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Chapter 14: Supernaturals

Daveigh stood. She felt self-conscious in her dress, in her makeup, in all the things she got done up in. It was girly and over the top and she was sure she didn’t even like getting dressed up. How is it that girls younger than her looked like professionally caked up models? And of course Owen wasn’t here yet. Sure, it had only been fifteen minutes, but it was ten more than she was really willing to wait. She was sure he wasn’t going to show up.

Right up until he did.

“Hey” Owen said.

“Hey yourself. I thought you were a no-show for a second.”

“Me, do something so unchivalrous? I’m offended.” He laughed.

“Oh, my knight in shining armour.” Daveigh teased.

“Just you wait; I am going to charm your pants off. Well, your metaphorical pants. You’re in a dress. So… Uhm… Yeah.”

“I look forward to it.” She winked.

The two of them walked inside.

Elsewhere, Alyssa was sitting in her car. The radio went on with the mid-evening news.

“Another victim has been found dead in what investigators believe to be a cult killing or perhaps a gang initiation, burning victims alive after inflicting puncture wounds. After police officer Brody Dallas was found dead in what was left of his vehicle, officers have personally sworn to bring the perpetrator to justice. More on this as the story develops.”

Alyssa turned the radio off and watched the man walk. From inside her car she could feel the cold, but she didn’t dare turn on the heater. She watched him. His movements were erratic. He sniffed the air, and wildly scanned the area for something or someone. She decided she’d get out of the car. Enough was enough. She could take two supernaturals in one small town. But three? She didn’t believe the coincidence. She grabbed the sheathed katana. Her coat hugged her tightly and the collar stood high. She opened the car door. She wanted answers. As soon as she shut the door, the man turned in her direction. He smiled in a manic way, eyes glazed as if in a drugged state. She drew the blade and held it out in front of her. His face stretched and a fur coat enveloped his body. A monstrous wolf stood on its hind legs in front of Alyssa.

It snarled. But instead of charging at Alyssa, it took off in the other direction. Alyssa summoned her black wings and she gave chase, barely keeping up with the werewolf.

Back at the dance, Owen and Daveigh walked out by the side door in the hall and ended up by the grandstands. They sat down laughing at some anecdote about Owen’s life. Owen noticed how pretty she really was. It wasn’t the same way someone in a magazine or on television was. Owen noticed every blemish. The ones she attempted to cover up with make-up. She smiled and her dimples showed. Her nose twitched slightly as she laughed. She’d raise the corner of her lip as she sneered. She-

“What?” She asked.

“You are just so amusing.” Owen smiled.

“No man has ever had the nerve to call me amusing. Strike one.”

“Well, with most girls I’d be back on the bench already, so I’m doing pretty well in my opinion.”

“That is sincerely difficult to believe. C’mon, I know there must be some girl drooling over you but your thick skull just won’t let you see it.”

“There used to be. She called it quits though.” Owen said, sombrely looking away.

“Good riddance to bad rubbish.” Daveigh asked with a mischievous smile.

“Sort of. So, new girl, where are you from?” Owen asked and Daveigh smiled.

“My mom is Thornville, my dad’s actually from the city. They met here, actually. Fell in love, moved in together. Dad changed jobs, they moved back to the city, now I’m back here.”

“Nostalgic for your home town?”

“Some stuff happened. Lost both of my parents in a fire. Still a little fuzzy on the details, just know that I’m the only one left.”

“Noted. Condolences. Seems like we’re all surrounded by death these days.”

“My older brother used to say that death is just the last stop on the road when you’re out of gas. I miss him too.” She looked sad.

“What happened to him? Was he also in the fire?” Owen asked.

“He walked out on us. I have no idea where he is, just that he never wanted to see my dad again. My mom was crying about it for months. And now… I don’t even know if he cares.” She said.

“That’s not right. With all due respect, anybody who hurts their own mother like that is scum. My dad died a long time ago. Just me, my mom and my sister now.” Owen said.

“I can understand why you’re protective over your mother. Are you and your mom close?”

“We used to be. Then a close friend died. Well, friend who I feel in love with, and we dated, and then… She died. And I kind of shrunk into myself. Haven’t been really close to anyone lately. So are you like, living with family?” Owen smiled.

“I live with my cousin and my guardian. And my cousin is kind of the best... Julie can cook, clean, work hard, rock an apron, show off her curves, and she’s brilliant. I’m just the childish little cousin.”

“You have a lot of respect for her.” Owen observed.

“Wouldn’t you? She just took off. Gave her family the big ‘fuck you’ and took off, made something of herself.” Daveigh smiled.

“That is something. What’s the age gap between the two of you?” Owen asked.

“Seven years. I’m eighteen, and she’s twenty five. She’s way cuter than me, though.” Daveigh bit her lip.

“I doubt that very much.” Owen laughed.

“Why don’t you come and find out? Have dinner with me, tonight.” Daveigh said.

“It’s really short notice.” Owen said.

“That’s your inner stepmother talking. Just say yes. We can hang out, and watch a movie, just hang out. Please? Don’t make me pout.” Daveigh said.

