Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 39

39 Tunnel

All three fisherman dived together down to the sea as they went down water was getting pretty clear and pure. “So, this is it” they thought to themselves. They went ahead further down to North, there they saw the whale circling in a specific place. They went back up to Hyder “We think we found it. But there is a whale, circling there, it’s unusual.” “Yes, that’s it. Now takes your spheres and be ready for the attack. We are four and it’s just one whale we can kill it” said Hyder.

Isha started to swim towards the whale there she saw three people swimming downwards. She went near the whale and said “don’t let any of them inside. Kill them all if they attack you. No leave one alive they should get my message that it’s dangerous to get inside my country”. Isha swam back till the entrance just behind the whale and waited there holding her breath Tight.

Hyder and three other fishermen dived again with their spears in hand. The swam down and saw the whale. Hyder felt like someone is watching him. He could see a shadow-like figure in the water. Hyder took the sphere and threw it towards the whale, the whale was hit on its tail. Hyder swam forward whale got angry, the other three fishermen threw their sphere too hitting the whale hard and deep. It was all blood in water no one could see anything.

Isha felt sad, she couldn’t hold her anger seeing her whale getting hurt she swam forward. Hyder and others felt something big coming towards them it was the whale it came through the blood with its mouth wide open towards the fisherman. They were stuck, didn’t know what to do. The whale was nearby showing its sharp teeth. Within no time all three disappeared into whales’ mouth. Hyder was there stiff and rigid. He didn’t know what to do but the whale went silent it was not moving. Hyder got his heartbeat back but his fisherman were gone.

It was all red in water Hyder couldn’t see anything he looked ahead. All of a sudden, a sphere came out of nowhere towards Hyder, Hyder moved away then the other one came Hyder moved again. Suddenly something hit his back. It was all unexpected, Hyder opened his mouth and screamed in pain “It hurts” and some water went in. Hyder lost his breath. Hyder turned around. It was another whales tail. Another big one and that started to make rounds at the position where the previous whale was there at the entrance.

Hyder didn’t understand anything in all these years he never failed twice, not even once now he was failing. He didn’t want to fail anymore so he decided to go ahead and attack the whale. He started to swim forward. There she came in front of him holding another sphere. Isha hit his leg with sphere and swam away after giving him a look as a warning that she’s not going to let him live next time.

Hyder’s leg hurts. He swam back with all the energy he had reached the boat and fainted. guards looked at Hyder he had the sphere in his legs. They pulled the sphere out. Hyder cried in pain unconsciously. Soldiers started to rowboat back to shore and put Hyder in camel. Hyder was still unconscious but he could feel his camel moving lights changing and he could feel the pain in his back, soldiers took Hyder to his room in and reported to the king about things happen. Hyder slept unconscious for the whole day with all the pain.

Meanwhile… Isha swam back up to Qanat. They’re all masters stood. “What were you doing Isha???” asked one of the masters. “They came back again and I killed them, but they got our guard.” replied Isha. “So, what do you think, are they going to come back again ???” asked masters “I don’t know but we should be ready” saying this Isha walked till the stairs.

“I want to keep an eye on the king and his general, you can take whichever of your friends you want but I should get information fast so take a few and place them in positions to give me the news” Isha ordered to her snake. Snake left. Isha sat there thinking what to do next. Then she remembered Isra, I haven’t heard from her where did she reach???” thought Isha.

“ Isha …. Isha” yelled one master. Isha went running towards the master saw him staring at the side where they could hear the sound of someone hitting the wall from another side. The whole of Qanat assembled there with whatever they could get so that if an attack happens they are ready to make a move. As the sound increased people’s heartbeat too increased. Ishas eye was glued to the wall. The wall cracked a bit, and it was a small sphere. Isha took her dagger out from her waist and waited for whoever to come out. Ishas breath became slow her concentration was fully on to the wall. The sphere had broken the wall into pieces slowly. There it opened, Isra came out through the tunnel, she looked up and all of the Qanats were running towards her, “STOOOPPPPP” Isha screamed, everyone stopped all eyes glued at Isha. Isha walked ahead held Isra’s hand who had her eyes closed tight. “This is my sister,” I told her to make this tunnel, she’s of no danger”.

Masters came ahead. And said “What’s this new thing Isha ??? You have brought another stranger into Qanat??” no master she’s no stranger, she was born here, she’s my sister master Nasar kept her safe outside Qanat, I came to know about her while master Nasar was in his death bed she’s my blood.”

Everyone looked at both Isha and Isra, Isra had some familiarities with Isha and her father they all agreed to the fact that Isra is Ishas sister. Isha hugged Isra and told “Come I will show you around” Isha started to walk ahead with Isra and stopped, “I want someone to light this tunnel up, I told her to make the tunnel so as if anything wrong happens people can escape through this way.”

Isha took Isra to Faham “Why is she here ??? How do you know her???” Faham asked “She’s my sister I came to see her, but what happened to you why are you here again,” asked Isra . “He came to warn us but he landed in front of our people so they hit him I couldn’t stop them in time as I did to you so it costed his leg,” said Isha.

Time went by Isha got into the tunnel it was all pebbles laid around, silks were at the side and now they have put diamonds, to show the way. Isha went ahead inside it could accommodate half of the Qanat. “How did you cover the shore side won’t anyone see the tunnel???” Asked Isha to her sister. “ No sister they won’t understand the entrance. It’s in my pool and I have covered it with pebbles and no water will enter too. You guys will be safe here. Ok I should leave now “ said Isra.

Isra walked back through the tunnel, Isha stood there watching Isra walking away. Masters waited for Isha to come out of the tunnel “ what’s all these Isha. How can you do this to us what did master Nasar think while he hid that kid from us instead of killing her” asked one master. “He saw an Ally for future a safe path for us as did I, I made it practical. We should evolve master. We should change with time. And this is the time I know what to do next if they attack us again”

Masters looked at each other and walked away. Isha sat there thinking about the future of Qanat.

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