Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 34

34. Warning

Isha looked at the boat moving ahead with a dead body, looked behind Qanat was getting orange lights, slowly turning to white. She sat there for a while looking at the diamond hill where her sister, Isra grown up all alone. She looked around and realized it’s her world, I should keep this safe.

Suddenly Isha was brought back to her senses from taught by a dolphin. “What do you want now ??” Isha asked the dolphin. “ Your sister told me to let you know about Faham, he’s trying to enter here through the river. Isra saved him once but he’s going to try to get in again”.

“No that can’t be allowed,” said Isha, “let my sister know that.” Dolphin left to pass the message to Isra, but it returned immediately in a minute time. “ He’s standing face to face in front of our guard, and the whale is going to eat him.”

“What’s wrong with this shore guy, he’s going to die,” Isha thought “Ok you go call dragoman dolphin and tell it to take him inside now, go fast before the whale eats him” instructed Isha to the dolphin and sat there. “Ok what should I do with him now, I will make him understand it’s not safe for him to come here. He’s an Ally so he should be sent back happily, let me take him to my side” likewise many thoughts came into Ishas’ mind and she got up walked towards her home and changed waited for Dolphins to come back.

Dragoman dolphin came and did a flip giving Isha hint that Faham has reached inside. She looked around and saw Faham sitting on the bank. She started to walk slowly towards him, Faham jumped back “What’s he doing now???” Isha got confused. By the time dolphins came “Go catch him don’t allow him to move “ Isha told them.

She saw Faham “So he was trying to hide in our water, good good” thinking this Isha caught hold of Faham ears “Go,” Isha told dolphins and they left. She tried to pull Faham out of water by holding his ears and it hurt him.

“Ok I should not be soft with him, he shouldn’t come here again he should be afraid and happy” Isha thought of keeping a serious face. Isha warned him not to come to Qanat as if anybody from outside comes here they won’t go out alive” she looked at Faham he was terrified. Isha couldn’t hold that seriousness for long by looking at Faham face she burst into a smile. It felt good for Isha to smile after so long.

Isha took Faham to the diamond hills as she knew it’s not safe for him to roam around Qanat. Faham asked about his camel Isha explained she was helpless. Then Isha went by her plans, explained to him how dangerous is Qanat for outside people. She told him how dangerous the guard sharks are, “it is you that’s why I have sent our guide dolphins else you would be dead by now”.

Isha took Faham around the diamond hill explaining what they do with it and reply for everything Faham asked. She was sure as a man from the land he’s going to take a few diamonds from Qanat. She gave him a few rare self-illuminating diamonds. Isha gave Faham a red diamond which is the pass for in and out of Qanat. And told him its use. “He’s an Ally too so I have to keep him around for pieces of information.”

Isha called up her snakes and warned Faham that she will kill him if he ever tells anyone about Qanat... but Faham got terrified slipped and fainted. Isha looked at Faham he seems so innocent. I will have to send him back now. Isha took him up and walked towards the boat, she collected all the diamonds and put them in his pocket. Isha took a boat started to row through the river. Isha sent dolphins to call up Isra and informed her Faham is coming back. “He should be sent back to his land” that was Ishas message for her sister.

Dolphins took Faham to Isra and returned with a message that Faham was sent to another shore where there are people he will find his way back to his land soon Isha sent 3 snakes to keep an eye on Faham. Isha went back slept in peace.

Days went by everything went normal in Qanat and Isha did her duties with the whole heart. She took an update from Isra about the tunnel. Lighting diamonds were kept ready as Isra reaches Qanat.

One day early morning dolphin started to flip up and call Isha, she was working with others. “Faham is coming, he’s in a hurry seems worried” Isha didn’t know what to do. Everyone was up and out ready for works. Isha went running to snakes and asked snakes for updates, but they said they didn’t get any hear anything from spies from the day before. Isha looked worried and Faham popped up out of the river. One among Qanat man took a bow and fired at Faham, Isha went running to stop him but arrow was already left.

Isha saw Faham falling on the ground and squirming with excruciating pain ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…

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