Owen Cavalier (Inkitt Edition) Vampire/Werewolf

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Chapter 42: An Orphan Twice

The next day, they’d decided.

Owen flattened his palm. The compass appeared again. Daveigh kissed him on the cheek. They started following it.

“Can you do it yet?”




“Like… This.” Daveigh disappeared and then she was on the other side of Owen.

“I did it yesterday. When I got angry. Just ran until I found something I could throw at Michael.”

“Oh? Show me.”

Owen disappeared. He reappeared behind Daveigh.

“Nice. Okay, can you do it and check where you’re going?”

“I can try.”

“I’ll follow you then.”

They started. It was weird. Owen was running normally, but… It was like the world was moving below his feet. They were past the school, past Owen’s house… Owen looked at the compass.

And then stopped.

He was in the graveyard. It was empty, and Drake stood there with Julie. They were holding hands, looking at a certain tombstone.

“Drake.” Owen said.

“Julie…” Daveigh said.

They looked over, and smiled.

“Our grandparents are buried here.” Julie smiled.

“Yeah.” Daveigh said.

“You buried your father here, right, Owen?” Julie said.

“Yeah.” Owen nodded.

“My dad is dead. Or my biological dad is. My stepfather is dead to me.” Julie said.

“You shouldn’t discard family.” Owen said.

“Some people should just not be in your life, you know?” She smiled.

“Drake. Are you going to fight him?” Owen asked.

“I guess I am.” He said.

“Then I have to stop you.” Owen said.

“Why?” He asked.

“Because I think you’re going to die.”


“And I won’t let you die.” Owen said.

“That’s funny.” Drake said. “To be honest, all my closest friends are here.”

“Don’t.” Owen said. “Let’s just end it. All the hatred, and violence. You said you were tired. So stop. You said your wife saw the best in you. Brought the best out of you. Why don’t you honour that by being the better man?”

“Because I am not the better man.”

“No, you are not. You stabbed me. I’m what I am because of you. And you owe your sister so much happiness… You stole so much from her. And you won’t die until you give back every moment you made her lose.” Owen said.

“She deserves much better than me. And I can’t undo the pain I caused her… But I can punch Michael’s fucking face in for taking so much from me, and if I can just take a little bit from him…” Drake shoved his hands into his pockets. He immediately shifted his attention to the cemetery gates.

“Then I will laugh as I rot in hell.” He smiled.

The gates opened, and Michael stood there. He looked at them all.

“I’m afraid my invitation to this party got lost in the mail.”

“Michael…” Drake said.

“You want this, I want this. Drake, how about I cut your head off quickly and clean so that we can get this day over with?”

“Michael, please. Stop.” Daveigh said.

“Daveigh, shut up.” He glared.

“I might just kill you.” Owen said.

Michael spread his wings, and Owen readied himself, but then his right arm was no longer attached and Michael was behind him. Michael pressed his hand flat on Owen’s back, and Owen felt pain like never before, he started bleeding from his eyes, and Michael pushed Daveigh hard. She hit her head against a tombstone. Michael broke Owen’s neck, and kicked his body down. A hand grabbed his ankle, and then another came from shadows in the ground and a palm collided with Michael’s knee cap. His leg caved in, and he fell to the floor. Drake appeared above Michael, and stomped on his ribcage. Michael screamed and coughed up blood. Michael lifted an arm and Drake grabbed it, and ripped it clean from its socket. He grabbed the other arm and kicked Michael’s elbow, making the arm cave inwards. Michael screamed, and tried to put his wings back, and Drake smiled, and his baselard was in his hands. He slit Michael’s throat and then grabbed both wings. He ripped them out clean. Blood sprayed across Drake’s face. Drake smiled cruelly. Michael then smiled smugly, and his eyes lit up. Drake used the shadows, and the spot where his head was, was lit up with light. Drake touched his throat. Michael sat upright, and the light turned into a spear. It hit Julie in the stomach, and she collapsed. She fell to her knees.

“No! NO!” Drake bellowed.

He caught her before she fell. Julie’s eyes lit up, and there it was. Drake felt everything move slowly. First, the skin parted. Then blood sprayed. Then it hit his trachea. It stopped there, this time. Michael grabbed Drake by his hair. He pulled Drake backwards. Drake coughed blood, and his neck re-attached itself frantically. The spear was back in Michael’s hand. It turned into a sword, and Michael cut off Drake’s arms first. He removed Drake’s leg’s next. He stabbed the sword into Drake’s stomach.

He walked over to his arm and wings. He re-attached his arm first, and then his wings. Drake watched him disappear.

He re-appeared with Matthew.

“Heal the witch. The vampires should come to in a moment.” He barked. Matthew’s eyes lit up with a green light, and the green circles on his arms glowed. He put her broken flesh and organs back together.

Daveigh came to first. She watched Matthew sit Julie upright, but she was unconscious. Owen was breathing, but the pain must have overwhelmed him. She heard his neck painfully snap back into place. But he was smiling. His hand went to his pocket.

“So here it is.” Michael said. He went back to Drake. He pulled the sword out. “Know what this is made of? Light. Just an angel’s light. Beautiful weapon. It obeys only me. Guess which angel this light belongs to?”

“You’re fucking sick.” Drake spat blood.

“Yes, your dear dead wife. Oh, St. Claire… You can’t imagine how long I’ve waited to do this! I really loved the way your head rolled off the first time.”

“Michael, enough.” Matthew said.

“No! He deserves this! He needs to fucking die!”

“Are you going to make that girl an orphan twice?”

Michael stopped.

“You should not have said that.” Michael’s eyes darkened. He turned. “Why did you say that? You should have just shut up.”

“No. It’s enough. It ends now.” Matthew said.

