The Warriors Of River Falls (Book 2)

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“Everyone is staring. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea. It’s not so bad anymore.” I say quietly. I don’t have to speak loudly; my mouth is quite close to his ear.

“Ignore them, wolves are just as nosy as humans. And by size of your ankle its not better. And yes, in case you’re wondering I did just say your one ankle is fat. Get over it. You’re having it looked at.” I look at him, properly look at his face, not quite knowing where my confidence to do so came from.

“What?” he grumbles, readjusting me in his arms.

“Why?” he scrunches his brows and pouts his lips I didn’t know grown men could pout.

“Because it’s obviously had damage done to it.”

“No, not that. Why are you helping me?” he looks at me once, then looks away and carries on walking. I don’t push for an answer.

“Oh my gosh Amber, what’s wrong?” Alex’s light voice rings out loud and clear. Gaining even more attention. Great.

“Relax, Alex, she’s good. She just tripped and hurt her ankle. I’m getting doc to check it out.”

Shawn answers for me, which gives me raised eyebrows from Alex.

“I can talk you know. What he said though.” Shawn doesn’t slow his pace, even with Alex now in tow.

“Well, you would have said something along the lines of, everything’s fine. Which would make zero sense, considering we are here to see the doc.”

I glare at my supposed best friend as I hear her laughing besides us. I see her get her phone out and spot Jasmines name pop onto the screen. Shawn just keeps marching his way through the huge house. We reach a small light room, and he places me on the hospital style bed.

“Stay there.” It comes out like an order and I frown at him.

“Really?” I question

“Yes.” That’s it. No please, just stay. Like he was giving orders to a dog. Small coughing from Alex brings my attention to her.

“Did I miss something?” she asks, coming over to sit by me on the bed.

“What do you mean?” she looks from me to the door?

“When did you and Shawn become cosy?” I lean back at her choice of words.

“We’re not cosy. I was running this morning and tripped. He happened to be running past and helped me home.” She smiles and nods her head.

“You know he’s a wolf yeah.”

“Am I stupid? Of course, I know he’s a wolf. What does that have to do with anything?” I ask her, a little confused by why she asked that, but the door opened and Shawn walked back in, with the doc behind, stopping her from answering.

“Hi Amber, do you remember me? Dr Goodman?” The beautiful red headed doctor politely asks me. I did remember her face, just not her name. Things were a little blurry the last time I saw her. I just nod my head and smile.

“Well, there seems to be a few too many people in here, if you wouldn’t mind.” She looks to Alex and Shawn, I smirk, knowing neither of them actually wanted to leave. Once they do, the doc closes the door behind them and smiles at me.

“What seems to be the problem? Shawn mentioned your foot?” she gestures to my socked feet and I reach down to pull my sock off the injured one but she beats me to it and tells me to lay back.

“Well, it certainly needed attention. Have you put any ice on it yet at all?” I just shake my head. She gently prods at it and bends it slightly, stopping when she sees me wince.

“The good news is, it’s not broken but the bad news is it is a bad sprain. You need to keep it elevated and stay off it for a few days. Is it painful? I could prescribe you something to dull the pain?” She walks away and looks through a drawer, returning to me with bandages in her hand.

“No thank you, I’d rather not.” She looks at me and nods her head.

“Okay, well ice it when you need to, it will take the swelling down too.” She gently starts to wrap my foot and I can tell she wants to ask me more questions.

“So, how have you been?”

“Fine, thank you.”

“Your other injuries from before, I assume they have all healed?”

“Just a few scars, nothing much to be done about those.” I shrug and look around the room.

“You know, if you ever need to talk about anything, about what happened, you can always call me. In confidence of course. Do you mind if I take a look?” she finishes my foot and reaches toward my arm. The arm no one sees. Ever.

Reluctantly I pull my hoodie sleeve back and show her the scars there. C.D

“It’s healed well. I could give you some oil if you want. It will help it to fade a little more. I can’t take it away completely though. I’m sorry.” I don’t say anything for a while, and she pulls my sleeve back down and pats my hand. She leaves me to put the remaining bandages away.

“Yes please, the oil. I would like some oil, if I could?” she smiles to me.

“Of course, I’ll just go and get some for you. We’re all done here. I’ll let Shawn and Luna Alex back in.” It’s weird, hearing someone refer to Alex as Luna. Not as weird as just being treated by a werewolf, but still, it’s odd.

“Hey girl, how’s things?” Jasmine walks in and pulls me into a hug.

“I’m good, just clumsy this morning is all.”

“Good thing Shawn was out there running too hey?” I frown, trying to work out what she’s implying. With what Alex said earlier, there is clearly something I’m missing.

