Odd One Out

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A young fairy, left crippled for life after a devastating incident at a ball. She has lost all hope, and what's worse is that she is the only person in her grade with no element. All seems to be lost until the day she finds a precious relic. That relic may save her from her crippling grief, as it may give her the ability to fly again. What she doesn't know, is that this adventure, is not only for her flight, but her life as well.

Fantasy / Adventure
Grace Lee
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Eldaerenth is a land, not too far to reach if you have the right resources, but yet, so far away if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

It is a land that consists of names such as Quicksilver, or even names as simple Isabella.

It is a land that only few people know, and those few people are not real people at all. In fact, they are all Fairies, Fairies that have lived their whole lives in Eldaerenth.

No, these fairies are not small creatures with wands that go around enchanting princesses, they are fairies that have been separated into separate towns, like us humans, they have different colonies, and most of all, they have different elements.

The only human who has stepped inside this magical land would be Sleeping Beauty, who is technically half fairy anyway.

To know more about this “magical” land, let’s look at the story, of our most valued hero, Diana, who was just a normal girl with an extra ordinary childhood…

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