Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 33

33 Master

As the boat sailed away Isha realized she’s a master from the next day. She has been doing things till today, but it was under the supervision of master Nasar now it’s she who has to do the duties. All decisions and everything on her own. “ I have already taken one” Isha thought looking at Faham waving for help from the boat. Isha turned around saw the camel, “Sorry I can’t stop them from chopping you to pieces or taking your skin away.” Then she walked away.

The next day Isha got message from Isra about Faham, “He’s not a threat so I let him live!!”, Isha continued her contact with Isra through dolphins. Isha gave strict instructions to dolphins to keep Isra as a secret. Isha gave Isra charge of shore security and told Isra to keep monitoring shorelands and inform Isha as any threats come through that side.

Isha had many ideas about well-being of Qanat people. Isha told Isra to make a secret tunnel in Qanat so that any threats come by Isha can safely shift people to another place. Isha gave instructions to all fishes in the river to help Isra in making pebbles by rolling stones out of Qanat river and nearby areas to the pickup point for Isra outside Qanat, little far away from guard whales Tunnel. Isra started to collect them daily. Isra continued to give info about Faham swimming lessons.

Isha started to make perfect diamond cut diamonds so that she can use them to lighten up the tunnel made by Isra. Isha introduced a new system of using diamond as in and out a passport to the Qanat, red self-illuminating diamonds were given to everyone in Qanat which was attached to their rings or chains. Isha made guard whales familiar with the new red diamond code and She has assigned dolphins with a red diamond stud on them to look after waterway and make a clear pathway for man going out for hunting through river.

Isha wanted to make outside allies and discussed the same with other masters they didn’t accept that cause. Isha strongly felt that should be implemented, but her struggles were in vain. The same scenario continued while Isha asked other masters to let women in Qanat go outside. As both failed Isha felt Isra and Faham would do the needful for her as an outside Ally.

Isha started to send out snakes as spies. She wanted to know what was happening in other kingdoms nearby Qanat as they were the only threats for Qanat. She started to train snakes to jump high, move faster. Climb through walls, and sneak in cloths of others without noticing. Isha started to give the snakes turns in duties of spying, a shift that changes every week. And the returned snakes report. She kept a few snakes stand by in the land, in case of emergencies.

Isha started to people train how to do fights, archery and all other kinds of defense systems so that if anything dangerous happens in Qanat they all are prepared well, she also made safe points where people can hide. Isha started to explore every nook and corner of Qanat and inside a river for new places to keep people safe.

Isha did all the jobs with people, she was always ready for anything people asked for. She became everyone’s daughter, friend, and sister, she played with kids, discussed things with masters took care of everyone’s needs. Qanat was happy, in peace and safety. everyone loved Isha she became Qanats favorite.

Isha came to know about Faham trying to get inside Qanat through Isra. “He’s adamant, I cannot stop him I will try but I don’t think he’s going to stop until he meets you” that was Isras’ message for her sister. “We will see, I told him once I won’t kill him, I will keep my word. Are you sure he’s not a threat???” asked Isha “No he’s not a threat to Qanat as far as I came to know him, he’s a good-hearted person he won’t hurt anyone” Isra said, as dolphins went in and out of Qanat with the messages from sisters, days went by.

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