“Here you go Amber; instructions are in the box.” Doc walks back in and hands me a bag, I’m grateful people can’t see what it is, so they can’t ask what it’s for.

“Thank you.”

“No problem, remember, stay off it as much as you can, and keep it elevated.” I nod my head in understanding and Alex and Jasmine come to either side of me, helping me to hop along.

“So, how’s Mr Cutie? When’s the date?” Alex asks as we walk back to the lounge, where I can sit and put my foot up.

“There is no date.” I state firmly. Both jasmine and Alex look confused and rush me with questions at the same time.



“What happened?”

“Calm down, nothing happened. We just never got to that part in the conversation again.” I fidget with my phone in my hands.

“Why? You were so sure he was going to ask you?” Alex probes gently.

“Well, I saw Shawn in the coffee shop; and it sort of threw me off guard. We spoke for a while and then I left, so I didn’t talk to Ryan anymore. I haven’t been back since. That’s all there is to know.”

They both opened their mouths again to talk but was cut off by an authoritative voice. I didn’t fear it but even as a human I felt the power radiate off him.

“Jasmine, I believe training started five minutes ago?” He questioned my friend.

“Yes Alpha, I’ll get going. Call you later Amber.” With that she swiftly left us.

“Amber it’s good to see you again. Although I’m sorry to see you are hurt. I hope Doc gave you the attention you required.” He spoke to me with a gentler tone, it didn’t make me any less nervous.

“Yes sir, she did. Thank you. I’ll be on my way now. Sorry for the intrusion.” I make a move to get up, but the Alpha just holds his hands up and halts me.

“No need to rush off. Alex has the day off today and I’m sure she would love company. Logan has some things to attend today so I’m quite sure you two could think of something to entertain yourselves. Also, you being here is never an intrusion; you are more than welcome at any time. Feel free to stay for dinner.” Overwhelmed by Logan’s fathers welcome I settle back into the chair.

“Thank you, sir, I did promise my mum I would be back for dinner though. Maybe another time.” I had no intention of staying for dinner anytime, but I didn’t want to appear rude. With a nod of his head to both me and Alex he carried walking on his way. A few guards trailing behind him. I look to Alex and she just sits smirking at me.

“What?” I question.

“Looks like your stuck with me for a few hours.”

The movie ended and I hated to admit but, I had had a good time here. Spending time with Alex was also good, she left all talk of Ryan alone, which I was grateful for. I was however starting to wonder how I was getting home. I hadn’t driven myself here and wouldn’t be able to anyway; but I also hadn’t seen or heard from Shawn in a while and wasn’t sure if he was even still here.

“Alex, do taxi’s come here? I should probably get going.” She chucked a peanut at me and laughed.

“A taxi? Don’t be silly. I’ll just drive you. I do that now. Have my own car and everything.” Wow, that was something I didn’t know. I really had blocked out our friendship over the past six months.

“No, need. I can take you back. We need to get your car back anyway.” Shawn’s voice flooded into the tv room and I looked up to where he stood in the doorway. Almost filling the door frame.

“Are you sure? I can just go with Alex.” I respond quickly.

“Yeah, I’m sure. You ready to go now?” I nod and reach for my bag, Alex comes to my side and we hobble together to the door, where Shawn just sighs and attempts to pick me up again.

“I can walk.” I say abruptly, swatting at his arm.

“Not really.” He counters and attempts again to pick me up. Again, I swat at his arm.

“Are we really going to do this? You can hurt yourself more trying to get to the car your way or let me help you and get there quicker. Save your mom worrying about you when you’re late.” He stands back a little, arms folded. Waiting for my answer.

“Fine. But I can hop some, I don’t need you to completely carry me.” I try to sound confidant, the truth is, I’m not. But when he carries me it just brings back more memories from that night. I’ve had enough of those this weekend to last me a lifetime.

“Fine.” He states and wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me to him and lifting me slightly from the floor. I notice the strange looks that Alex gives him, but I continue to look down. We walk to the car in silence and without further injury to myself. He opens the door for me, and I get in, again noticing the way that Alex is staring at Shawn. I’m not too sure why but it’s actually making me a little uncomfortable.

“Thanks for today Alex, it was good to see you.” I decide to break the silence and it seems to bring her out of her trance. She beams at me. A genuine smile, that reaches her eyes.

“Thank you. We should do it again. I can come to you. I’ll pick you up and we can go get some cookies and coffee. Call me tomorrow, we can make plans.” I smile in return and pull the door closed as Shawn gets in the driver’s side of my car. He seems moody, his jaw is clenched and I’m not sure if I’ve offended him by once again refusing his help. In reality all he has done today is help me.

I’m not sure what I would’ve done if he hadn’t found me.

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