Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 38

38 Fisherman

“Ok now take some rest and we will speak to them in the morning, I have king’s order so they will come along” said Hyder getting down from his camel. They all settled down and slept. Hyder woke up hearing mummers around him. While he opened his eyes, he saw people all around him. Hyder pulled out his sword but realized they all were unarmed, they were the fishermen of shore all around him.

Hyder got up “I’m hereby our king’s order. Our king has asked you’ll to find something for him. There is one river coming through the desert which joins up on the sea underneath. So, our king needs us to find that river”

Fisherman looked at one another. It’s Hyder who was saying it so there will be something valid in it. “We don’t know anything like that because we never came across any such river.” said one among the fisherman. Hyder stood there thinking where to start, the one among young lad came in front “If it’s coming through the desert it should be joining on the other side. There is one girl who lives alone in that shore and from what my father has told me she can talk to fishes and other sea creatures” said the young lad pointing towards the shore where Isra lived.

“Ok where is your father then, you come along with us also who else is going to come can come king is going to reward them good price if we succeed,” said Hyder. “I am sorry my father is no more but I will come along with my friends who are good swimmers,” said the young man. Hyder and others started to move towards the shore in a boat with spears used for catching fishes.

Isha sat there thinking “What if Faham said was right. Are they going to come back ??? If they come back we should be ready. Isha got up went by the river and called up a dolphin, “Go tell my sister to place diamonds in the tunnel it should be properly lit and be ready for anything any time” The dolphin went out towards Isra.

Hyder and his troop reached till shore they looked around, they didn’t see anyone, there was only one broken hut which had pebbles arranged like a bed in the middle and some silk cloths, he saw the pool nearby there were few small fishes and the bottom of pool too had pebbles arranged in different shapes. Hyder put his legs in the pool and sat there. I told the troop to search for the girl who stayed there.

All came back “There is no one around, should we wait???” asked a soldier who came along with Hyder. “No, it will be a waste of time she might have gone seeing us coming. We will move ahead to the sea,” said Hyder thinking for a while. He took out his leg from water which was getting manicured by fishes.

Dolphin rushed back to Isha who was standing at the bank of river, “I saw people going to Isras’ place in search of her, I think. I saw this when I was returning after delivering your message. She saw them too. So, she told me to pass the message that tunnel is ready only Qanat part is left and can light it from this side of the tunnel” Isha looked around everyone was in their homes “So he’s right they are coming back for us we should give one more warning I think, you do one thing go tell the guard whales to be ready for attack and double the guard now.” Dolphin left

Hyder looked at the sea it was a mid-day almost sun was right up on their head it was all water around, the breeze has the smell of salt the smell was bad and Hyder felt pukish, it was sweaty. He looked at the 3 fishermen, young guys who came along him they didn’t have any problems with the smell sun or the sea. His two guards were already tired.

“We can start from here said one among the fishermen and stopped rowing the boat. All three jumped Hyder waited for them to return, they returned after some time. Shaking their head in a big no. Hyder saw dolphins doing the flips and moving around. He never minded it as his priority was to find the way inside now.

Dolphins did the flips and was roaming around keeping an eye on people in the boat and the people who jumped into the water. They passed the message to Isha who was waiting at the river bank. Isha told them to keep an eye on the boat.

Hyder sat in the boat thinking how to get inside all of a sudden, he noticed one among the dolphin had a diamond stud in it. He waited for some time and started to notice that diamond-studded dolphins came from exactly one place and left-back at the same spot. “Ok everyone back in the boat, go over there. There is something. I am sure that will be the way.” Hyder said pointing towards the dolphin’s spot.

“They have found us now what should we do,” dolphin said to Isha “Call every dolphin back inside Qanat and tell the guards not to let anyone inside,” Isha said. Dolphin left Isha sat there “Ok I should go and check then I should make sure no one gets inside my Qanat”.

Hyder stopped the boat and told the fishermen to take a deep breath and relax a bit. Jump now ordered Hyder.

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