Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 42

42 Kingdom

“Kill their minds,” said master Randamees to his snakes and so it happened soldiers fallen like a log within no time. “Isha my girl I know what you have in your mind and this is the time for it, take these soldiers, my snakes and our people along with you to the king and do as you plan, it’s for the good. While our almighty blessed me with these powers he told me to expect this day and I could change to my usual form for once after every 100 blood moons. So here I am now I have to go, take care of your scorpion King my soul will always be there in every scorpion King ”.

Master Randamees vanished like smoke and the place where he stood there was one baby scorpion King. Isha took the baby scorpion King in her hand and started to walk back inside Qanat, Faham gained consciousness. Isha told him to wait in the stairs. Slowly Isha walked towards master Randamees’ tomb and left the scorpion King there, Isha along with others bowed. “Thanks” Isha said kissing the tomb.

Isha got up walked towards the stairs and called Faham down “You go with my sister and meet me at your kingdom in two days” Isha opened tunnel and called up Isra and others back to Qanat. “I am going to meet the king and I am going to start now, so you meet me in the kingdom along with Faham, rest we will talk later,” Isha said to her sister. “But sister what happened did we win ???” asked Isra. “Yes, we did, but war is not over yet let’s solve our problems forever” replied Isha bidding bye to Faham and Isra.

Isha called out the people who looked fit “You come with me we are going to the king, this time I will warn him in person or else will kill him. Collect the swords and other weapons of those soldiers we will use it from now on” and Isha started to climb the stairs, snakes and scorpions waited for Isha outside the pyramid, they knew where they were headed.

Isha started to walk through the desert guarded by Scorpions followed by a few young women and men of Qanat with bows and arrows, swords, spheres. Snakes were following too along with the left soldiers of Hyder who carried Hyder’s body. All soldiers walked like they were in dilution, it was poison in minimum level taking them to trance hypnotized state.

Sun went down and the moon came up, Isha and her troops along with soldiers kept on walking. Isha had a clear picture of what to do next she explained to her snake what to do as they were approaching the kingdom after two moons, where Isra and Faham was waiting at the entrance.

Guards at the palace saw few people approaching the entrance, they saw Isha and few other people along with their soldiers. “My king they are coming, they are coming with few new people and our soldiers are carrying something big wrapped up, might be a treasure from the pyramid. But our commander is nowhere to be seen .

“What there is no Hyder ??? Where is he then????” asked the king “I don’t know my lord we will ask the soldiers as they enter the gates”. Said the guard “it’s ok, but who are the others, ok will see maybe Hyder is searching every nook and corner of that pyramid for more treasure. Let them all into the hall, Yes I am the richest king in the whole world, I will conquer the world now with my Hyder”

“Come join us,” Isha said to Isra as she passed the main gate. Isra and Faham joined others. Guards took their steps behind as they saw a girl coming through with lots of scorpions and snakes. The whole of Qanat stood there watching the scene, a scene they never saw, the creatures they rarely see through the market dark and poisonous snakes and scorpions that too protecting a girl.

People noticed a familiar face among the coming by people, “It’s him, he came for revenge that’s for sure that much our king have tortured him. Something is going to happen today”. People said. Faham could read what they were talking and yes, they are right he wanted his king to answer for the tortures he got from them. Fahams face changed as he saw his uncle’s home and jewelry through the street. Isra felt something wrong as Faham was looking sad, she just held his shoulder and tapped gently.

Isra kept her eyes straight and started to walk forward towards the palace. “They reached here already, but they are with snakes and scorpions” announced the guard running into the hall “What no, snakes and scorpions they can’t be allowed inside stop them and also call the guards and tell them to assemble in here” Commanded the guard.

“Wait,” said the guard looking at the Isha. Snakes started to hiss scorpions stopped “No don’t hurt them. You all wait here only our people and other soldiers will follow me to the king” Isha said. “And you know what to do,” Isha continued looking at her snake.

Isha walked inside the hall king was waiting “Keep it here” Isha ordered the solders, soldiers came in front and kept the wrapped body of Hyder in front of the king. King was amazed as his soldiers were obeying someone else like they are her puppets. “Don’t worry they are hypnotized by our snakes they should be okay by tomorrow once they sleep and wakes up till then they will do whatever I tell them to do, they will even kill you if I tell them to? “ Isha said looking at the king.

