Owen Cavalier (Inkitt Edition) Vampire/Werewolf

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Chapter 19: Planning

“I hate this plan. This is a bad idea. This is a pretty horrible idea.” Daveigh said.

“Let’s just do this.” Morgan said.

“That get up is actually pretty cool. I like the hockey mask. Very serial-killer.” Alyssa noted. Daveigh looked Owen over. His fringe stuck out from between the hockey mask and the skateboard helmet. He was covered in pads from mismatched sports equipment that actually looked like it made decent protection against most blunt impacts. She looked at the engravings on the suit.

“Morgan, right? Where did you learn to do these?”

“Grandfather. Why?” Morgan responded

“I’ve never seen rune magic this complex before.” Daveigh marvelled.

“Thank you.”

“This is… Quite brilliant…”

“Owen actually came up with the idea. I got stuck with the grunt work.” Morgan winked.


“I watch a lot of animé.” Owen said.

“You are such a dork.” Daveigh smiled

“Moving on. Daveigh, Alyssa… You guys are going in from the roof. Wait for my signal. And no matter what happens, never let your guard down.”

“Got it, fearless leader.” Alyssa quipped.

Morgan and Owen moved into position. Owen gripped a steel baseball bat in his hand. Morgan tapped his own arms and runes swirled like dark veins and his eyes changed… Morgan gestured that it was safe and Owen moved in. They opened the warehouse door as quietly as possible.

The warehouse was dark and suddenly a giant fist reached out from the ground and grabbed Morgan. Owen swung and two knuckles splintered, giving Morgan just enough room to move freely. The demon smiled.

Owen dodged an arm, and eyes stared back at him. Owen swung and he connected with an elbow, but another hand swotted him back. Morgan caught Owen before he tripped backwards and activated the runes on his suit. Owen disappeared in a flash. He bought the bat down with a blunt and ugly clang into the side of the demon’s knee. It roared but used an arm to keep itself upright. Morgan pulled out a piece of parchment and pressed it on the wall with a flat hand. There was a blinding white light. Owen swung for the other knee.

The demon screamed in agony and when the light faded, Alyssa and Daveigh both held one of its horns in a hand. Alyssa tossed Owen her katana, and Owen lodged it in the demon’s spine.

“Checkmate.” Morgan said.

“St. Claire. You’re going to wish that I killed you.”

“Oh? And why is that?” Alyssa smiled.

“Because the only reason our handsome friend here hasn’t destroyed your houses and raped your families is because he can’t leave this warehouse.” A voice said.

His boots landed with a dull thud as he stepped closer.

“You’re welcome, sister.” Drake said.

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