Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 8

8. The Shore

He looked at her and mumbled to himself “God she’s beautiful”, the sky was reddish-orange and that color was reflecting on her body in the water droplets she had curly black hair. She had a cloth covering her up, above her waist and a pant. She looked like a goddess. She got up and walked towards him. Shook him, “Are you ok???” she asked. He just nodded his head in a motion depicting ‘yes’ and walked a little forward, she walked along in confusion. He sat there on the sand away from water and sea, not knowing what’s happening. Sun was out he started to dry off slowly as was she. They sat looking at the rising sun.

“I am hungry,” he said and she just smiled, got up and asked him to follow her. They just walked for a while he was tired, felt a bit cold, he followed her footsteps. Finally, he reached a hut. She pointed her finger towards the pool’s direction “go wash and come.”

“But...I don’t know to swim” he said.

“You don’t have to swim in it. It’s not too deep just take a dip and come” saying this she walked into the hut. He went near the pool to examine it. The water was blue unlike the sea it was cold, he sat there for some time thinking about what all happened, yet he couldn’t believe he was alive. His legs were in the water, small fishes came and tickled his legs, and they brought him back to his senses. He slowly went into the water, took a dip. He felt refreshed, all his tiredness was gone.

He walked towards the hut. He was amazed that it looked small from outside but it was spacious and had a lot of things inside. His feet felt different, he looked down and it had all pebbles laid on the floor, smooth and shining. He gazed inside the hut and saw the entire ceiling and walls covered in silk cloths in a good combination of colors. There were two windows one just above the door and another opposite to it, it was made of wood. He was amazed seeing the height at which the windows were placed. There were some fruits kept in a basket and she was standing, looking at him with something wrapped in her hand. She gave it to him.

He opened it; it was a fish bake. He ate it as if he hadn’t eaten anything for a long time. Then he drank some water and looked at her, she smiled and walked towards him, “You should sleep” she told him brushing her hands through his hair. She took him to a corner, where a bed was laid. He laid down there and dozed off the moment he closed his eyes.

While he was asleep, he could hear the sound of crashing waves from the shore. He opened his eyes in the middle of the night; he could see the moon through the window. He saw her sitting near the door and looking at him…he dozed off again.

He was in the boat again and a splash of water came up from the river hitting hard on his face he screamed and jumped, wiped off the water from his face. He heard somebody laugh; he looked up and saw Isra standing near him, laughing. “I dreamt of last night,” he told her. She just stood there, he asked her “Why do I have water on my face?” she smiled again, and said “like this” throwing water from the jar at him, she laughed aloud and ran out.

He got up, came out of the hut looked around and he saw her standing at the shore, he noticed boats at a distance. “Come, let’s go…” she said. He stood there confused, staring at her and then walked in the same direction as she walked. She was humming some music, laughing and dancing. Looked at him again and told him “Come fast, it’s time.”

They reached near a small white, blue and brown colored boat; she started to push it towards the sea. He stood there looking at her, he was confused didn’t know what to do. “Come, let’s go”, she said again.

“Where?” he asked.

“To the sea,” she said.

He replied, “No. no… I don’t want to die again; I don’t know how to swim.”

“Nobody is going to die” she laughed. He was not convinced. “I promise you, nobody is going to die, I saved you yesterday and I will do it again if anything happens” she assured him.

He hesitantly got into the boat and they sailed away.

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