Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 6

6. The River

“I can’t kill anyone today,” she said, wiping tears off her cheeks and inhaling deeply.

He pointed to the dead body and asked, “Who’s this???” “Not your concern,” she replied.

Isha pulled the body to the boat and took a knife pointed it to him. He was worried for a moment, she gestured him, to hold the knife. He held it and was confused not knowing what he should do. “Cut his abdomen,” she told him. He gave her a confused look and saw her tearing up. “COME ON, DO IT” Her tone was firm and he stabbed in the abdomen of the dead body. She closed her eyes in pain. Faham’s eyes were closed hard, face tilted a bit and he dragged the knife down making the cut wide and then stopped. “Is this enough?” he asked Isha. She opened her eyes, it was red. Seeing her changed expression, Faham got frightened. She shook her head in affirmation and took the knife out of the dead body and took Faham’s arms in her hand, made a small cut in his finger, it pained him but seeing her face he just couldn’t say anything. She took him to the river, dipped his hand in it and told him “Go sit on the boat” He was confused, he didn’t know what to do, he opened his mouth and stammered, “bu…but….but, I don’t know to swim.” She repeated the same “Get into the boat” in a firm tone. This time seeing her serious face, he just jumped on to the boat. “I am not killing you, be happy for that,” she told him.

She jumped into the river and came up near the boat in a while. She started to push the boat towards the river. “No, wait.” he said, she gave him a confused look “What about him?” he asked pointing to his Al Hamra. “He’s dead,” she said. “What are you going to do with him?? Please don’t cut him down.” “I can’t assure that” she replied and started pushing the boat again. His eyes filled up with tears looking at his camel lying there lifeless, but he didn’t have any other options. He wanted to tell her not to do anything with him but he couldn’t he was afraid; the boat was in the middle of the river by then and it kept moving ahead. He turned back and looked at her, she was sitting there on her knees, weeping and his red one was lying there without any movement, dead!

All of a sudden, the boat took up the pace and sped forward at full speed. He looked behind confused, it was the dolphins pushing the boat. There were three of them, one with a shining fin, “What?? Noo! Is it a diamond fixed on its fin?” it was a bright red diamond on the fin. Then he noticed below the boat there was a huge shadow moving along the boat. It was something big…something very big. He was curious but afraid at the same time “What could it be?” he thought.

The boat slowed down a bit, the huge shadow moved ahead and all of a sudden, a splash of water came out, that’s when he realized it was a whale. The whale disappeared after the splash, it was nowhere in the sight. He was confused, afraid all together, as he didn’t know what was happening. “Thank God! The whale swam away” he murmured and turned behind and the dolphins were also gone. The boat kept moving ahead, slowly. “Something is wrong, why is this happening? Where are they all now?” His face changed, lights were fading out and everything was changing. He could hear water gushing. “No…no…no…this is not good,” he said to himself. “In what danger did she put me in now??? She should have killed me there itself other than giving me to some sea monster” he felt his heartbeat pumping up.

He was terrified and didn’t know what to do, the boat moved ahead slowly… Tears rolled down in eyes, he screamed but there’s no one to hear his scream, other than his voice echoing.

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