Owen Cavalier (Inkitt Edition) Vampire/Werewolf

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Chapter 13: Bye, Harry.

Drake St. Claire looked at the corpses… Harry was especially bludgeoned… Drake felt cold on the inside, but that was how he usually felt these days. Isolated. Alone.

“Where’s my sister, Harry?” He asked the bartender.

“Fuck if I know.” He replied.

“I hate running round in circles. I know she was here.”

“Can’t help you, mate. Maybe tear up some other joint. Ever thought about asking nicely?”

“And now my patience has run out.”

Drake’s baselard materialised. He jabbed it straight down into Harry’s mouth. None of the other customers were particularly helpful either.

He yanked out his baselard, and walked away… Drake walked outside, and then he noticed it… A smell like sulphur, and charred marks on the ground… Something went into Limbo from here…

And he could track it…

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