Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 41

41 Attack / War

Isha waited in stairs along with others in Qanat, Faham stood beside Isha, one man came running. “Old people and children are sent into the tunnel your sister was waiting there. They are safe now tunnel has been properly sealed there is no marks as if its tunnel”. Isha looked at him and said “ok now it’s all on her. You take your weapon and be ready.” They all waited silently looking through the holes in pyramid”.

“Are snakes ready for attack??? Isha asked her snake, “Yes they are in their place and ready to go” replied the snake. It was all calm. the moon was up in the sky, Isha could feel the cold breeze through the holes, all of a sudden, she heard people murmur, she felt something people started to move aside, it was scorpions lead by the scorpion King. “Cover your face” said Isha to Faham. Faham covered his face, scorpion King climbed through the stones and went outside the pyramid. Isha saw all other scorpions running through the sand in line through the desert and they waited.

Hyder and his troops could see the shine from the pyramid, “Does those stone shine at night too???” Hyder thought to himself. “It’s night a sleepless night we are going to get into that pyramid and we will sleep after that in the richest country in this world” announced Hyder to his soldiers. They were all excited “ahhh hoooo” they all made noise in the same sound and tone. That voice echoed through the desert. Isha heard sounds coming from a distance, her eyes became small by her eyesight was sharp she could see fire, lights and shadows in distance it was like a big wall standing across the desert.

Solders assembled in a parallel line with their spheres waited for Hyder’s command. Hyder sensed something, he waited. Snakes, which were in outer line started to crawl underneath the sand ahead to the soldiers, soldiers could see the sand move and it was nearing them. But they waited and waited. Then the movement stopped they all heard a sound, it’s the snake which is trying to bite their legs, there are shoes to protect them so they were not worried. Scorpion King was looking Isha was looking they couldn’t see anyone fall. They couldn’t understand what was happening. “Why are those snakes not biting???” Isha asked herself.

Snakes looked up they could feel the hard shoes... soldiers saw the marks of the snakes crawling back towards pyramid. Soldiers kept their eyes on the grounds. Hyder came in front. Snakes didn’t know where to bite, they all peeped up above the sand, Hyder took his sword out and started to cut their head out. Snakes were dead. Half of them were dead as soldiers too did what Hyder did. The outer line was over. Hyder was prepared for everything.

“They are wearing shoes that too hard one we can’t bite them easily,” said the snake to Isha “Ok let me think you wait, “Isha said looking out through the hole. A bunch of guards started to move forward keeping every step with caution swords ready to cut the snakes or whatever coming by. They moved forward in line step by step. Then they stopped.

They all fell together, Isha smiled. “Call back the snakes our scorpions are enough for them.” Hyder looked at the guards, he saw scorpions coming out of guard’s body and coming towards them. Hyder looked behind and announced “now” and started to wave a black piece of cloth.

A shriek sound went through the air, there was cold breeze Hyder looked up there it goes flying high, Isha could see only shadows through air something flying. “Call them back Isha shouted,” but time was long gone Southern ground hornbill came and ate the scorpions down. Few managed to escape through the sands down towards Qanat. Isha couldn’t bear that scene she started to scream and wanted to go out and kill all the hornbills. But hornbills were all gone taking most of her scorpions’ life.

Isha sat there crying, Faham kept his hand over her shoulder “We will get a chance.” Saying this Faham notice something coming in between the soldiers, something crawling in four legs. “What are those ???” Faham asked pointing towards the land “Oohhhh no you have to call back your snakes it a mongoose they are going to hunt your snakes down and you are going to lose them all.” Isha looked outside mongoose were making their steps towards the pyramid. “Go call every snake back quick,” Isha said to her snakes. Snake left and rushed towards other snakes who had made an inner circle around the pyramid, but the mongoose was nearby, they started to hunt for the snakes few got by and others came back to Qanat.

This was a big hit to Isha “Snakes, my snakes, my scorpions, Ahhhhhhh! I am going to kill them all” Isha screamed “Wait, let’s see what else he has got. He’s cunning and he always comes with plan look mongoose are still there” Faham said pointing towards the desert, mongoose were making their way towards pyramid, Hyder and his troop also started to walk forward. Suddenly Hyder noticed mongoose collapsing.

“What how can that be possible “ Hyder looked around sky had almost turned orange and his vision was clear he couldn’t see anything. Hyder sent one buck of soldiers to check mongoose, they walked step by step looking around and to the sand with caution. Soldiers reached near mongoose they were all dead.

Guards moved forward, wiped the sand with the sphere, they couldn’t find anything. They were in a dilemma. Hyder started to walk forward with other guards watching the sand closely keeping every step with extreme caution “Snakes are gone scorpions are gone now what could it be “ Hyder thought. He walked step by step but couldn’t find anything “Ok there is something but we are the brave men so we go ahead with our mission so now we dig front row circle around the pyramid and start to dig.

