Owen Cavalier (Inkitt Edition) Vampire/Werewolf

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Chapter 4: The Kids Aren’t Alright

After Owen and Morgan’s short-lived scuffle at the grave, the two of them returned to Morgan’s house. Upstairs, Morgan fished out a bottle of tequila left over from some party they’d attended during the course of the year that he’d stored for… Well, whenever it felt appropriate. After a large swig, Owen attempted sitting upright. He felt really lightheaded. He found himself to be really unsteady on Morgan’s bed.

“Lightweight.” Morgan teased

“I miss her.” Owen mumbled.

“Already? It hasn’t been a full day since you and Evangeline broke up.”

“Not her. Lisa. Remember the first time the three of us got drunk?”

“Yeah.” Morgan whispered.

“I know she said it was her older brother’s whiskey but knowing her she could have charmed it off anyone. First time she kissed me. You dared her to do something completely crazy. Never forgot it.”

“You’ve told me before.”

“I really don’t know why she kissed me.”

“I do.”


“She liked you and she was drunk.”

“Why me though?”

“You were all the things she wanted.”

“Socially challenged and perpetually self-aggrandizing?”

“Free. Far from the worst parts of her life, you know? Remember how she hated her dad? How they argued about university and how much they screamed at each other? Then her mom walked out. And her dad became a drunk. Then you came in. And you made her laugh. You made her smile. You guys had chemistry, and you talked, you had good times, and you had this fairy tale romance. She forgot how miserable life was trying to make her be when she was with you. Sometimes I was a little jealous. Zoe and I were never that close.” Morgan half-smiled.

“Eva and I weren’t that close either..”

There was a knock on the door.

“It’s for you, Morgan. Says she needs a favour.” Morgan’s mother called up.

“Friend? Is she a cute friend?” Owen teased.

“I… Uhm…”

“I should stick around. You never tell me about your friends, Morgan.”

“That’s a really bad idea. You need to go.” Morgan said, suddenly nervous.

A girl walked into Morgan’s room. She had bright pink hair and soft hazel eyes. Morgan’s eyes were wide, and Owen shot Morgan a smug smile.

“Morgan, you should introduce me to more of your friends.” Owen said.

“It’s a little early in the day, isn’t it?” She said. Morgan remained silent. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell. I actually just came to ask Morgan something.”

“You can come back later.” Morgan spat at the girl.

“Aww… Afraid I might give away your little secret? I won’t say anything, I promise. I’m actually really good at keeping secrets. Anyway, I have vermin I need myself rid of. Think you can help me out?”

“Sure he will!” Owen said, putting his arm around Morgan. “He’d be happy to, right Morgan?” Owen glared at him.

“Fine, whatever.” Morgan sighed. “Sorry, but can we do this later? My friend here isn’t sober enough and I’d rather this stay between you and me.” He rolled his eyes.

The girl playfully smiled. “Of course… How about I drive our little man home? Least I can do in return.” The girl smiled. “And then we can talk business.”

“I’m sober enough to tell you I am not little in any way!” Owen said indignantly.

“But you’re too drunk to convince anyone. Come on, we can even stop for a happy meal.” The girl laughed.

“Morgan, I don’t like your friends anymore.” He reluctantly got up, and nearly tripped as he did.

Morgan helped Owen to the door. The girl held the door open and there was an old man, dressed in a white suit with an unnaturally white cowboy hat. Owen gave him a drunken smile, but the girl panicked.

“Alyssa St. Claire, well I’ll be damned. This neck of the woods is a bit far from home, don’t ’cha think? If you boys don’t mind, I’ll be taking that filthy whore back with me.” The man said with a southern drawl. Alyssa’s eyes widened as she recognised him from the bar and then Morgan tried tossing Owen back inside but then a giant fist closed around all three of them. The old man was no longer there and a monstrous creature with six arms and large horns and teeth and demonic eyes stood, almost smiling… Morgan muttered something and Alyssa was squirming.

Owen closed his eyes.

And then…

He suddenly wasn’t in front of Morgan’s house anymore.

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