Owen Cavalier (Inkitt Edition) Vampire/Werewolf

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Chapter 11: A Chance Meeting

Zoë and Owen eventually parted, and Owen assumed Morgan left and walked his way back to his locker. He mulled over the supernatural world that he had been made aware of. Creatures that operated in secret, hidden amongst the mundane. It was almost laughable. He got lost in thought, but found himself by his locker. There was a girl next to him that he’d never seen before. Owen noticed her humming a song.

“Billy Idol?” Owen asked.

“Yes, actually.” She smiled.

“Used to love that song. Haven’t been able to listen to music much these days. Although a friend of mine hates that stuff. She always told me alt-rock was so 2007 or something lame like that.”

“Well, your friend has terrible taste and I can’t imagine goingt through life without musc. Nothing is as inseparable as me and my headphones.”

“I’ve never seen you around... Are you new here?”

“Yes, actually. Started today.” She said.

“Oh well, looks like we’re neighbours.” He motioned towards their lockers, and then stuck out a hand. “Owen. Nice to meet you.”

“Daveigh Elizabeth Alexandria Deadroses.” She shook it.

“Those are a lot of names. You have a preference on which one should I use?” Owen teased.

“You can pick. I’m not fussy about what I’m called.” Daveigh replied non-chalant.

“Well, I just decided we’re on a first name basis. It’s nice to meet you Daveigh.”

“Pleasure is all mine.” She smiled. “So, are you going to this dance thing?”

“I doubt it. My ex will probably be there with some hot guy who’s popular and comes from money and it’ll just depress me.”

“Well you’re the first person I’ve officially met. I’ll be sad if you aren’t there.”

“That’s emotional blackmail.” Owen smiled.

“Is it working?” She winked.


“How do I turn that into a yes?”

“Practice your puppy eyes and ask me again tomorrow.” Owen smiled, and walked off. He decided he might not dislike the event too much.

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