Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 35

35. Lies

“Ahhhhhhhhh” Faham screamed in pain. Isha came running to Faham. He was crying holding his knees. By that time people in Qanat gathered around Faham and Isha. “ How did an outsider get into Qanat” “master Isha why are you trying to help this man “ “how do you know him”. Isha could hear lots of questions. She was quiet, she tried to calm Faham. And she pulled out the arrow in one go. It hurt Faham more.

“Answer us master Isha, why are you helping an outsider, why is he here and how do you know him” questions repeated and Isha tied Faham wound. She looked around, the whole of Qanat was there. She’s answerable to everyone. Other masters came in front. “Take him and bring her too,” one among the master said.

“Do you know this man???” three masters asked Isha. Faham was sitting on ground with his leg stretched. He is still bleeding from the wound, and snakes were making round around him. Isha nodded “yes”. “How come you know an outsider, that too a man ??? What are you trying to hide Isha? You can’t be a master. No no you can’t live anymore. You have brought an outsider in to Qanat and rules are the same for everyone. Not even a master can escape it.” Isha didn’t know what to say, “Anyways I am going to die so if I say I went out of Qanat and met him then too it’s not going to make any difference. They are going to kill me”.

Faham sensed what Isha is going to say. “No no no stop, you have bigger problem coming on your way. He’s coming Hyder is coming everyone is going to die.” Isha looked at him with a confused face, “Don’t try to change the topic, tell me how do you know her, and how did you get inside Qanat. And from where did you get this???” masters asked Faham holding his ring with red diamond in his hand.

“Ok I will say promise me you won’t kill her, also what I told is true they are coming they are going to attack Qanat for your resources,” Faham said. Everyone started to murmur things around and masters and Isha were looking at Faham to see what he’s gonna say next. “ I met her the day her father died. Your people killed my camel and they brought it down through the pyramid door. So, I peeped in by following them. They couldn’t notice me, while I came down she was there crying nearby the dead body and I pleaded her not to kill me. She was already in tears so she left me to die in the sea, along with the dead body” .

“You still didn’t answer about this” one among master asked Faham holding the ring up. “I got it from the river bed as I passed the river, I liked it and I kept that on my ring,” Faham said looking at Isha, Isha seems relieved and calm. “Is that all true Isha??? You will have to answer now you can’t be silent”. Isha looked at others all were curious to know what Isha had to say but Faham came in between and said: “It’s a true why would I lie. Now please hear me out Qanat is in grave danger”.

Isha looked at Faham face again asking him what he’s trying to do, then Isha looked at masters took a deep breath and said “ Yes what he told is true, but knowing Qanat rules I left him alive and I am sorry for it. I pledge guilty you can take me down from my master position and I am ready to take any punishment you give me”

“Sorry young man you seem innocent but rules are rules no one is to break it so you must die, as she should cause as per our rules if an outsider comes inside Qanat they should not be going out, or they can’t survive in here as it’s highly poisonous snakes and other creatures roaming here. Moreover, if an outsider comes to know about us, Qanat people and our resources it will be a great threat to our existence. So, you should be executed.” Said, one master.

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