Owen Cavalier (Inkitt Edition) Vampire/Werewolf

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Chapter 28: The Call

“Everything is going to be okay.”

Alyssa opened her eyes. She didn’t know where she was. She felt dirt cling to her skin, and her head throbbed. Everything was blurry. Her lips tasted of blood. She felt like vomiting, but it was as if there was just nothing that could come up. Things cleared up a bit. He was on the floor. She figured that much.

His boot collided with her face again.

Now she just cried. Her throat was sore from screaming and she couldn’t utter more than a weak whimper. Her nose was broken. Again. She couldn’t breathe properly. Everything hurt now.

Drake grabbed her by her hair. The pink was fading. Her hazel roots were showing. She wondered which strands were getting ripped out as he hauled her to her feet.

He stopped.

Her face hit the floor as he let her go to answer a phone call. It looked important. He threw it across the room when he was done. Drake seemed angrier than usual. He stormed out.

Alyssa felt her breathing become normal again. She cried a little bit. The worst was that he made her feel like she deserved it. Maybe she did. She couldn’t help but feel like she deserved it at least in part. She let Michael in. It was her fault.

The phone beeped.

Her eyes widened, and her head throbbed but she crawled, something must have been broken because she couldn’t stand but she crawled and crawled and the phone was so far away and and-

The door slammed shut. She clenched on her teeth at how angry and sad and frustrated she was. She began violently sobbing. She knew he was coming. He was going to laugh and then hurt her. She hated him. Maybe she could cut her own heart out so he wouldn’t have the pleasure. She laughed bitterly at the thought. She could only imagine his face as she got the last laugh. She crawled slowly to the phone. Maybe she could take the screen out, or something. Maybe then she could slit his throat for once. His face would be priceless. His face would be…

Her hand touched it.

Why was he letting her get to it? She felt the cracks on its surface.

She pressed the lock button.

The phone feebly responded. There was no lock screen. It wasn’t very high end. It lagged in its responses.

But it responded.

It dawned upon Alyssa that he may have actually slipped up. She started frantically typing a number. She didn’t know who she was dialing until… Owen’s last two digits. She couldn’t remember the last two digits of his number…. Was it six three or three six?

She tried her luck. Three six.

It rang.

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