“I dunno.” Owen said.

Daveigh pulled a face that looked like a sheep that’s recently been sheared.

“Oh God, fine! Just never, ever do that again!” Owen exclaimed.

“Yes!” Daveigh said. She crossed her legs. “Tell me about your ex.”

“What’s there to say? I liked her, she liked me, I think eventually my baggage just got too heavy for her, and she couldn’t handle it. We broke up.” Owen said.

“That’s terrible.” Daveigh grimaced.

“I guess.” Owen said.

“You should just try and get some closure. You might not get it but you should at least try. That’s what matters.” She said. She uncrossed her legs, and crossed them the opposite way.

“I think I might owe her closure more than she does me. Guess I was a handful. I mean, I didn’t mean to be, but… No one ever knows how they’ll handle the worst parts of their life until they’re living it. Wasn’t fair to her. Then I said some things I regret.” Owen said.

Daveigh looked at the ground. Owen looked around him for a second. He felt a pit in the centre of his stomach.

“You care a lot about her.”

“I do.”

“Do you want her back?” She asked.

“I dunno. Some days I couldn’t tell which one of us was more messed up. I think we found each other when we needed each other but you can’t build something on co-dependency. Truth is I didn’t love her like I loved Lisa. Eva deserves better than that. I deserve better than that.”

“I think I know how that feels.”

“Be honest. We’ve spoken twice. Why did you ask me out?” Owen asked.

“I don’t know. Impulse.” She smiled.

“Just like that?”

“Exactly like that. We talked and you were cute and my mouth ran away with some silly idea and I asked you out. Are you not having fun?” She raised an eyebrow.

“I’m having a great time. And that’s the thing. It’s only been two weeks or so since Evangeline broke up with me. And then you show up and I’m pretending everything is okay but it’s not. It’s not okay that I’m having fun. It’s not okay that I get to have fun. I have baggage attached. So of course I’m over-analysing things. Because I’m scared something awful is going to happen.”

“You’re so melodramatic. Come here.” Daveigh motioned for Owen to come closer. She cradled his face as he sat down.

“Hey.” He said.

“Hey. I don’t care if you have baggage. I don’t care if it’s okay, or if things might go horribly wrong. Right here, right now, you are in front of me, and in this moment, there is no consequence for you having fun. I can have fun. I can smile and laugh. You can have fun. You can smile and laugh. Because the world won’t end if you do. In fact, you should be having fun especially if the world is going to end. You won’t get another chance. We might not get another moment. Are you going to sit around wondering if it’s appropriate?”

“I am trying my best not to.”

“Do you want me to take your mind off it?”

“You can try.”

Daveigh kissed Owen.

There was a slow clap from nearby them. “Wow, that easy, huh? Here I thought you were just trying to make me jealous.” Evangeline said. Owen pulled back immediately, and shot her a glare.

“Are we really going to fight now?” Owen asked.

“The way we fought I was sure you enjoyed it. Just came out here for a smoke. Suddenly I’m not in the mood.”

“You’re smoking again?”

“You don’t get to judge. New girl, right? Give me five minutes alone with my ex-boyfriend, I will leave you alone for the whole evening, in fact, I’ll go home. And you can continue having a good time. There’s just something I need to say to him, and it’s not something I want to say in front of you.”

“Are you going to be okay?” Daveigh turned to Owen.

“Yeah, I’ll meet you inside.”

Daveigh walked off, and Owen glared at Evangeline. “This couldn’t wait, or what? Can you-…” Evangeline cut him off immediately.

“Sorry, could you just shut the fuck up long enough to give me the two minutes it would take for me to say what I have to say? You remember when we started dating. I was in a bad place, I was so into the drugs and everything was falling apart and I spiralled. And then you came along, and I didn’t need any of it anymore. I stopped smoking. I went out less. I even paid attention in school. And I could do it because of you. But at some point, nothing was enough. First it was my music, then my habits, my grades, my attitude. Then my friends were wrong. So were my clothes. My taste in everything. I tried. I tried really hard, but Owen, I am not, and will never be Lisa. I needed you to get that, and you just never did, and I couldn’t do a goddamn thing to stop it from ending, but you know what the dumbest part of this was?”


“I still love you so damn much. Owen… Despite everything we’ve done to hurt each other… When we were happy together, we were really happy. I guess that’s just all over now.” Owen became aware of the tears running down her face. Her make-up ran down her face.

“Evangeline, I’m so sorry... I really didn’t think you felt that way.”

“No, no. It’s too late for that. You weren’t sorry with your tongue down her throat, and you weren’t sorry when you didn’t even give me a chance to explain myself back in the café, and you most certainly haven’t been sorry these weeks you haven’t said a single word to me. Was I that bad? Really, Owen? What was it about me that made you so fucking miserable? I hope you-…”

Evangeline stopped mid-sentence and looked around wearily.

“What was that?” Evangeline asked.


“Didn’t you hear that?”

“Evangeline, it’s probably just a cat or something, listen… I…” Owen was about to complete his sentence.

But then he glimpsed Alyssa from the corner of his eye.

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