Her Missing Pieces, His Teasure

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Does life have to be so complicated?  Zoey didn't think so, that is, until she receives a certain letter. When Zoey initiated her first shift on her 18th birthday, her life took a bizarre turn for what seemed like the better and the worst. She learnt something about herself that had been dangling over her head all her life, but she never understood until that moment. She vowed to learn the whole truth but she couldn't do it all alone, which left her at a dead end once again. Coincidentally not long after, she learns that her mate was the Alpha of the Truemoon Pack who automatically took a promiscuous adoration towards her. Niall helps his lost mate through all possible challenges and mountains, just so she could find those missing fragments about herself and be happy. But when she finds out the truth, will she be?

Fantasy / Romance
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Just putting it out there: if you added this book to your reading list titled "Help Me Please, Alpha?", and you are confused, just know that I changed the title to "Her Missing Pieces, His Treasure"

Sorry If I confused you. 😘

Sneak peak:

She yelped in surprise when I overturned the chair she was sitting in and slammed my hands against the table, obviously taking her off guard.


They're a lot of layers to me that she doesn't know about, and she's about to see the worse since she was being unnecessarily difficult.

"Now I'm gonna ask you one last time Lacey or Macey-"

"It's Stacey"

"I dont care! Now, where is my mate? "

She shot me a careful glare before straightening her shoulders and leaning back again after repositioning herself back in her flimsy chair.

"I dont know" She retorted, obviously not knowing what I wanted to do to her in that very moment.

"Wrong answer Lacey! " I pulled the dagger from my waist band and shoved it in the table beside her hand causing her to flinch a little. I missed on purpose, and I wont next time."Now you just listen you little-"

"Zoey? "

My head snapped up at the sound of my mate's voice, and my heart soared with relief when I saw that he was okay. Two days never felt this long. But I was immediately reminded of the frustration I felt from the conversation we had earlier, and after seeing that he was not in any danger, but had me worried sick.

"What the hell Niall? You had me out of my mind when you didn't come back!" I exclaimed dramatically, throwing my hands in the air for effect.

I pushed Macey out of the way, watching her fall to her side once again while I stomped my way over to the man I called my mate.

"Babe let me explain" He pleaded with careful eyes and his hands raised in surrender.

"Don't bother. We can do that on the way back. Let's go"

And with that, I turned and strutted out of that cursed place like freaking Beyoncé walking away from Sasha Fierce explosion.

"My f**king queen" I heard him mumble as he followed close behind me. I was still very much upset with him, but the small words had my tummy erupting in butterflies.

I contained a smirk as I pushed the door open, but the light twitch that managed to pull on my lips dropped instantly when I took in the scene in front of me.

"Damn" Niall mumbled from beside me, and I couldn't help but agree. If it's not one thing, it's the other in this damn world.

And quite frankly, I'm sick of this bullshit.


Hey there!

Thank you so much for choosing my book.

You should know that this will not be a boring story, I just suck at descriptions lol.

This is a spin off from both "The Human",where the female lead is from, and "Undercover Wolf" where the the male lead is from.

BUT you do not have to read them to love and understand this book. The only advantages cross over readers will have, are the little 'omg' moments when they recognize a character, location or scene.

So don't you worry about missing out. But if you wanna read one or both 😄go for it!

However, I really really do recommend that you read The Human because a lot of things will be clearer sooner and easier for you. I know i'm contradicting myself but I just want the full experience for you.

So with that said :)

If you are from The Human, hey again! Zoey will be happy to see you lol.

If you are from Undercover Wolf, hi lol. Niall will be delighted by your presence.

If you've read both ❤️my heart goes out to you completely. I would hug you right now 🤗

Annnnd if you're new, feel free to fall in love with these characters! They'll love you too.

So sit back, relax and enjoy! I know you'll enjoy it. This won't be as long as The Human, but it won't be as short as Undercover Wolf. I can't say how long it will be but prepare to be taken on a journey.

I love you guys!

Best regards,


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