Owen Cavalier (Inkitt Edition) Vampire/Werewolf

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Chapter 20: Drake

“Oh. Oh wow. This is awkward. We met last night.” Daveigh said.

“Daveigh Deadroses… I’d have dressed more formal if I knew you were coming… Alyssa, have I been looking for you… And I doubt I would have ever found you had you not been dragged into Limbo… I need a moment alone with my sister.” Drake smiled.

“No way.” Owen said.

“Not your decision.” Drake said. His baselard was in his hand, and Owen blinked only to find it lodged in his upper thigh. Morgan began to rush Drake but Drake flipped his palm and his baselard began twisting. “It seems that your very human friend needs immediate medical attention. Daveigh, I think you need to take these boys home…” Drake smiled.

“If you hurt Julie…”

“Juliet is fine. We had a lovely evening. I give you my word that I was nothing but a gentleman. Except on the kitchen table. She told me to be something else.” Drake smiled.

“I cannot fucking believe you….” Alyssa gritted her teeth.

“Spoken to Harry recently?” Drake asked. “Well, not in the last few weeks I imagine. His bar was a eyesore… I think painting the walls with his skull fragments made quite a difference. It’s really inviting now.”

“Go.” Alyssa hissed at Daveigh.

“We can’t just-…” Daveigh swallowed her words as the blade slowly pulled itself from Owen’s leg. Owen began to scream.

“Princess, we can go rough-housing later, but I need to have an emergency family meeting with my sister.” The baselard snapped back into Drake’s hand.

Daveigh dragged Owen out and Morgan followed.

“We’re alone.” Alyssa hissed.

“That we are. You feel like a game of truth or dare? I’ll go first. Truth.”

“Why are you here?” Alyssa said.

“To take you home.”

“You said truth.” Alyssa grimaced.

“And I told you the truth, maybe not all of it, but the truth nonetheless. Oh dear… I hope you weren’t planning on… Staying…? Oh my…” Drake laughed, and Alyssa was angry to the point of tears… “You were! Is it a boy?” Drake slyly smiled.

“You either shut up or kill me, because I hate the sound of your voice.”

“But you haven’t had your turn yet!” Drake grabbed his baselard… Alyssa saw the glint in his eye and she turned to run but he was in front of her aiming the blade at her throat… “I dare you to choke on your own blood.” She tried to scream from the pain but the blood in her throat didn’t allow her air and the pain was unimaginable, it made her cry. She fainted standing up and he caught her before she fell…

“I’ve come to ruin you, Alyssa.” 

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