Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 36

36. Desert

“They already know, they are on their way. It’s of no use that you execute me. Hyder is going to kill all of you and take your resources. The king is mad and greedy he will take all your diamonds and golds. He’s gonna attack you all” Faham fainted telling this. Isha came running to Faham shook him, “Hey hey, what are you telling, who’s coming who’s Hyder what’s he going to do. How did they know did you tell them???” But Faham was unconscious he has lost blood. Isha went running to her house took some cloths and came running back, she covered Faham wound, gave him water. The whole Qanat watched Ishas’ doings and they were all stunned as they didn’t see Isha like this.

All waited, masters were discussing, Isha went to the stairs called up on snakes sent a message to spy snakes in the vicinity. All responded except four of them which was from Faham’s kingdom. She sent two more snakes to check that kingdom after some time one snake came back “My partner is dead 12 soldiers are coming in their camels they are killing every snake they see on their way. I think they are headed towards here”. Said snake.

Isha went running towards other masters. They are coming but only 12 of them now. We should be ready. We can’t take chances and we won’t attack first”. Masters looked at each other, they nodded yes and said “It is your one simple mistake that’s causing all of our lives now. Don’t forget that”. “ I promise you not a single life will be lost if any life is to be lost it will be of mine moreover it’s a chance I see a future, bright one if everything goes alright” .

Masters didn’t understand what Isha said but they just let her take her own decisions as they believed she is a part of master Randamees and she can’t be wrong. She will protect Qanat. Isha went and checked Faham he was still sleeping keeping his legs straight and murmuring “I am sorry I didn’t have any choice they made me say it and also they killed your snake …. I am sorry I didn’t have any choice they made me say it and also they killed your snake”.

Isha went back to stairs called up on snakes tell them to wait under the sand unnoticed and told a few to wait on the pyramid. Isha gave strict instructions not to attack anyone first. She called two helpers to keep an eye out to the desert through the pyramid.

It’s was almost evening, Hyder was in his camel along with other twelve soldiers, he could see the pyramid and it was shining like a beacon in the setting sunlight he took his horse aiming to the pyramid. As sun settled it became colder and colder the breeze changed to the wind there was thunder. Hyder felt something wrong, yes, he guessed it right a sandstorm was going to come. He was sure there was no place to hide. The destination was long ahead if he moves ahead he will be inside sand storm so he decided to stop until sandstorm goes away.

“Troop stop, get down from your camels and take cover in the sand until this wind goes away, keep your eyes shut and be sturdy,” said Haider stopping his camel. He got down covered face with his litham and made his camel sit towards leeward side and took cover from the camel. He covered his eyes with his hand. Everyone else did the same looking at Hyder.

The storm came by with full force as Isha was looking through the pyramid along with two others, snakes came back reporting about Hyder and his troop waiting for the sandstorm to pass. Isha covered her face and eyes as the sand will come into the pyramid too through the small holes, the keep for lookouts.

Camels sat still and wind came by hitting hard with full force. Camels sat still everyone held their breath as the wind passed, it continued for some time everything was silent except wind whistling sound. It stopped. Everything was calm Hyder opened his eyes he could see pyramid standing intact and calm and unshaken.

“Ok let’s move,” Hyder said while climbing on his camel. They started to move ahead looking at the pyramid, all 24 eyes glued at pyramid. Hyder felt there is something inside that. May be ghosts as myth says or just snakes whatever it’s I am going to get inside.

Hyder stopped and told his guards to circle the pyramid, Isha sat inside seeing all these. She told snakes to be ready snakes started to move out to the sands through their secret ways and started to follow the camels which were circling the pyramid. Camels sensed the snakes and stopped. Guards got down to the sand. They went nearby the pyramid and looked closely.

“I can’t see anything here,” said one among the guard to Hyder who was still on his camel in a distance. “Take out your hammers and try breaking the stones.” Ordered Hyder. Isha sitting inside the pyramid heard that “Wait not yet” she told the snakes. Guards took out the hammer held it high and “bang” hit the pyramid with all their energy. But nothing happened pyramid was intact. But inside Qanat, there was one big eco, the effect of hammering. The whole of Qanat looked upside Isha told everyone to be silent.

Guards were ready to hit for the second time they raised their hands with full force, Isha ordered “Now” and all guards fell. Hyder couldn’t understand what happened. 11 of his soldiers are down like a log .” What happened to them” Hyder asked to himself as he made his camel walk ahead. Hyder waited he looked at the camels, it was a death which happened in front of him. He looked at the camels. “Let’s kill the camels too,” Isha said One by one all 11 camels too died. Hyder was stuck.

“Let him live, let this man go and tell the king what happened here and they will never attack again. Fall back” Isha called back the snakes. Hyder saw snakes going down through the sands. It was cold it was night and for the first time in his life, Hyder felt the chills of being frightened. Hyder looked around everyone was dead. Isha kept on looking she saw Hyder turning around and moving back towards his land.

“We are safe now Isha announced” everyone started to scream in joy. As Hyder moved ahead in his camel he felt as if he heard people scream. But he didn’t mind and he went on ahead without turning back.

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