The Warriors Of River Falls (Book 2)

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Not going Anywhere

“I’m sorry what?” He quickly finishes his sandwich and pulls out his phone. Casually leaning back, typing into his phone.

“You’re coming to mine. It’s not safe here. You don’t get a choice.” The nerve of him. I always get a choice.

“No, I’m not.” I put the sandwich back down and fold my arms sternly.

“Amber, I don’t really have time for this, you’re coming. I don’t know why they were at your school, but they were, so that means not matter how much you like to think you aren’t involved with us wolves, you already are. They already view you as a weakness because you are human, maybe there is a connection to last time; we just don’t know. So, I’d rather be safer than sorry, so eat up and let’s get going. I’ll follow you back to yours and you can come with me to mine.” He simply sips his drink and types on his phone again.

“No.” He looks up, genuinely concerned.

“What do you mean no?” He puts his phone down in a huff.

“You don’t get to just tell me what to do. You said I don’t get a choice. This is my life, I always get a choice, in every decision I make about it. I’ve told you before that’s important to me. You don’t control me or have any rights to try and make what you think are the best decisions for me. So, no.” I try to be as casual as him and take a bite of the sandwich and then pick up my phone too, just to copy what he had been doing. He rubs the back of his neck and then leans forward on his elbows.

“Amber… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make decisions for you or say that you don’t have a choice, of course you have a choice. You always will with me, however… I am concerned for your safety right now and I do believe that I can keep you safer on pack land, and it would ease my mind if you were to come back with me. Please? I’m asking not telling you; the decision is yours to make.” He looks directly at me and it causes me to take a deep breath.

“I don’t feel comfortable at the pack house Shawn.” I say quietly, placing my phone down in my lap so he knows I’m willing to at least have the conversation with him.

“I know that. I didn’t say go to the pack house, I said come to mine. I don’t live there. I live by myself, but on pack land, well within it’s borders.” He keeps watching my face and I really wish he wouldn’t, I’m unsure what emotions I’m displaying right now, and he always reads me so well.

“Oh… Well… I…” He smirks and leans back.

“You’ll be safe with me Amber, and I have a spare room, no need to share.” He chuckles and I throw the napkin at him, smiling too.

“Shawn, I really don’t think…” He interrupts me with a serious expression.

“I really do think you need to do this. Three separate times and places, they’ve been where you have been. That’s not a coincidence. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t think it was necessary.” Something in the sincerity of his tone and look helps me to make my choice. And it is my choice, I respect Shawn, and I know it’s not just a ploy to get me to his house. If he is suggesting this then he really must think that it is needed.

“Okay, I’ll finish this then we can go.” He nods his head and I think I notice a hint of relief cross over his face and we sit in silence while we finish our drinks. In the quietness around the table the bell ringing above the door sounds like a siren and we both look over in time to see Ryan walk in. Shawn just frowns and I try to quickly turn away wishing we had left before he arrived. I’m not dating either of them and Shawn has already said that we could never be anything more. I was clear with Ryan about where I stood with him, so I’m not doing anything wrong, but I still sort of feel like I am.

“You alright?” Shawn asks quietly but takes another look towards the front.

“Yep, I’m all good. You ready to go?” His eyebrows rise and his mouth twitches.

“You in a hurry to get to mine or a hurry to leave now coffee shop dude just walked in?”

“Neither actually, I need to pack some things and try to work out what I’m going to say to my parents.” He nods but I know he doesn’t completely believe my explanation.

“Sure, want me to leave first so you can talk to him? Probably best you lay low for a while, so you might not be able to see him for a couple weeks.” He looks smug but tries his best to not look like he is, but I can see it. And it does weird things to my belly.

“Yeah, that’s not a problem. We are just friends after all, but it would be odd if I left without saying hello.” He stands up and places a hand on my shoulder, leaning down to talk to me.

“Please try to be quick and I’ll meet you by your car.” He walks away, leaving a shiver running down my spine. I wait for a few minutes before I raise from my own seat and towards the front counter. I don’t need to ask for Ryan, he is already there, I can’t see Tara, I assume she’s taking a break.

“Hey, how’s things?” He asks with a smile when I reach the counter.

“Yeah, they’re good thanks.” I reply with a smile of my own. I decide there’s no need to actually say I can’t see him for a while, there was no definite plan that said we would go out again anytime soon anyway.

“I get the feeling hulk guy doesn’t like me very much.” He lightly laughs, but I have a haunch he actually means it.

“Don’t worry, he’s like that with everyone.” I try to put him at ease, but I’m not at ease myself. I feel strange, like I shouldn’t be here, talking with him.

“So, are you rushing off or are you free to hang out some, maybe do something later?” He blushes a little and it makes me smile, he really is the sweetest guy, there’s just nothing in my stomach though, no shiver down my spine.

“No, I’m sorry I have to get going. I should actually… but I just wanted to say hi.” I back away from the counter and he looks disappointed.

“Will I see you soon or are there more obstacles at the moment.” He asks and it shocks me a little that he asks that question but then I remember back to our conversation referring to Shawn and I understand why he is asking.

“I have some pretty big ones right now. I’m really sorry.” He just shrugs his shoulders and smiles.

“I’m not going anywhere. Take as long as you need.”

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