Flame and Sword: An Arthurian Retelling

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After being forced out of their homeland by invaders, Morgan and her family now live hidden away from the world behind the protective mists of Avalon. When she dares to go beyond the mists she accidentally looses her father’s magical sword; the last remaining artifact from her homeland. Now, with the aid of Father Merlin, Morgan must infiltrate the fae-hating kingdom of Camelot and retrieve her sword, disguised as a knight, before anyone can discover what she is. Prince Arthur has always had his destiny laid out for him; to become king of Camelot and protect it from the dangers of the fae folk. Though Arthur would much rather spend his days painting and dreaming of a world without fear of the unknown. While riding in the woods he comes across a mysterious sword that is unlike any he has ever seen and suspects it could be linked to the sudden array of faerie attacks happening around Camelot. When dark forces begin to stir, Morgen realizes that her and Arthur’s destinies are intertwined, and the two will need to work together to stop this looming threat, or else both of their homes will pay the price.

Fantasy / Romance
Jessica Arrieta
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There is a chance you may have heard the story of King Arthur and his knights of the round table. Of the wise Merlin, the beautiful Guinevere, the courageous Lancelot, and the traitorous Morgen Le Fay. Our story has been told different throughout the ages, and is still being told through different eyes even today. Each one claiming to be the truth.

The story I’m about to tell you I do not expect to be believed. Most people have already made up their minds on what is real and what isn’t. But if you would take the time to hear another side, I would more than happy to share it.

Be warned. This story does not contain a lot of happy endings, but it is not all dread either. I remember Camelot. I remember my people. My family. My home. Though there was a time in which I didn’t know what home meant. Until the day I lost what was most precious to be.

That was the day our story truly began....

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