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They say write your own story, walk your own journey. Write your own FATE. Alanis Beckett, a girl who lost everything when she succumbed to her wolf instincts now has to prove to her pack that she is still worthy of them while also trying to survive. But she must do this fast if she's ever going to save her pack from it's past. Fate is twisted, can she avoid it and still survive what comes after?

Fantasy / Mystery
Age Rating:


My daddy always told me to never take things for granted but what he didn’t tell me was how to react when someone took me for granted”.

Losing both her parents to the bond, she’s left with nothing but the comfort of a neighbour and a best friend. Having a bond of her own only confused her more and she suffers alone with her invisible mate. She thinks the bond is just a force that gives no choice but what if she’s wrong.

And what if she’s too late to the process.

" Don’t be surprised when the bull don't bite child, you probably not wearing any red”.


" How foolish are we to think just because a place is vacant that it has no meaning”

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