Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 40

40 Defense

Hyder opened his eyes, he looked around, it’s his room he stretched himself his back still hurt. He kept his legs on the floor, it hurt him he looked at his thighs, the wound it was tied. Hyder closed his eyes again. He saw recalled those eyes, blue eyes, long hair yes it was a lady, it was a human she had legs hands and her expression yes it was a human so humans are living down there, yes there is. I should let my king know about this, I should. Let my king know… murmuring to himself Hyder started to walk slowly.

King was standing in the central hall looking at the map. “My highness” Hyder called the king, the king turned he looked at Hyder, Hyder had pain, the cloth around his legs had bloodstains. “We lost it, Hyder, for the first time in all these years we failed.” Said the king with a sullen face. “Whatever its they were able to put you in bed for two days”

“I am sorry my king I was helpless, I thought it was easy. But it’s not as what we think they live under there full planned” .said Hyder. “They??? Who they??? It’s just snakes which are guarding the treasure. That’s what the boy said”. Asked the king. “No, it’s not just snakes I saw a girl underwater. She was a human she had gold rings, a diamond on her waist and chains. It’s human I am sure about it, so there will be more humans over there.” replied Hyder.

So, the myths are true, so we drop the plan right there is no way we can get inside, I dreamt of those treasure and we being the richest kingdom in this whole world. Just think what all we can conquer if we have that much money” the king exclaimed.

“No, we are not dropping the plan, we will hit them hard, I know what to do, we need people, soldiers and then we are going to hit that place with full retaliation. So hard that they never have imagined. And then I am going to kill them all, bring your treasure back make you the richest king of all time” said Hyder standing tall with his head up and in full confidence, pain in his face was gone king couldn’t see that pain anymore. They were ready.

“Waterways it’s too difficult to fight with them in that way but a pyramid, we are going to break it apart. Their main defense in the land is their snakes I know what to do with them. Then we are going to dig up around the pyramid and make our way inside. “ Hyder continued.

Snakes went running with the news Isha was waiting near stairs, “They are going to hit us again this time with more people, they are going to dig around the pyramid to find a way inside.” informed the snakes. Isha stood there thinking, then said, “Ok you go back and keep monitoring them pass me all the information on time” Isha sat there on the stair Faham came to Isha dragging his leg, his wound was almost healed but it was the pain. “What happens Isha ???” asked Faham. “They are going to attack again this time it’s going to be big. I don’t know what to do.” replied Isha.

“ It’s all because of me I am sorry I didn’t mean to bring this upon you guys here. Look at this beautiful place, Hyder and that greedy king is going to tear this place up. I am sorry” Faham face changed red, his eyes filled with water while saying this.

“ It’s ok, what has happened has happened. We should find a solution to this problem now. I have given them two warnings now I am not going to leave them alone.” Isha said as if she has decided something. Isha stood up and walked towards the master Randamee’s tomb. Faham started to follow Isha “No you should not come it’s too dangerous there you should wait in my house I will be back”.

Isha went near the master Randamees tomb, she kept her head on the tomb and started to cry, her tears started to fall on to the tomb, she heard a hissing sound, and there he was, the scorpion King. “I have committed a mistake and now that mistake might cause Qanat its existence. I don’t know what I should do now to save this place “ scorpion King lifted his tail and hissed it was all poison in the air which even Isha couldn’t withstand, she fainted.

Hyder called upon every troop and guards he knows he called upon a few friends and made all the arrangements, they were prepared to make to move towards Qanat. All guards assembled in line with their swords and spheres, HYDER walked in between them making sure every guard is properly dressed. Their legs are covered with shoes and two layers of clothing to cover exposed parts. Faces covered with helmets. “Are you ready to make our king proud and rich?” Hyder shouted towards the soldiers and the soldier’s voices echoed in the air YES SIR”

Isha woke up in some time, she was still near the tomb, she looked around she was surrounded by the snakes they looked they are ready for the attack, they looked darker as if they have become more venomous. Isha understood what she had to do. She walked towards masters. “ Master we should be ready for a war now they are coming to attack us. And we are ready. We should shift older people and children to the tunnel my sister will take care of them. And rest will wait with me here and we will be ready for the attack .”

You all go and hide in the sand especially near the pyramid. Half of the snakes will make an outer curve towards the kingdom side. And Faham you go to the tunnel”. Said Isha everyone walked away to get their weapons, Faham came ahead “I will be with you, it’s because of me so I am responsible I am ready to die for your country”. “As you wish,” said Isha.

Isha walked ahead to the stairs. “Be ready now you won’t be under my command. You are on your own. Kill everyone! Leave no legs and be hidden in the sand itself? “ Isha told the snakes. She saw Faham coming to her, “She took her golden dagger out and said, “ keep this for your self-defense, and be alive I need you around”. Faham took the dagger. It was smooth and sharp, it had diamonds to it. It looked beautiful.

Meanwhile in the palace… The Hyder said to the king “I shall leave now, I will bring the treasure to you or I will not enter this kingdom again, I promise you” Hyder and his troop started to walk towards the desert, the sun was setting and soldiers were ready and energetic. Hyder lead them as a leader and they all were confident about Hyder

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