Owen Cavalier (Inkitt Edition) Vampire/Werewolf

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Chapter 17: The Morning After

Owen awoke with a start… He found himself suddenly wide awake, sitting upright. His phone’s built in alarm screamed next to him.

Owen pressed the “dismiss” button on his phone, turning the alarm off. His pale blue eyes casually became heavy, and he collapsed on the bed again. The pillow made a mess of his dark, spiky hair. His mother and sister scurried about, getting ready for the day.

More than enough time to make him late had passed, so Owen slowly got up, and yawned. His boxers fit loosely around his thighs, waving as he walked to the bathroom. Owen changed into his navy long-sleeved shirt, which he rolled up until just before his elbows. He put his red wristbands on, along with his jeans and high tops. Owen pocketed his phone and wallet, grabbed his school bag, and set off for the kitchen.

“Morning honey.” Owen’s mother greeted him as he entered the kitchen. He leaned on the granite table.

“Morning mom.” He sleepily said.

“You look tired…” She commented

“It was just one of those nights.” Owen retorted.

“Okay… Did you have a bad dream?” She asked.

“Not really. I guess my body just decided to sleep while my mind refused to rest…”

“I wonder what your father would say to that…” Mrs Cavalier said.

Owen saw the hurt in her pale blue eyes… Her dark, tied back hair looked more grey than usual. Owen wanted to comfort his mother… But somehow found no words forming, only a look on his face that implied he swallowed a rather bitter pill. His sister, Tessa, walked into the room.

“Hey Owen, have you ever noticed that when somebody stands behind you and you bend down, they can see your face?” She commented

“Thank you, Tessa…”

“Hey, stop it and get in the car... I’ll be there in a-...” Mrs Cavalier paused, and sniffed back a tear. “I’ll be there in a minute. Wouldn’t want you to be late.”

Owen was about to leave, but turned towards his mother in the doorway.

“I remember the first time I caught dad watching your wedding video. You were crying from happiness. He sat by himself laughing. I couldn’t have been more than seven. And I asked him why he was laughing. Unshaven, with tears in his eyes, smiling from ear to ear, without missing a beat, dad said, and I quote ‘Your mother looks like Woody Harrelson when she cries’.”

“I hated your father’s sense of humour. And you had the misfortune of inheriting it.” Owen’s mother smiled. Owen hugged her.

“Get in the car.” She laughed.

Owen’s mother dropped him and his sister off, but Owen pretended to wait for someone before slipping off. He made it to the café he agreed to meet Daveigh at.

“You look good.” Owen said.

“Flattery will get you nowhere.”

“Rough night?”

“No. Just a long one. My cousin and some douche hit it off. Were out all night ‘talking’. They ‘talked’ before leaving the bar. They ‘talked’ on the doorstep. Loudly. And then I think they went back to his place to ‘talk’ more. She came home looking like they ‘talked’ a whole lot.”


“So what’s this about?”

“Well tonight we’re going to execute a poorly thought out plan to murder a demon who wants to kill me and sodomise my corpse. I was hoping you’d help prevent the whole kill-rape thing.”

“Really? You could have asked me that over the phone.”

“I wanted to talk to you though.”



“So talk.”

“Is it even possible…? Us.”


“Well I don’t know. I’m not sure what you want me to say or what I can… You’re a fucking vampire!”

“Shut up, God, do you want the whole world to hear?” She shifted uneasily. Then she glared and spoke softly… “Are you afraid of me?”

“I-… I don’t know. Should I be?”

“I can’t promise I won’t bite. And I would have told you… Eventually. But it’s not exactly a first date topic, you know? ‘Hi, I kinda want to fuck and eat you at the same time.’ Not exactly the greatest first impression.”

“You wanted to fuck me?” Owen half-smiled.

“I… Don’t do that!”

“You’re not saying no.” He smirked.

“And you’re lucky you’re cute.” Daveigh suppressed a smile… Then looked seriously at him. “I’m going to ask you one question. Just be honest with me Owen. Then we can put everything behind us.” She said.

“Go for it.” Owen said, staring into the distance.

“Evangeline calls you tomorrow. She apologises, and she really wants you back. If you take her back, you’ll grow old, have kids together, and die together... But if you don’t, you get me for an indefinite period of time, and it might end with us hating each other. It might get so bad that you’ll never be able to trust anyone again. I might even kill you. We stay together, and it might be the worst thing to ever happen to you. But if you get that phone call tomorrow, what will you do?” She asked.

“I’ve been thinking about that. And I won’t be able to apologise to Evangeline enough. But I’d rather you kill me now than let Evangeline do it slowly.”

Daveigh let out a sigh. “The guy last night. Really cocky. Liked to hear himself speak. My sister loves that type though. I’m not like that. You know, my mother was a writer. By day, at least. She knew the power of words. Words are the real magic. And if you don’t stop using them like that, I’m going to fall in love with you. Owen… Don’t ever shut me out again. I don’t know if I could forgive you.”

Owen smiled, and knotted his fingers between hers, then stared into her pale green eyes.

“I won’t.”

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