Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 37

37. Maps

Hyder went in front of the king by keeping his head down, everyone in the hall looked Hyder they never saw Hyder with such a sad face. There was a pain in his face, pain of failure. “I am sorry my king I failed you there were snakes, they killed all of our soldiers and I was helpless. But I assure you I won’t let this treasure go out of your hands. I will find another way out“. King just nodded his head and Hyder left.

Isha went running to other masters. “they are not going to come back we are safe now. We didn’t lose even a single life as I promised”. Masters looked at each other, the one master asked “what should we do with that guy now. We should kill him . See what risk he has brought to us outside world knows about us now. As he said they are after our treasurer”. Isha taught for a while and said. “I taught he would be a good Allie for us inland we could trade things safely like before and we could use all resources from the outside world and live like a normal people, let me talk to him first. Please don’t kill him until I tell you. I will set this all right”.

Isha went to Faham he was lying down with his leg stretched, someone has cleaned his wound and tied it properly. He was conscious. Faham saw Isha coming towards him. “I … I am sorry Isha I didn’t me to say anything to anyone but they almost killed me so I gave them half information. I am sorry “ Isha sat nearby Faham and said, “I know you said that already, it’s ok but they killed my snakes too”. “What your snakes ???” exclaimed Faham. “Yes, I sent them to look after you and to kill you if u say about us to anyone, but they got killed first and you gave us the information, now it’s like both danger and information both came from you. Wait what did you mean by half the information you gave what did you tell them.” Asked Isha

“they wanted to know from where did I get those high-quality diamonds. I just told them I got it inside the pyramid. I never told them about you people who live here or about another entry to here . “ replied Faham. “ok” said Isha. “did they attack??” asked Faham. “Yes 12 men came snakes killed 11 of them and left their leader to give information to king about 11 deaths. They are not going to return.” replied Isha.

“They are going to come back it’s Hyder who you left alive he’s going to come back you should have killed him too, “ said Faham. Isha taught for a while and said “but his face was pale, he was all frightened I don’t think he’s going to return here” “ I know him, everyone in my kingdom knows him, he’s the only reason why our kingdom is not attacked by anyone else, everyone is afraid of him he’s a heartless man he’s man of his words, every task given to him is finished properly by him so he’s going to return” Faham face changed in to fear while saying this.

Hyder couldn’t sleep he walked around his room. “ I failed my king, I was afraid of death today this can’t be happening I am stronger than this I can do better think Hyder think you are stronger and wiser. You can outstand snakes there should be another way” Hyder kept murmuring to himself while walking around.

Suddenly it struck him, he went towards his table where the map was kept. “yes, yes there is another way around”. Hyder wrapped map in his hand and ran towards king. “your highness I figured it, please come out we need to discuss something now you need to see this, I found another way inside “ Hyder continued while knocking at king’s door.

King came out with bulged sleepy eyes looked outside moon was right ahead moving east “what’s wrong with you Hyder its middle of night why did you wake me up now???” Hyder held the king’s hand walked towards table opened the map.

“Your highness you should see this “ Hyder said to the king pointing at the map . “ this is the kingdom which lies on the other side of the desert, I know we are rivals but look at this, this river, “ Hyder said keeping his hand on the point where it was marked as river. “ this river is marked till here and then it disappears. I remember last time while I went there as a spy I heard someone saying that the river flows to the sea under the desert. If that’s right and looking at the direction that river should pass underneath this pyramid.”

“ Are you sure Hyder ??? This time you should not fail. If there is an entry on the sea how are we going to find it and who’s going to swim and search that much time underwater, none of our soldiers is that expert in swimming”. Said the king

“Leave that to me, my king, I have the solution for that too I will take fisherman along with me to find the way inside. I will wait in their boat until they find a way inside the pyramid. I know how to get this done “ replied Hyder

“Ok you can do as you wish and take whoever you want along with you all I need is results, I need that treasure”. Saying this king went back to sleep. Hyder was excited and he felt calm he started to lay plans for search.

Hyder took just two solders with him and started to go towards the shore. It was twilight and Hyder’s mind was calm now. He could think of all the ways to get inside.

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