Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 31

31. Pyramid

Isha was keen to know about her sister, and Master Nasar continued. “In my entire life I never faced any situation that I have to kill a newborn child and no kid with other colored eyes was born in Qanat in my watch. I knew I can’t kill that baby, but others will so I gave your sister few drops of sleeping drips. And let her with your mother’s body. Then I told other master of Qanat “I will drain the baby body first and then rest three bodies together. I took your sister behind our diamond hill and left here there.”

Isha started to get up and go to the diamond hill master Nasar stopped her. “No, she’s not there now. You have to hear things full and then promise me one thing you will never go out of Qanat and meet your sister.” “But how will I know she’s alive, does she know about me??? What’s should I do know, where is she “. Asked Isha.

“That night after I floated away your father and mother’s body I went back to the hill made a small hole over here to accommodate your sister kept two of my snakes as guard for her. And they made sure baby’s sound never came out of that hole. I fed her and watched her grow every night until she was four. Then I started to teach her what all we know. She knows to talk to all our creatures and she was friendly to them as you are. Once she could maintain herself I shifted her.” Said, Master Nasar.

“What’s her name??? Where is she now ??? Is he here in Qanat??? I want to know that. I promise you I will never go out in search of here or to see her.” Master Nasar gave a smile and said “Isra, that’s her name. She stays inshore nearby where our river goes and I kept her there to give us information happening at seaside she will let us know if any danger comes from that side.”

“Isha my girl I wanted to say this to you from the first day but you know I can’t do. Now you are going to be next master of Qanat so you are bound to know our history. My time has come I can take rest now I can go for long sleep now. I know you will do better things for Qanat than anyone else in the past or future. Take your decisions wisely and keep up your promise. Live for Qanat and keep Qanat safe” master Nasar closed his eyes and he slept off his long sleep revealing a big secret to Isha.

Isha took master Nasars’ hand kissed it and kept his hand on his chest a drop of tear fall on his hands from Isha’s eyes. There he lies, her mentor her second father her trainer her teacher and everything. Master Nasar is dead everyone in Qanat came by. Three Masters came by and cleaned master Nasars’ body some went by and collected bones and made boats. All snakes assembled around master Nasars’ body. Isha stood with master Nasars’ wife. Isha was not crying she showed everyone that she’s strong console everyone.

They took master Nasars’ body to the river it’s time to morn now. When someone dies everyone morn inside their house for two days. That’s what ancestors said. Isha sat there with the body as snakes and people left. Dolphins and other fishes came by the bank to see Master Nasar for one last time. And left. Isha sat there for a while. She wanted to cry and scream. She was thinking about her mother, father, and Isra. Now her only shoulder in Qanat was lying there unmoved.

Four among Qanat people who were responsible for hunt came in with a camel. She told them to keep the camel along with the master Nasar. And the people left for their own homes. Isha felt uneasy and alone. She wanted to run away. She didn’t know what to do. Then she decided she will go out. Go out to the pyramid and do the rituals later.

She walked ahead between the houses, to the stairs. As she kept her legs on stairs to go upside, snakes started to hiss. She told them to shut their mouths but one among them followed her, her pet they were. Then she walked ahead to the exit. She shuffled the puzzled stones to open the door.

Door got open it was different air different smells, everything was different it was less cold. Moon was up. “Moon a round white big dot on the sky which she never saw. The only thing she saw was its light. Now there are stars moon and clouds. It’s different.

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