Owen Cavalier (Inkitt Edition) Vampire/Werewolf

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Chapter 2: At The Grave

Back in Thornville, some few hours later, Owen had found himself walking to the cemetery, and like clockwork, he found Lisa’s grave and crouched and crouched beside it. Her tombstone wasn’t very impressive, but marked her final resting place and he was content with that.

“Hey.” He greeted the mound on the Earth, deep down hoping for a response.

Silence greeted him.

“You look great.” He continued. “At least, a lot better than me. I never really know what to say when I’m here, you know? Maybe I’m supposed to tell you I’m dating someone, and my life is great, and I’m happy, and you don’t need to worry about me because everything is peachy and wonderful and fantastic. Well, to everyone’s surprise, it’s not. I’m miserable. Eva broke up with me, although I guess if I’m honest she’s doing the right thing. Morgan still hates me. I keep finding myself here, and I can’t even consider schoolwork because I’m just so thrown. You know, when my Dad died, I never thought anything would hurt as much. I thought I was kind of a tough guy. I was supposed to become man of the house and be mom and Tessa’s rock… Now I’m standing by your grave hoping to find answers to questions I am far too dumb and far too young to ask. Not saying you don’t deserve your peace and all, but if you could just not be dead any time soon, and help me out a little like you used to, that’d be really fucking great.” Owen gave a little laugh as he wiped a tear from his face.

Footsteps gradually became louder until they stopped behind him. Owen turned his head only slightly, and Morgan stood behind him, as cold and aloof as ever.

They said nothing for a long while. Owen grimaced, and tried to hide his discomfort. Morgan’s face was entirely straight, but the tension in the air was like a brick wall waiting for someone to walk into it face first.

“Don’t you get tired of it? Being angry at me? Jesus, Morgan, sometimes I wish you’d just scream at me, call me a worthless pile of shit or whatever. I get it, you know? Nothing I can ever say or do will make it okay because I know I let her walk into the street and I didn’t see the car coming and… And I guess I blame me too. But it’s been a whole year. Isn’t there a statute of limitation on how long you can be angry at me?”

“Every time I think, maybe it’s time I let him off the hook, you open your mouth and I start wishing real hard that I’ll wake up in the morning and find you dead instead of her.” Morgan said unnervingly calmly.

“Wow, okay. I guess neither of us has been too well off, but Jesus Christ, Morgan… It’s been a whole year. You’re acting as if I drove over her myself.”

“Does Lisa even cross your mind? You know when Evangeline isn’t sucking your cock or whatever.”

“Not that she’s my favourite person right now, but say shit about Eva again. I dare you. I want you to do it.” Owen challenged him.

“I’m just saying, didn’t take you long to spread her legs and-” Owen punched Morgan square in the nose. Morgan went down on one knee, but didn’t retaliate. Morgan glared at Owen, who was trying his best to stop shaking.

“She broke up with me today, you know? Not saying I didn’t have it coming. And it could have ended better. But you don’t get to talk about her like that.” Owen said.

“And as it turns out, I couldn’t care less.” Morgan spat.

“You know what? I am sorry. Both for punching you in the face and for… Well, you know. I didn’t want to go to that stupid party anyway. I didn’t want to have that fight. And I dearly wish it was her here right now and not me. But I can’t change that. I can only say I’m sorry. If you want to hate me, that’s your choice. But it’s eventually going to stop mattering what you think of me. Then hating me is just going to be a waste of your time. Time you could have spent living the life she would have wanted for you.” Owen said. Morgan glared at him first, and then wiped blood off his face. He patted dirt off his trousers and got to his feet.

“You never had much of a right hook.” Morgan said.

“You’ve always had kind of a glass jaw.”

“You’re insufferable.”

“I’ll grow on you, just give it time.”

“Might take another decade.”

“I’m patient.”

Owen extended his hand half expecting Morgan to bat it away. But then, Morgan clasped it.

“I guess hating you is pretty exhausting.” Morgan sighed.

And with that, Owen could feel the rift between them closing up a little. It wasn’t perfect but it was the closest thing to friends they had been since Lisa died.

And Owen was willing to accept that.
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