The Warriors Of River Falls (Book 2)

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I had made a new friend. One that sometimes annoyed the hell out of me, but at other times was the one that bought out my biggest smile. Shawn was nothing that I had thought he would be. Maybe he was different to who he used to be. What happened that night, and at the compound changed more than just mine and Alex’s lives. I ashamed to say I’m only just starting to realise that. I’m not happy about going over to the pack house still, but Alex and jasmine understand my reasons. Shawn just says it’s time to realise that wolves aren’t all that bad. Just some of them, and according to him, none of the bad ones are at the pack house. For the moment I’m happy to just be around the ones want to be. Him, Jasmine and Logan. Three werewolves in my life were enough for me.

My friendship with Shawn came at me unexpected. He will run with me, at my pace obviously, which he constantly remarks about, but I don’t have any issues where we run when he is with me. I feel safe with him. We talk about our lives; I open up more about things at the compound and about my feelings and he just listens. On occasions he will talk more about his childhood; we were bought up so differently its shocking, I can understand why he has so much loyalty to Logan and his father. But mostly we just hang out. Watch movies and eat. He has bought an Xbox to my house. Apparently, I missed a very important part of being a teenager, that I now have to make up for. He assured me it was an old one he had laying around, however the brand-new box and game shop carrier bag didn’t really convince me, so now I feel like I should at least try and play with the thing after he paid so much for it. I can’t help it that I’m bad though; I did warn him I had never played video games.

As I’m walking out of my last class of the day I feel my phone vibrate, quickly trying to search for it in my bag, I bump into the person in front of me.

“Sorry…” The guys just looks me up and down and winks at me. I smile to myself, my self confidence has started to come back. I feel more like the old Amber than I have I ages, I feel good. Don’t get me wrong I still have moments, and panic sets in, but I feel like I am actually moving on. I finally find my phone and swipe to answer with out paying attention to who was actually calling.

“Took your time. It’s a good job I’m not dying and in need of help” I laugh and start looking around.

“You can take care of yourself.” I stand still not finding who I and looking for; feeling a little disappointed.

“He was checking you out by the way. Want me to go punch him?” I smile and start searching again. This was beginning to be a habit of his. He would just turn up at my lunch time or at the end of the day and we would go get food or coffee. Avoiding a certain coffee shop.

“No, he was cute. I might bump into him again.” I finally find him leaning casually against a tree in the court yard. Earning himself numerous stares and glances from the many women walking past. A few guys too. Wearing jeans and t shirt, that other people would look distinctly average, he looked anything but. Tall and well built, he knew how to stand and pull in the attention. His dark hair and un shaven chin gave him a dangerous air that only added to his good looks. It was a problem I had been having recently. I knew I shouldn’t find him attractive, but in all honesty, it was impossible not to. The man was gorgeous. I knew I had to get over it, we had a friendship, I knew it couldn’t go beyond that, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t appreciate how good he looked. Or appreciate the envious looks girls threw my way when we were together. I’m convinced that had played a big part in my confidence growing.

“I’m hungry. I want Joe’s pizza.” I make my way over to him, keeping the phone to my ear and the smile on my face.

“I could eat. I want dessert though.” I hear him laugh and hang up the phone, pushing it into his pocket.

“Deal. How was your day?” Shawn asks when I reach him and we talk towards the carpark together. He somehow always manages to always get a spot close to mine, and we will drive in our separate cars back to my house and the together to wherever we go afterwards. That’s of course on the days he hasn’t just picked me up in the morning and dropped me off.

“It was good, I did good on that paper, one of the best in the class.” I say proudly, school life was hard, but I seem to be doing well.

“Obviously. You worked hard at it, I said you would do great.” He says confidently.

“Well, it’s nice you think so, but you aren’t my lecturer. I do feel like celebrating though so I’ll let you pay for pizza.” As we reach my car, he lets me get in first before going to his and then he follows me out the parking lot and stays behind while I drive to my house.

I realise it’s an issue. I’m becoming attached to him. I know it can’t go anywhere, so I have a plan. I need to start dating. Nothing serious, but just a few dates to try and get my focus someplace other than him. He had his soul mate, no one will ever compare to that.

I can’t bring myself to distance myself from him though.

“An extra-large meat feast and an extra-large pepperoni please, two Pepsi’s.” He always ordered for me, he never chose my food; there was always a lengthy conversation where I could never decide, and we would have to ask for more time. Whatever I chose, unless it was a salad, he always ordered extra-large so he could take the food home after to eat. His face whenever I suggested a salad would drop. It was quite cute really. He can cook apparently but being the main training warrior in the pack, didn’t leave much time. How he had so much time to actually spend with me I could never understand.

