Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 4

4. Isha

He sat there for a while thinking of what to do. Suddenly he realized his legs were in the sand, ‘What if another snake comes and bites me.’ He sprung up to the pyramid, he checked for the way to get inside the pyramid, but he didn’t find any. He sat on the stones looking at the sky again thinking what to do next, ‘If I walk now, I’ll be bitten by snakes… I can’t get a clear view of what’s ahead’. He could see another pyramid a few miles away from the one he was sitting on, he thought of going to the other pyramid but he was afraid, ’What if they come out through that one too, they were all strong, well-built 6ft tall, he looked at himself lean, 5ft 5 inch it’s pretty sure he can’t fight them off.

‘What will they do with my Al-Hamra, it’s bitten by snake it surely has venom in his body so they won’t eat it. What will they do? Ohhhh noo!! They were wearing pants made of camel skin, I can’t imagine what I should have stopped them, I should have fought them and how can they do anything to my Al-Hamra?’ He started weeping, he laid there under the moonlight thinking about his friend, brother, and whatnot, The red one, Al-Hamra, all the moments they had together, the day he got him, how they carried jewels and other things around together. Everything moments with his camel flashed in his mind, he dozed off with a smile on his face.

All of a sudden, the stones started to move again, he woke up he was about to fall but he balanced himself. He doesn’t want to be noticed, he didn’t see anyone coming out. He was terrified again. His heart started pounding like a drum as he saw a shadow emerging from inside, he wondered ‘How is there a shadow at this time it’s night. What’s making it so bright in there?’

Then she came out…ISHA, tears rolling down her wide eyes. Faham was waiting to count how many are going to come out so that he could fight them, get inside, get his camel out and run away. He was sure he won’t be able to do that yet he was ready to try for his camel’s sake. But it was just one person who came out, he was confused. ‘What’s she going to do now? Is she going to turn in to some animal, reptile or anything???’ This time he was not sweating his heartbeat became normal. She came out of the pyramid to the desert, made sure no one is there or watching by looking behind at the door.

She started climbing up the pyramid; he was watching her climb up from a corner. She was a beauty, fair, slim and slender like a dancer with long hairs, plum cheeks, wide eyes which were filled with tears but with that her blue eyes were sparkling like a star in the twilight moon. Her eyebrows were black and perfectly shaped; she had beautiful lips her stomach was flat with a golden chain around her waist just above navel with red diamond. She was wearing a golden bangle and her body gave out a smell of a wildflower and it felt good. In short, she looked nothing less than a goddess.

His attention stuck on her clothes, it was made of camel skin and he came back to his senses, he didn’t know what to do. He looked at her, she was unaware of his presence, and she sat there and started to cry. He was confused ‘what’s she doing out of the pyramid, the door is still open, should I go in? What if she sees me, I can fight her she’s a woman so I would probably defeat her. I should go in now.’ No no no… his conscious told to him what if there are more dangers inside, let’s ask her. If she attacks we can fight back it’s no big deal. So, he made up his mind and started walking towards her. Seeing him she stood up, he was awestruck seeing her like a goddess by the time he came back to senses, she was standing right in front of him with her blue eyes wide open.

Isha was terrified as Faham walked in front of her out nowhere. She thought, ‘did they find out I came out to the land??? Is it going to be a problem now?’ She wanted to check who it was. ‘He is young, lean and yes his eyes it’s not definitely blue so he’s not from my place he’s someone from desert. What if he attacks me, I am trained so not a problem.’

She walked down towards him and stood in front of him. He was looking at her as if he has seen something supernatural. He asked “Who are you?” with a trembling voice she just stood there looking at him, then to down and she started to whistle in a certain tone, he kept looking at her and was going ask about his camel, by that time he felt a chill on his leg, he looked down it was a snake his face changed to red, eyes were questioning her, he wanted to ask her why? ’I did no harm to you, but everything turned dark, his eyes got closed and he just fell like a stick.

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