Locked Away

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All Thora wants is to be a Huntsman. She has been training her whole life. But one proclamation from the king and a village full of idiots lands her locked away in a castle waiting for who knows what. +18 deals with depression, PTSD, sex and violence.

Fantasy / Romance
Stephanie Sharpe
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Chapter 1

Day 14

"Why is it always so boring here? Maybe this is what the king was planning all along. Death by boredom." I wonder out loud sitting by myself, all alone, with no one to hear me.

Its day fourteen in this stupid prison disguised as a castle. It never mattered to my dad what I wanted out of life. It only mattered that I help the stupid kingdom.

I wanted to join the Huntsmen. I've always wanted that. I trained so hard but one stupid proclamation and now I'm locked away in a castle.

Sixteen days ago the King in his infinite wisdom proclaimed that the "fairest girl in the kingdom" be sent to him. And my moronic village decided "fairest" meant palest. So my skin being whiter than cream they sent me and apparently that was good enough for the king. So they bound my arms and legs and threw me screaming and cursing into a carriage and locked me in here.

I mean don't get me wrong I could have been in worse places. It's not awful or dirty and there is plenty of food. I just don't want to be here. I want air and freedom and adventure.

I think the worse bit is that I don't even know why I'm here. No one ever told me. I was just thrown here and abandoned like trash. I've cried, I've raged, I've called for help but nothing ever happens. I've started talking go myself and sleeping a lot more than I should. I'm so tired and confused and hurt it seems like the only way to pass the time. I hope I don't die here.

Day 20

I throw a piece of meat down into the moat and watch the entrancing massive scaly beasts splash and surge through the water to feed. I always give them enough for all of them, but they still fight for it. There's only three of them and I've realized if I didn't feed them they'd eventually die and I could swim across safely. I just can't bring myself to do it. They've done nothing wrong and honestly I like the company.

I'm still sleeping a lot but I'm trying to fix that. I know it's not a good sign. I've decided to try to continue my training for the Huntsmen. I realize I won't ever be a huntsman but it's good for me to do something.

I've also been giving myself daily tasks. Today is exploring the castle and finding useful things. I don't need a whole castle to myself, so I have only taken the tower for myself. The stairs give me exercise because the kitchen is at the bottom it seems to be magic. Food just appears there. I can feed my beasts through the window from the second floor which is where I'm putting all the books I find. The third floor is my training room all the weapons I find go there. The fourth floor is the bathing room, it seems go be magic as well not that I'm complaining. The fifth floor is my bedroom it's been filled with pretty dresses and useless stuff.

I'm silently thanking my mother for teaching me how to sew. My task tomorrow is to fix them, so I can train in them since apparently pants are too much to ask for.

My favorite place I've found so far is the roof. I can see everything. I can stare at the stars, I can breathe, I can let the rain fall on my skin. It's very close to happiness up there.

"Sorry sweethearts. I'm all out of treats." I call to my beasts. They seem to understand and swim deeper into the water with a flip of their rough scaly tails. I should name them. I'll think on that.

I've eaten, they've eaten now it's time to get started on my task. I'm looking for books and weapons. I grab a wooden crate from the pile by the sink and carry it on my journey.

I start down to the main entrance and try not to remember when I was left here. I see the bloodstained stone floor and that seems to be all I can think of.

Instantly I'm terrified, cold and in pain. Still tied up two guards thrust me onto the floor after dragging me across a bridge over a river of hungry beasts. I remember how I fought to no avail. I also remember trying to run when one of them pulled a small dagger out. He ended up setting it on the floor, but I was so scared that I had been brought here to be killed. I hear the solid doors slam shut and the bridge rise away from the ground so I can't cross. I can't escape.

I find myself back with the crate in my arms breathing fast. My heart hurts its beating so fast. That blood is going to have to go. I put down my crate and turn back to the kitchen. I refuse to live in fear! I refuse to be trapped in my own memories! I grab a scrub brush and a bucket of water and soap and head back to my stain. My blood. I steel my spine and get down on my knees and rage. I yell and swear and scream as I clean my blood off of the stone.

"I will not be scared. I will not be lost. I will fight! I will win!" I roar as the stone washes clear. Good. That's done now. Back to work.

I wipe the tears from my face and return the bloodied water and brush to the kitchen. Purging the last of the evidence.

I go back and grab my crate and go in search of useful things.

I find a crossbow, arrows and four swords two that are too big for me, so I leave them. I also find an entire library and it turns out its right next to my kitchen! I'll just keep it there then!

I walk past where my stain used to be and stop but I still here with my crate. That's progress. I will get there.

Day 32

Its nighttime and I can't sleep, so I'm laying on my rooftop. I've decided to take my crossbow up here just in case.

I've also read that crossbows don't shoot arrows they shoot 'bolts'. That library has come in handy. I've also changed what would have been my library in my tower into an armory. I ended up not having room to practice with all the weapons I found.

Right now I'm reading about constellations by lamplight while laying down looking at the stars. Today was tough. I've been having nightmares lately. Mainly I'm trapped or can't run or I'm tied up again. It's not pleasant.

Yesterday I fell asleep up here and I finally slept the whole night through. So looks like this might be my new bedroom. My task for tomorrow is to make myself a shelter for up here. Something where the air can reach me. Nothing made of stone.

I see Cassiopeia in the stars. As I read the myth behind it, I start to cry. This poor girl bound and tied to a rock helpless to be a sacrifice to a sea monster. I mean I'm glad Perseus came to save her and tell her parents what's what. But to be put in that situation by the people who are supposed to protect you is despicable. Poor thing.

I find a very large constellation next its called Draco, apparently it means dragon. The story says he was a guardian that was killed by a hero on a mission. A goddess was so moved by the death of the dragon that she placed him up in the stars. I can't help but think of my own scaly guardians, Drakon, Ladon, and Cerberus. They've grown a fair bit and will come up to the kitchen door for treats now they will even let me pet them now. That was a nerve wracking day. I thought I was going to lose my arm! But they are big scaly sweeties.

My eyes are getting heavy, so I dim my lamp and put my book away cuddling into my blanket and drift into another dreamless sleep.

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