Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 7

7. Isra

Faham started praying to God, looking up hoping for a hand to pull him up, for a miracle to happen but it was just a hope. He noticed the limestone ceiling was getting closer as the boat moved ahead.

“NO! I can’t die drowning; I can’t be eaten by a whale or any other sea monster.” His unconscious mind drifted away into the bottom of the river, it is eerie silent down there, and he couldn’t see anything clearly as it is dark down there. He is starting to feel suffocating and uneasy; he screams and snaps back to his conscious mind.

His heart started beating faster; he started to sweat in that cold air. All his prayers were in vain... the water level in front of him kept rising, level by level as the boat moved forward.

All the moments flashed in front of his eyes, the palace, his mom with tears in her eyes and hand leaning forward to get him, he stretched his hand for once but it didn’t reach her, his Al Hamra was looking at him helpless all alone in the street crying… continuously calling him, all people he knew came in front of his eyes, the king, his uncle, his friends from the street all were looking at him and laughing at him, then, at last, she came up. He just screamed in anger to her “You told me you cannot kill anyone today but now you are going to kill me, you are the one responsible for my death I won’t leave you my ghost will hunt you down” he screamed and his voice echoed.

Suddenly a dolphin jumped in front of the boat which brought him back to consciousness, he looked down for the dolphin but it was gone, then he saw the whale again this time but near the boat just in front of it, it was huge and long, “Is it going to come up and eat me???” The dead body was still there.

A splash of water came up, he looked up as splash went up to the ceiling and hit, it back on the boat hard, it hurt him, by the time he realized what had happened another splash of water came up from blowhole of the whale and it broke the boat, the body sank down.

His heart was pumping fast, he cycled his legs and hand, his mouth was wide open, he didn’t know what to do, slowly his breathing stopped, his eyes closed, and he drowned.

He felt something on his lips, he opened his eyes someone was rubbing his feet, he just jumped up it was water in front of him, “Relax you are safe now” a voice came from behind, a female voice. He turned but he couldn’t see clearly, his eyes hurt. He sat and tried to breathe slowly. He closed his eyes and he could hear everything clearly, slowly he opened his eyes again.

There she was, sitting in front of him drenched with beautiful hazel eyes, thick black brows, fair complexion, pink plum lips, peachy cheeks. She was near the sea, looking at him curiously, expecting him to say something.

“Where am I? Please don’t tell me I am in some kind of a land under the sea”

She smiled “No, don’t worry you’re safe and I am Isra.”

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