“So, I’ve been thinking…” he says with a stern look on his face.

“Could be dangerous.” I reply with a smirk.

“Amber, I’m being serious here. I think…” he stops as a different waitress brings our drinks to the table. She lingers a little longer than necessary until Shawn looks up at her with an annoyed look and she scrambles away. I take a drink from my glass using my straw and wait for him to continue.

“So, you should train, with us.” I almost spit my drink back my mouth.

“Excuse me?” He hands me a napkin to wipe at the drink that I actually did spill.

“You heard me. You should train with us. At the pack house. Alex does, you won’t be the only human.” He relaxes back in the bench seat like he just suggested something simple like ordering extra fries. Oh fries. We forgot fries.

“That’s a little bit different don’t you think.”

“Not really. She spends times with wolves, so she trains to defend herself if she ever needs too. You spend time with wolves. What’s the difference?” Can he really not see the difference?

“Well gosh, I don’t know. Maybe the fact that she will one day be the queen of the wolves.” I whisper yell at him, to which he just chuckles.

“I love Alex like a sister, but she would never be allowed to be queen of the wolves, I think what you meant to say was Luna of the pack.” He takes a drink from his glass while I try to process what he has just said, almost like he is waiting for it to sink in.

“There’s an actual queen of the wolves? Like the British royal family?” My eyes are wide like saucers, I can tell Shawn is enjoying telling me this stuff. He actually seems to enjoy dropping out little bits of information on werewolf life or history. Sometimes I bite and ask for more information other times I just let it go.

“Well, there’s actually not a queen yet, the king has yet to meet his mate, but…” he stops mid sentence as the same waitress from before returns with our pizzas, and as before she lingers. I look to Shawn questioningly and he gives her another stern look.

“Can we help you?” He asks almost politely.

“I just wondered if there was anything else I could get for you?” She asks him with smile I’m sure she means to be seductive, I have to really try to hide my laugh.

“We would’ve asked if there was.” I can tell he’s getting annoyed with her, so I decide to jump in and help her out.

“Actually, can we get some fries please?” She completely and utterly blanks me.

“Okay, well you know where I’ll be if you decide you need anything extra.” She says with another of her best smiles.

“Are you deaf? She just asked for fries.” Shawn almost spits out through gritted teeth, pointing at me. I’m was finding the whole thing funny, but totally blanking me when its her job to take my order is just downright rude.

“Sorry I didn’t hear you. Fries, was it? Just a small? I’m not sure how you could possibly fit in fries as well as that pizza. I could never eat that much.” To anyone looking on her sweet smile would imply that she is just making friendly conversation. I don’t let what she says get to me, although I understand fully what she is saying. A few months ago, comments like that would have sent me on a downward spiral.

“No. An extra-large portion please. We’ll take it home to eat later, he gets quite hungry after… well you get my drift.” Her smile drops and she looks between Shawn and I. The thought that we were actually a couple had never occurred to her. I look to Shawn, hoping he hasn’t minded what I have just said, only to see him sat with his hand over his mouth holding in his laugh.

“I’ll get that sorted right away for you.” She says with a swift swish of her hair and she walks quickly away.

“Sorry, I can’t stand rude people.” I say casually, taking a slice of my pizza.

“No need to apologise, she was rude. Just don’t let what she said bother you.” He was still laughing quietly to himself when another waitress bought over our fries.

“Your comeback was epic though. In didn't know you had that in you. Something similar happened once with Vicky.” Hearing her name makes me pause, he doesn’t very often talk about her.

“What happened?” I question, he must be okay talking about it, he was the one that bought it up.

“Some girl basically did what she just did but got a little closer. Vicky told her to step away, she didn’t.” He chuckles at the memory.

“So, what did she do?”

“Vicky just stood up, she was shorter than the girl, but we all know Vic could pack a punch, and she just floored her. One hit and the girl was out. I don’t think we ever went back to that restaurant. I dont think we were allowed.”

“You still miss her?” It was a question, but I knew the answer already.

“Honestly, I think I always will.”

“Do you think, you’ll ever find someone else. Not to replace her, but how does it work? You’re so young, are you meant to just be by yourself forever now? Sorry… I shouldn’t have asked that. Forget I asked that. It was stupid of me.” Sometimes I wish I could rewind time, just by a few minutes, it would change so much.

“It's okay. It's something I’ve thought about. Vicky was my mate, so what we had I could never have with anyone else, but there are some wolves that have lost their mates or never met their mates and chose to be with someone else. I don’t think that’s for me though. I’ll just carry on being the Head Warrior, and keep training the young pups. It doesn’t leave much time for anyone else anyway. I’m good by myself, and it’s a hell lot easier.

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