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My name is Sky-Blue Lapis Lazuli and I am merely an Air witch born in slavery. I am a 13 generation witch, bred in slavery with no hope of ever being free. I belong to Cian. Who is a member of the elite Vampires in my city. there is no chance I or my people could ever be free. except. I have started to question my life. I have fallen in love with a normal human. when I go to kidnap another witch with my owner on the day of there thirteenth birthday and there awakening. a chain of events starts that makes me question everything. then my room-mate my best-friend my family all in one Ruby-Red is stolen away with another 13 witches. I decide its all up to me to get them safely back. That is if they want to come back.

Fantasy / Romance
Katy Rayne
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Dan

When I opened my eyes I was stood in a Livingroom, staring straight at a girl I was constantly seeing in my dreams. she had her head bent over a notepad and calculator. her brunette long hair that covered most of her face failed to hide the fact that she had tears in her eyes and looked like she was on the verge of tears. I watched as she picked up the letter and looked it over as if it contained the worst news imaginable.

“What’s the damage?” another girl comes into the room asking looking worried. I turned to take her in she was tall with fire red hair that I wasn’t ashamed to say she had curves in all the right places. my dream defiantly had given me two smoking hot girls. especially in what the redhaired was wearing, a short Red dress that stopped just above her knees.

“We can pay it.” the brunette girl says looking worried at the pad and then her calculator after typing a few more numbers.

“Really?” the redhead girl asks hopeful but even I can hear that she is full of doubt.

“Yeah if we don’t eat for the rest of the month maybe our lives.” The brunette says looking stressed at the paper, as she scribbles down numbers that make little sense to me.

“So, it’s not payable?” the redhead girl asks worriedly.

“If we didn’t pay rent this month, but then we would have the same problem again next month and be behind on the rent.” the brunette tells her extremely worried.

“Well I’m sure the landlord will appreciate that.” the redhead girl tells her sarcastically. I watch them wondering why this is the conversation which interests my dream girls. Was money that much an issue for them?

“I will find a way to pay it I always do.” the brunette tells the other girl, but she doesn’t sound hopeful.

“Maybe we should just swallow our pride?” the redhead girl asks the brunette sadly, but i can tell its a question that she already knows the answer to.

“Will your pride allow that?” the brunette asks her interestedly looking up at her for the first time.

“Nope yours?” the redhaired asks.

“Nope.” She says with a weak smile.

“Okay so we are not eating this month?” the redhead girl asks with a smile.

“Look in the cupboards I think we have enough cereal to live on dry cereal until I can work out a plan.” The brunette tells her. I wonder why they didn’t just not pay the letter or ask to pay in installments.

“Do we really need to pay it again already?” the redhead girl asks so sadly.

“If we do not pay, we are in serious trouble.” The brunette responds.

“Trouble if we pay trouble if we don’t. Why don’t we just give up.” the other girl says sadly.

“Pride.” They both say at the same time looking at each other with smiles. I look at both girls wondering what the hell this was. The redhead girl smiles and walks straight through me not noticing my presence, well I wasn’t really there after all. i was in my bed dreaming, this was just my dream.

I woke up from my dream with a start a few moments later, being disturbed by the loud buzzing of my alarm clock. Were these girls even real? Why whenever I sleep do I just end up stood watching the brunette? I feel like a stalker as the last few times I have been asleep I have just stood over her whilst she herself slept. She was beautiful, I hold no doubt in my head about that. I was starting to nap during the day. just so that I might be able to see her awake and find out things about her, to work out if my dream girl is even real. Mostly I just saw her sat at the table in her apartment working on a laptop, with books around her as if she was studying herself for exams that I should be studying for myself. Maybe it was because I could only really nap on a Saturday and she did her exciting things when I did mine? Well, I hoped she wasn’t just someone who stayed home all the time and studied. What would be the point of dreaming about a girl that does nothing? The number of times I had seen her hot friend. I doubt I wouldn’t recognize her in a crowd, with her fieryred hair and hot legs and hot closet to match she really was a picture and would stand out. If I saw either girl in real life I know that I would follow them. I want answers.

Walking out my dorm room I am greeted to the sight of my roommates sat playing on the PlayStation.

“About time. Finally sleeping beauty has awoke. we have got a huge gig tonight and we really have got to rehearse before we go set up,” Ethan says looking at me, like he has been waiting for hours. he hasn't, he was in bed himself when I went back to bed for a nap after spending most of last night playing COD with him. I doubt he has been up that long himself. He is just sat tapping the sofa arm with his drum sticks. looking like he has just dragged an outfit on from his floordrope. (A floordrope is basically just all your clothes frown on the floor and not picked up.) His sticks beat the rhyme that must be running through his head currently. I have known him since kindergarten and he defianltly marches to his own beat. He is doing business studies in college and in all honestly, none of us understand what he is doing it for, other than to please his parents who actully told him it was there business and there dreams and he could live his own.

“Come on Dan,” Alex say grabbing my attention, picking up his bass guitar. I nod not sure what the hell I was even thinking myself lately. I keep drifting off a lot lately. I'm blaming lack of sleep. which is possibly not the best thing to do in the last few month of my senior year at college. How Alex is doing hospitably and tourism, I honestly can’t tell you. All of the boy’s majors do not really fit them, mine included. It was quite funny at the end of the day. We really just wanted to make it big as a band now. But we all secretly doubted it would ever happen. Okay not even that secretly. I walk back into my room and run a comb quickly through my hair so it looked messy by design rather than I just woke up messy. Then I grab my favorite guitar and join the boys back in the common area ready to reherse before this latest gig. I suppose I really had slept the day away it was 3 pm already, what a waste of a Saturday off class. I really should start living my life. It wasn’t like the brunette did anything fun. accept worry, I just want to know something anything about her. Other than the fact she couldn’t pay her bills. I just wanted to know if she was real.

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