Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 32

32 Stranger

Isha looked around, she couldn’t anyone there. She climbed up the pyramid tears were dripping. The cold breeze comforted her a bit. She sat there on the pyramid looking at the moon thinking about Isra, how she would look like how grown she’s who are helping her and so many other questions came in her mind. Then she thought about her parents and their faiths. Then about master Nasar. As a master what he did was right for Qanat she thought.

All of a sudden, she heard a sound and looked down. There was a young boy thin white and some covering on his head sweaty and not high as Qanat people. His eyes were ash grey so he is not from Qanat for sure. But Isha panicked a bit thinking if people of Qanat might find out about the getting out of Qanat. Then she thought me what if he attacks me??? No, I am trained. Master Nasar did train me well. I can outrun him easily.

“Who are you,” Faham asked in a trembling voice. Isha taught a minute to let me call my snake now, she whistled and the snake came out of sand wrapped around his leg waited for Ishas command to bite him.

Faham collapsed, she told snake to let go of him and not to bite him. Isha came down to the sand looked at him. He was breathing. She looked at him his hands were not so strong. His bones were visible.

“What will I do with him now, if I leave him here what if someone finds out about me coming out or an outsider finds out about Qanat. No, I can’t leave him here” she said to herself. She carried him with her and started walking inside through the stairs, as snake followed her.

She carried Faham till river bank where master Nasar was lying down, and the camel was also there dead. Isha sniffed him he smelled bad. His skin was sticky. “Should I kill him, or shouldn’t I??” Isha thought. “I can’t kill anyone today ok let’s see if Isra can decide,” Isha called snake and told snake to look after Faham body.

Isha called up all dolphins, “which one of u know the person who looks after us from shore ???” Isha asked dolphins which were assembled in line. She waited for them to respond. But none did “I am your next Master. Master Nasar have told me about our shore person so that I can take good care of her so just tell me who knows the shore watcher, Isra” Isha asked again and two of them jumped up.” Ok, one among you go call her up and let her know that I am sending something for her, The rest of you haven’t heard anything else go get ready for Masters afloat ceremony and you wait here. “ Isha told looking at a dolphin.

Then she came back Faham was awake, he was talking to master Nasars dead body and camel and her snake. She felt odd. Then she saw Faham trying to hold the snake in hand “stop “ she said, “ you are not dead yet “Isha said “ what I am not dead ?” Faham asked her in a confused tone “ No you are not” Isha said, but he continued the questioning “then what’s this place why is it all shiny that too white at this night “ you should wash your face” Isha said. Faham went to river water he looked at the water as he was seeing such water for first time.

She silently went near master Nasar’s body and started to weep. “ I don’t know what I am doing is right or wrong I am taking a chance I want to know if my sister can take the right decisions and do things with maturity properly. So, I am sending this guy to her” She told Master Nasar.

Isha started to weep near the body of master Nasar and she noticed Faham moving. And her snake along with him. Isha dived into the river and told the dolphin “ now you go and tell Isra that I, Isha her sister is sending an outsider out of Qanat in a boat to the sea. Tell her to take him to the shore and do whatever she feels it’s right, she can kill him or let him live. But make sure no news about Qanat goes out also tell her she will hear more from me from tomorrow” Snake came back in some time and said he was trying to escape. Isha just nodded at the snake. Went to get the boat.

As per Qanat, a dead body of Qanat people is supposed to be flitted away with a cut on the abdomen of the dead body. The sea creatures are the one who has the claim to a dead body. Once the body is put on a boat and floated away, the boat is taken over by the dolphins till it reaches the sea and then the boat is broken into pieces by a whale which is in charge of entrance security.

Isha gave the instructions to the dolphins and same was passed to the whale which was in the entrance of Qanat below the sea. Isha took a knife closed her eyes and tried to stab on master Nasar’s body, “No I can’t, he’s my mentor my second father how can I do this now”, she knew she can’t do this task. Isha tried twice by closing her eyes but every time her mind stopped her. “What will I do if I didn’t do this master Nasar spirt won’t rest in peace” then she remembered about Faham “ Ok I will get him to do this task”.

Faham came back pleaded to her not to kill him while Isha was keeping master Nasars’ body in the boat. She told him “I can’t kill anyone today” she said. Faham asked about master Nasar Isha just made him shut telling “none of your concern” Isha then handed a knife to Faham and told him to cut. Faham looked confused, she knew he had no other options. While Faham holds his hand up to stab on master Nasars’ abdomen Isha closed her eyes tight, tears started to flow down. Isha wiped the tears fast.

Isha cut Faham had and dipped the blood droplets in the water and she jumped in. “Make sure this person doesn’t die his blood is raw. It’s different from master Nasar he should reach till my sister. “ Isha instructed dolphins.

She told Faham to get into the boat. And nodded to the dolphins, she watched boat moved with her master. Faham was pleading her not to do anything with his Al-Hamra, Isha looked at camel too. Then every memory with master Nasar came in front of her eyes ……. She started to cry as the boat moved away to the horizon.

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