Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 5

5. Heaven

She looked at him ‘He looks different’ she sniffed him, ‘Ugh...he smells bad’ she moved aside and sat at a distance.

He opened his eyes; all he could see is bright light, shining bright. ‘Where am I?? Am I in heaven????’ He turned towards his left side he saw his red one lying there with its eyes closed ‘He’s sleeping, he too is in heaven, but how can animals come to heaven?’ He gathered all his strength and tried to get up but he couldn’t his body was exhausted, he wanted to drink some water ‘Now to whom am I going ask for water, in heaven, angels????’ He looked towards his right side, he saw another man lying, besides he too was with closed eyes ‘Is he too sleeping??’ He was well built taller than Faham, looks old too. Faham called the man “Hello” that man didn’t respond, he felt cold. Then he saw the snake lying beside the man, “What! how did you die now?? You’re the one who bit me right? It’s ok we are all dead now so come, come...” he tried to grab the snake with his hand. “Stop!” a female voice echoed from behind. He withdrew his hand and jumped up in surprise to see who it was. He turned around and saw Isha standing there, near the river they were standing. She said “You aren’t dead yet?? Faham responded in surprise, “WHAT?? I am not dead?” “No! You’re not”, she said. He was confused “Then what’s this place?? Why is it all shiny and bright, that too so bright at this night?” Isha pointed to the river and said, “You should wash your face.” He went to the river; the water in it was so pure that he was amused to see such clear water; he drank some water and then washed his face. He turned around and saw the snake; he got terrified seeing it alive. He saw Isha standing near the old man and his camel was lying on the floor, now he realized that he was inside the pyramid.

His heart started pumping faster, he was not sweating but his body temperature was rising. “What if she’ll kill me and eat me along with the camel. No wait, she’s crying looking at the old man who can it be? I’m sure that’s her father. Where is her mother then? Okay, I should ask her and talk her out of killing me.” He went close to her, she was still weeping, and he changed his mind. “Now let me see if I can escape from here” He slowly started to walk backward, taking one step at a time, he turned around and BANG!! He hit his head on a wall, which he didn’t know was there. He fell, everything in front of him vanished, and it was a complete blackout for some time. He didn’t understand what happened, his head was hurt, it was paining badly. He shook his head and looked up to see what his head got banged to… “What?? “No, it’s a mirror, but then why is it so hard and why is my face not clear? No... It can’t be! Yes, it is... it’s a diamond, but how am I able to see myself? He remembered what his uncle taught him, pure and perfect cut diamonds reflect, refracts and gives out mirror effect too. He looked around like a child with his mouth wide open. “WOW!! This can’t be for real” he said to himself. He turned around and saw pillars of the diamond. ’What on earth is this place? Ah these are what lighting up this place” he said looking at the pillars with diamond. He was awestruck.

“I can’t stay here for a long time; he walked ahead and saw many houses there. He thought “Will I get out of this place if I run across these houses??” He inhaled cold air and decided to run past those houses as fast as he could. And he dashed away through the colorful houses; all of them looked the same. “What am I going to do?” he started feeling his sweat in the cold air he was getting tired, his eye was going up and down, to make sure there weren’t any snake and also to be sure of no one see him in there. As he ran his consciousness told him a find a way out “Come on…You can do it” But he failed. He sat by a wall and said: “it’s almost going to be dawn and I am going to die here.”

Then he turned and saw an area which was less lit, no big pillars nearby. A diamond was suspended from the ceiling, well cut and humongous. “So, this must be the pyramid,” he thought. All his tiredness vanished when he saw a stairway and got up in a jiffy. “Now I can get out, I can live. Nobody is going to find me.” He started to walk towards the stairway; while he reached there he was terrified. The stairway was packed by snakes. “NOOO!! This can’t be. I have to get out of here anyhow. I can’t run now.” He felt his shoulders heavy; his lungs were craving for some fresh air. Tiredness and depression held back his body down altogether. He made up his mind and decided to go back to Isha. He gathered some, looked ahead and started walking past the colorful houses and pillars. He thought, “It’s either going to be death or I am going to escape from here.” This time he was looking straight, the sound of water struck his ears and he walked towards it. She was still there, she was not weeping anymore. She was drenched as she was getting a boat ready. “Can you please take me out of here?” he asked her. She looked at him and asked “Why?? Haven’t you found a way out, yet??? He replied “No, please help me get out of here. You won’t kill me, right? Where are you taking the boat??” She looked at him again and started walking towards him.

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