My Dragon Warrior Mate

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Earth needs a hero and the Dragons shifters need wives or mates so a pact was made they would heal Earth we would hold the GATHERING every year and females 18-24 were to attend and be tested and if selected they would Marry or become Tributes and if not those two then sent home until the following year. Regina/Sam does not think she is good enough and is bound to fail Rynok just knows his mate is at the GATHERING he just has not seen her yet.

Fantasy / Erotica
Debbie Tumminello
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Welcome to Earth


Subsequently, all the wars and bombs that humans have set upon each other, we destroyed the one thing, the only thing we all need to live and survive.

The world was dying and humans were becoming extinct so to save the world and save humankind was to allow the Dragon Lords to come to earth and do what we could not and that was to fix Earth and follow the rules of the Dragon Lords.

It is simple rules to follow NO Wars and every female between 18-24 must attend THE GATHERING and submit themselves to the dragon warriors every year until their 25th birthday. The females will be chosen as wives or tribute or not selected at all. Hello, my name is Regina, but everyone calls me Sam. I am 18 and this is my tale and the story of how the Earth was saved and became a better planet to live on if you were not chosen or male.

Week 1 is when we have to go get fitted for our traditional white tunics that are sleeveless and the skirts are 3 in from the knees. Once we have received our tunics we have to signal for them and present ourselves to the government building where we are held until the GATHERING is over and the choices have been made. At the sign in the area if you are passed up for that year you are sent home and have to attend the following year unless you turn 25 years old.

Week 2 is where all females must walk a walkway with the warriors present so that they may get a chance to view all the options and to choose their top 5 picks and if they have not been chosen by a higher ranking officer and the females pass the test that a warrior can choose for a wife.

Week 3 is where females get tested for health, potency, and mental fortitude. All females will have their blood studied to make sure they are capable of carrying on the noble dragon DNA. They are then cleared to go through a few challenges so the warriors can see how strong and athletic their brides to be have become. There are many obstructions to overcome for the lucky ladies, yet none as important as showcasing their personas. How they tackle each event, whether with elegance, brute strength, or clever manipulation, will entice different dragons’ desires.

Week 4 is where the females come to meet their dragon warriors and also have a course on their culture. Such as, how to treat them as husbands or what tasks are required of dragon wives. If not selected, then the females attend 1 more gathering and separated into 2 groups, go home or tribute. Tributes are not killed as everyone believes, they are taken as servants to clean the castles or work in the fields, the same tasks any man's request to do for the Dragons, whether that be in the fields farming or as blacksmith crafting enchanted weapons and armor. For the ones not chosen and are to be sent home their family is called to come to pick them up and for them to report next year.

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