister was born.”

“Where is my sister, tell me that,” asked Isha. “I didn’t finish yet Isha you have to be patient. You will be a master and you can discuss and change rules here in Qanat along with other masters. Never make the mistakes we did” said master Nasar and Isha just nodded in agreement.

“Your sister a light brown eyes which meant she can’t survive in Qanat, which means she’s not immune to venom and as per rules of Qanat we have to kill that baby at birth itself.” Said, master Nasar. “How did that baby kill my mother and father then???” asked Isha “Once your mother came to know that her eyes were brown he sent your father to that merchant and was trying to hand your sister to the merchant. Which is not bearable and we had to kill them all.” “But you said my sister is alive, “ said Isha. “Yes, she’s alive” Master Nasar said thinking something.

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