Guards made a circle around pyramid and they started to dig, Hyder looked at them and the surroundings still there was nothing. As guards started to remove the sand they started to fall one by one. Hyder didn’t understand what it was still there was nothing. Call up the hornbills,” They went back to their black masters after taking their prey those masters had to leave before dawn so that they will reach south by next full moon. “ An enraged Hyder looked at the soldier in anger and yelled “Who the hell gave you the command to leave them back”. “I am sorry commander but we got them while they were coming from east crossing the red sea and they agreed upon us Just because we told them it’s for some time so they did their work and went back”

“Their work is not over yet, now I don’t have time for all these, I am going to kill those black masters once this is over. Soldiers from the front March towards the pyramid and start digging let me see what’s happening”. Hyder yelled again at the soldiers. He closed his eyes and calmed himself slowly opened his eyes. It was just him and the pyramid in his front everything was clear for him as the light from the sun was there, he heard a hissing voice and a tapping voice Hyder closed his eyes again took his bow and arrow, stretched the bow tightens the arrow narrowed his ears towards the tapping sound. He opened his eyes he could see the scorpion King running around the pyramid spitting off his venom.

Hyder loosened the arrow. Isha was watching, Faham was watching, and all the masters were watching, they could see the arrow coming towards the pyramid. It passed the dead soldiers and hit scorpion king’s tail. Scorpion King couldn’t move, he hissed loud. All the snakes and scorpions hissed together. Isha screamed as if something inside her was paining. Her scorpion King was hurt, all of the Qanat shook. It was all venom in the air.

Isha was still crying, Faham held her tight, scorpion King was still hissing as all other snakes and scorpions were. “Yes, there she’s, she’s hurt now I can hear her screams I will kill you today then I will take the treasure out to our king, but before that, I am going to fry this scorpion and eat it,” Hyder said with a loud laugh after hearing Ishas screams.

Scorpion King went silent. “Round up the pyramid and start digging now, let’s kill them all and be rich” Hyder announced in between his loud laughs. Soldiers rounded up the pyramid and started to dig around the pyramid. Hyder walked in between them till the end. “Open the doors I am going to kill him today “ Isha screamed, Hyder heard the stones creaking and moving, It was the venomous air that came out first “Cover your faces,” Hyder announced but the damage was done to the soldiers in the front circle. All of them collapsed and were dead by inhaling the venomous air. Then she came running out along with others with their bow and arrows. Isha ran towards Hyder holding her sword tight, as did others Qanat people were outnumbered by other soldiers but they were brave.

Faham, who still had covered in his face saw Isha running towards Hyder, he ran faster than her and by the time Faham reached Isha she had already started to swing her sword against Hyder. Hyder defended himself with his steel sword and in a jiffy her sword shattered into pieces, Isha looked in amusement Hyder laughed and said “Our steel swords are more powerful than your golden swords, golds are just girly thing. So, girl you are going to die now” saying this Hyder held Isha by her neck.

Hyder felt something plugged on to his back, it hurt him. Hyder left Ishas neck and turned back “You are not invincible even a gold can cut your flesh,” told Faham. Isha looked around everyone’s weapon was breaking into two. “FALL BACK” Isha screamed as soldiers were shocked seeing Hyder getting flesh wound for the first time in his battle life. Everyone in Qanat started to run back into the pyramid archers backed them up.

Isha heard a sound and she saw Faham falling, Hyder had knocked him out but Faham did the damage already to Hyder, Hyder tried to get the dagger out from his back, Isha grabbed Faham and ran inside the pyramid. The doors were closed.

“Bring the hammers,” Hyder said in a shrill tone “break this pyramid to the ground there should be no more myth or this pyramid, break it” guards came in front with a hammer. Isha was still there she looked at her people almost everyone was injured with their broken weapons “How can it be possible how can a golden sword can be broken so easily???” Isha thought to herself.

“Ok everyone goes to the tunnel, keep the arrows here I will kill as much as I can, my sister will take care of your things,” said Isha to others who were sitting in the stairs. Faham was still unconscious, nobody left they all said “This is our Qanat we fight for it we die here this is our land”. “ We believe in you my girl sure almighty has some plan to save us and you are going to show us a new way to live” said one master. Isha was surprised by that response.

Ishas surprise went into a shock while she heard the hammering sound suddenly that too from all sides, she looked outside she saw soldiers with hammers ready to make the second beat, but the climate changed in a jiffy sky turned black with clouds sun was covered, wind speed started to increase Hyder looked around with a bleeding back but there was nothing he looked for Scorpion King, he was not there only the arrow was there.

Snakes and scorpions inside Qanat started to assemble near the stairs. Slowly they started to in a tune, everyone in Qanat looked down towards the snakes and the snakes were dancing. “He is here god almighty has blessed us he will save us” said Isha.

“Looking for something???” a manly voice came from the pyramid Hyder looked behind. There stood that young man tall with black long tied hair and shaped beards, blue eyes and pale skin. The first one, the first master, the blessed one, the savior, “Master Randamees”

“Where did you come from boy?? “ asked Hyder. “Boy??? Me??? No kid I am older than your great grandfather, and you hurt my leg so I am going to kill you first then kill all your men “Saying this master Randamees jumped down soldiers went aside they were all terrified. Hyder still stood there facing the pyramid.

Master Randamee got up waked past Hyder and Hyder has fallen. That was it that was the end of Hyder. No one could understand what happened. Doors of Qanat got open, Isha came out saw Hyder lying dead and other soldiers terrified. “Master Randamees!!!!” Isha exclaimed everyone in Qanat came running and bowed in front of their first master

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