Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 9

9. The Sea

She started rowing the boat, slowly towards the horizon. The sky looked blue with white patches of clouds here and there in different shapes. And one of the shapes looked like his Al Hamra to him. A drop of tear rolled out of his eyes.

“You slept for a whole day,” Isra said.

He just gave her a confused gaze and wiped his tears off.

“I don’t know. I was tired,” he said. The boat moved forward as she rowed into the sea, the sea was calm and clear as a mirror. He could see his reflection in it. Suddenly he saw it move under the boat, shadows of huge fishes moving, yes, it’s the same shadow as he saw in the river. “Ohhhh no, it’s here again, the whale...the whale “. She looked at him, his face was pale and tensed “relax, he won’t hurt us” the shadow was gone. Faham still looked for it all around but it was gone.

She stopped rowing “I found you here”. She pointed down to the sea. He looked around and tried to recollect something. He was blank, yet he asked her “How did you know, I was down there?” She smiled and told him “I’ll be back.” She took a basket from the boat and jumped into the sea. He couldn’t understand what was going on.

He looked around there were boats far away.” They might be fishermen but why are they not here along with her.” That question confused him. He looked below there was no sign of Isra. He started to enjoy the sea, looking around. Suddenly he saw water splashing up like a fountain, he knew what it was. He started to sweat; it happened again, the fear hit him hard. He wanted to row out of there. He took the oar and started to grow. But it was in vain, the boat kept going round and round.

Suddenly he remembered about her. Ohhhh no…she’s inside. He started to call her name out loud, looking at the water. He knew it was of no use but he kept trying. He splashed in anger. There was no sign of her. He started to cry, looking into the water. He couldn’t see her face, the water rippled as he moved. He sat there keeping his head on his lap with eyes closed…tight, murmuring something.

“Hey, what happened?”, a hand was on his thighs, he looked up with red eyes filled with tears. It was her. “Why are you crying?” she asked. “I don’t want to die, eaten by a whale or in the sea.” she laughed aloud, he looked at her. “You won’t die in this sea or be eaten by any of the sea creatures. You will die as a result of your doings, karma.”

“But I saw that whale moving beneath the boat,” he said, “I told you, it won’t hurt us. He washed his face with seawater, the water isn’t salty.” She started to row, he noticed the pebbles in the bucket and few shells. Some fishes were lying next to Isra. “When did you catch these?” he asked her pointing at the fishes. “Just now.”

“What now?? I didn’t see you catching those” he asked with amazement, she just smiled at him, looked into the sea, put her hand in the water and picked up a fish just like that. He was amazed “Wow!!” I have never seen anyone do anything like that before. “How did you do that,” he asked. “Training” she replied.

It was almost evening. He glanced up at the sky, the color of the sky started to change. He could see the whales splash water up in the air, “It’s breathing.” she said looking at the splash. Suddenly he saw a shining light out of nowhere. He looked again in the same direction where he saw shining light. “Ohhhh…it’s that dolphin, the same one I saw in the river”. It was coming near them and it jumped across the boat as it reached near the boat. Then it disappeared into the sea again.

“I know that dolphin it was there yesterday, in that river”

She again just gave a smile and said: “I know.”

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