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Chapter 33: Lost Memories

Daveigh opened the door. A handsome stranger stood there, blond hair, blue eyes… He wore skin tight jeans and a sleeveless shirt. Blue markings covered his arms. She momentarily forgot that Owen was at her house. There was someone else behind him. He had blue green hair, and his lip was pierced. He had these green rings tattooed around his arms, and she had to admit that it looked pretty.

“Hello, is Daveigh Deadroses home?” The blond one said. The other was noticeably quiet.

“You’re speaking to her.”

“Oh, dear, I didn’t even recognise you, you’ve become so beautiful. Do you know who I am?” He said it almost mockingly.

“No, I’m afraid I don’t.”

“Ah, too bad. We have met before.”

“Well I sincerely don’t remember you. So tell me who you are, how you found me and what you want before I dig my thumbs into your eye sockets.” She smiled. The stranger was a bit taken back.

“I’m not sure how to respond.”

“You definitely aren’t human. You’re something else entirely.”

“My name is Michael. The gentleman behind me is Matthew.”

“I really don’t care. Start telling me something I care about.”

“It’s a long story, may I come in?”

“No.” Daveigh shouted back into the lounge. “Peppers? There’s a trespasser out here. Could you come rearrange his spine for me?” Daveigh tilted her head, and Michael took a step back. Matthew got a mean look on his face, and Michael turned to him and made him stand down with a hand gesture. Peppers stood behind Daveigh. His eyes were red and menacing. He looked at Michael with utter contempt.

“Hey, Malachi. You’re looking good.”

“Michael.” Peppers reluctantly said.

“You know him? How don’t I know who this is? Peppers, explain.” Daveigh was angry. Owen came as well. He couldn’t see past Pepper’s huge frame.

“Owen, it’s best that you go home for now. Daveigh and I have a personal matter to attend to.” Peppers smiled. “I hope you’ll excuse my rudeness, but this specific surprise guest is one I don’t want you mixing with.”

“Okay.” Owen said. He glared at Michael. Daveigh caught him by the arm.

“Wait, just… Wait.” She said. “I honestly don’t know what’s going on but I’ll call you in a bit, okay? Then we can finish up. I love you.” She smiled, and kissed him softly. Michael was grinding his teeth. Peppers was actually smiling. Michael knew he was enjoying his discomfort.

“Okay Daves. Love you.” Owen smiled.

They all entered after Owen left. Daveigh sat down on the couch, and the boys both took a seat.

“Can I bring snacks? Does anyone want anything to drink?”

“I suddenly feel a little sick, nothing for me.” Michael said, and Peppers revelled in his anger.

“Tea for me, please.” Matthew said.

“I hate him. ‘Daves’ is a horrible nickname. He’s so scrawny. And his hair is stupid.”

“Are you jealous? I’m sorry, who the fuck are you? I am seconds away from punching you in the face.”

“He’s your ex, and the reason your parents are dead, when he works up the nerve to say it himself. I don’t even know why I’m here.” Matthew said.

“What do you mean he was the reason they died? My parents died in an accident.”

“I’m sorry.” Michael said.

“You’re sorry? You show up at my door, a complete stranger, claiming to know me, to have dated me and you’re starting to piss me off by talking about my parents… I don’t know the first thing about you. I kind of want you to get the fuck out of my house, actually.”

“Language, dear.” Peppers said, bringing back tea.

“Peppers, I swear to fuck...” She glared at him.

“Michael, why did you come back?” Peppers asked.

“I can protect her now. Just let me do it Malachi.” Michael said.

“No. You know what you agreed to.” Peppers glared at him.

“That’s not fair.” Michael gritted his teeth.

“The both of you better stop making my decisions. And both of you better stop hiding stuff from me.”

“Malachi.” Michael glared. “She has a right to know.”

“Then you shouldn’t have made her forget in the first place.”

“I am literally right here.” She said.

“Yes, you are. If I told you there was a way for to know everything, would you do it despite the consequences?” Michael didn’t take his eyes off Peppers.

“Of course, why on earth would I not want to know what happened to my parents?” Daveigh said.

“You told me to get out of your house.”

“Then get out.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Then just do what you need to do because I am not happy.”

Michael stood up, and Peppers threw one last glare at him. Daveigh didn’t take her eyes off him. He went down on one knee, and cupped her cheek. He whispered a word to her. She didn’t blink. Her gaze went blank. Michael looked her in the eyes.

“Michael.” She said. He smiled. A tear ran down her cheek. Michael kissed her.

Daveigh hit him as hard as she possibly could. She felt his ribcage cave in as her fist collided with his chest.

“Why are you here?” She just stared at him. She couldn’t stop crying. Peppers put a hand on her shoulder.

“I promised I’d come back, didn’t I? Daveigh, I will never, have never stopped loving you. Soul mates, right?”

“How am I supposed to feel? I have a boyfriend, Michael. And that ‘I barely recognise you’ thing was so fucking lame, you knew exactly who I was.”

“I think that’s worse news for me than for you.”

“You’re so selfish. So incredibly selfish. This was more than a year ago… I think? I don’t even know. What is today? I’m so confused.”

“Daveigh, I know you have feelings for me. I know you didn’t remember me, but you had to feel like something was missing.”

“I have a life here, Michael. Someone I love. He’s an idiot, but I love him. And I nearly lost him. So what you’re going to do is leave. Leave my house. And never come back. Because all you’re doing right now is being a home wrecker.”


“Love doesn’t work that way, okay? You can’t just leave someone, and come back when it’s bloody well convenient for you just to come fuck up everything they have with someone else. No. Michael…”

“You said forever.”

“That was before you actually took my memories and ran away.”

“I had to run.”

“And even worse… Michael, I met Drake St. Claire.”

“I can take him.”

“You don’t even understand how angry he is. How broken he is. You ruined his life.”

“Daveigh, that is not fair.”

“And because of you, that lunatic nearly killed Owen.”

“Are you actually blaming me for what he did? St. Claire was always a cold blooded psychopath. I was under orders. I did the world a favour. I killed him for the greater good.”

“You did a really crummy job of it, considering how not fucking dead he is right now! He terrifies me, Michael. And he should terrify you. You need to leave. I’m going to forget you ever came here. I’m going to live out my life. And you’re going to leave this town.”

“I came back for you. I’m not leaving.”

“Get out.” Daveigh stood up.


“Get. Out. And don’t kiss me and get out, just leave forever.”


“Get the fuck out of my house!”

Michael sighed and nodded. He shoved his hands into his pockets. Matthew, who sat quietly through the whole ordeal, stood up and bowed.

“Please excuse him. What happened with the St. Claire’s was a difficult situation. We have upset you and I apologise on our behalf. You have a beautiful home, if I may add… Thank you for the tea, and I apologise again.”

“Please leave.” She coldly said.

“Of course.” Matthew responded.

He cupped Michael on the shoulder and they made their way to the door. Michael paused before he left.

“No. No, Daveigh.” He turned around. “Not only will I wait for you, forever, I’ll never give up on you. By the end of the week…” He then had a serious glare in his eyes.

“Drake St. Claire won’t ever be a problem.”

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