“Kill me ??? Who my soldiers, ??? After all you are a girl and what do you think you can do here, my commander will be on his way now he will kill you all once he reaches here. And what is this thing over here??? Take it out of my palace. Also, where are my treasures,” said the king.

“Ha ha ha that’s your commander, the one who you have sent to kill us, he’s dead now. See!” Isha unwrapped the dead body and the whole hall looked at their mighty hero lying dead. The unbeatable warrior, the one who has never lost a fight. He was lying there dead and without a moment. No one could believe it nor the king or anyone else in the hall.

“No this is not possible no ordinary man can kill Hyder, it’s not possible he’s the best in this whole world. I will kill you all, I want my treasures and my Hyder back. Nobody is going to leave this hall alive guards to catch them all I will kill this girl by myself “ ordered the king.

Guards started to walk forward “No wait” said Isha telling guards to stop. Guards stopped Isha continued “Yes he was not killed by any ordinary man he was killed in a jiffy by an extraordinary man, our master our savior. And as you said you are going to kill us. No no you should rethink it. First of all, you have no idea who we are and what we can do, I will explain it to you in a simple way why don’t you look up above your head” Isha said to the king.

King looked up like every other eye in the hall. Ishas snake just came by from the ceiling right into king’s face, down to king’s mouth. King didn’t move for a second, all eyes in the hall glued at the king as kings body turned blue and king fall. Snake slowly came out through kings’ mouth and crawled towards Isha. Isha took the snake in her hand and said: “it’s just a sample of what I can do your king is gone now what next”??

Isha looked around, there was a murmuring around people were talking to one another, they couldn’t believe what happened. Isha waved and called Isra to come up to her “from now on she will be your new king/queen. She will be assisted by your local boy Faham, and we will back her up in every way. All of your ministers and others will help her to rule this country. Whoever stays against her will be taken care of by babies, snakes, and scorpions. They are already deployed all around this kingdom. So, the action taken against her will be considered as treason and whoever commits treason will be killed.” Announced Isha.

Isra was in shock Faham couldn’t believe what he just heard “But sister I am not ready. I don’t know I can do it or not and Faham he has no experience at all, even I don’t have any experience. You are a master you can rule better than us “ said Isra.

“No sister it’s you and Faham who should do the things I should be there at Qanat. Don’t worry everything will be alright everyone is here and I am pretty sure you will do good that’s why I selected you. As far as Faham is concerned he’s a local boy he can manage well around. Also, he will make a good impact around the people” Isha said looking at her sister slowly tapping her sister’s shoulder. Faham came to say something Isha stopped him “No need you will do the good I am pretty sure.”

Isha turned to people again “Remember we are around all the people of this kingdom is safe until she is the queen we will protect you all it’s a promise”, Isha said and started to walk back. Isha started to whistle in a certain tune which made the scorpions and snakes follow her along with others in Qanat.

“All hail queen Isra” sound hit Ishas ears. Isha smiled and said “allies” as she walked back to Qanat.

Isra rowed her boat, she reached the same position where she reaches daily the same place where she’s coming since she’s a child, she jumped and swam down deep, there it stood whale, with those sharp teeth circling the entrance. Dolphin was not there where it used to be. And it was all same whale seeing the familiar face which tries to enter Qanat daily and fails. “Sorry I can’t let you inside until I get the order from master,” said whale to Isra.

Isra swam back and sat in her boat. She looked around, sky was beautiful with its own colors Isra who was all wet lied in her boat, she looked around while she heard a knock on her boat. It was a dolphin “Your sister is sending someone, she wants you to take care of him and you are to make sure he is not a threat to Qanat in any way”

“What my sister ??? Does she know me ??? Yes, I would do anything she says I am happy that she knows I am alive and I am here. I won’t try to go inside again she is going to call me inside. Yes, I am not orphan” screamed Isra sitting in the boat, then jumping into water deep down waiting for Faham, the guy who Isha is sending for her sister to monitor, her first task.

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