“Who the hell do you think you are…?” Michael dragged Drake by his hair, and sat him upright next to a grave. “Well, the secret is out now! I never killed your daughter.” Michael said. He looked Drake in the eyes.

“I splashed some blood across the room, and took the baby away. Not that it helped. I got to the rendezvous point, and it was an ambush. Demon scum took my cousin’s baby, and I’ve been searching for her for nineteen years! I should have killed her, I mean… It’s better than letting your kind have her.”

Michael punched Drake square in the face. Drake’s nose collapsed with a sickening crack under his fist and blood spattered on Michael’s arm.

“And then two years ago, I meet the love of my life. And another piece of shit I didn’t kill, Topher, the bastard sends a fucking army of vamps after Daveigh and I.”

Michael took a few steps back.

“I mean… Beautiful, right? Demons. You kill, and kill, and it’s never enough! She knew it was fucking coming! Delilah wanted me to kill her! She smiled as I slit her throat. It was fucked up. They made me kill my own cousin.” Drake stared off into the distance. He was numb now. “They let a demon fuck my cousin until she was one of your filthy demon whores then made me kill her. And I am never, ever going to forgive you or them.”

A katana was lodged in Michael’s neck before he could even turn to see who it was. “Then die.” A voice said.

In one fluid motion, Alyssa removed the blade, grabbed Michael’s wings and cut them off. Michael screamed, and Alyssa broke his neck.

She pushed his body aside and ran towards Drake’s limbs. She scrambled them together and started putting him together. Owen got onto his feet. Daveigh helped him up.

“I’m so fucking glad you checked your phone.” Owen smiled.

“What would you do without me?” She smiled. Daveigh scowled but attempted to hide her discomfort. Drake got back up on his feet.

“Matthew?” He said.

“Yeah.” Matthew answered.

“Riley’s alive?”

“As far as we know. Last we heard, she was in North City. We never followed the lead, because we found you first. Lilith has her.”

“That… I mean… That… Why are you with him, why did you stick with Michael? It doesn’t matter, I don’t know and I don’t care and I just want to see my daughter again…” Drake mumbled… He started crying. Alyssa looked at him.

“Little Riley’s alive…” She said in awe…

“Hey, ’Lyssa.” Matthew smiled.

“Hey, Matty.” She smiled.

“You look amazing.” He said.

“You too. I love the tats. I was scared you died, I haven’t really heard from you.”

“Nope. About two years ago, Michael and I started chasing you.”


“You started running about then.”


“We thought it was from us… Boy, were we wrong… I thought we could catch up to you. I thought I could save you. I thought we could catch Drake. Seems like things are different now.”

Drake went over to Julie. She looked like she was asleep, and he touched her face. She stirred a bit.



“Bet you never thought your wife would penetrate me.”

“I actually freaking hate you.” Drake cupped her cheek.

Owen looked around. Michael wasn’t there. The baselard went straight for Drake’s head. Matthew’s eyes glowed green and his arm bulged, suddenly it was twice its side and it was covered in hide… The rest of him soon changed. The blade impaled itself in his forearm. A minotaur stood where Matthew did. It was large, and black. His clothes seemed to stretch to fit it.

“Enough!” The booming voice said. It took everyone a while to figure out it was Matthew’s. “Michael! It’s over!” Michael stood at the gate.

“Hello, Michael.” Alyssa said uneasily.


“I can’t believe you’re still an asshat.”

“And you’re still a demon whore.”

“For someone who just had my shaft stuck in them you have an awfully warped idea of which one of us is the whore.”

Drake grabbed his baselard from Matthew’s arm.

“It’s over, Michael.” Drake said.

“Come over here and say that.” He smiled.

“No.” Drake said, and lowered the blade. He looked angry for a second, then sighed heavily. “Thank you.” He said through gritted teeth.


“Thank you for not killing Riley.” He said.

“I didn’t do it for you, filth.”


“Whatever.” Michael said. “Thought we were here for a fight.”

“I’m sick of fighting.”

“Turns out your shitstain of a sister is better at it than you.”

“It turns out that some part of you isn’t a death worshipping piece of garbage. Dee wouldn’t want this.”

“Don’t you dare call her that… Next time I see you, I am going to take you apart piece by piece then mail your head to your daughter..”

“Next time, you better take it off for good.” Drake said.

“So you found your whore, Matty. This is where we part ways. Kinda sad. I’m going to miss running with you.”

“It doesn’t have to be this way Michael.” Matthew said.

“It does. I am a fallen angel. And I work best alone. Have a good life, hope you aren’t sour about the whole nearly killing you thing.”

“I’m not that easily offended. As the closest thing to a friend you have… Stay out of trouble.”

Michael disappeared. Drake smiled. He looked over at Alyssa.

“I’m not going to try and apologise for what I did to you but… If I knew Riley was still alive…”

“I should make you kneel in front of me for what you fucking did. But Hell must first freeze over before I’m going to sink to your fucking level. I am never going to forgive you.” She gave her brother a glare. He looked back into her eyes, not wavering for a second. Then he kneeled in front of her.

“Take my head off. You deserve that much. I’m not a good person. I’ll hurt kill a lot more people before I’m done.”

“What you’re going to do is go find Riley. And tell her that her aunt Alyssa loves her very much. I can’t ever forgive you. But I will personally take your head off if my niece has a father like I did. You better go over to North City and be the best goddamn dad in the whole wide world, or I will do so much worse to you than what you’ve ever done to me. Find my niece.”

“I will.”



“I hope your dick falls into your cereal and you choke on it.” Alyssa said.

“I don’t know if I’ll be better than Donovan.”

“You don’t have a choice anymore.”

Alyssa walked over to Owen. Drake marvelled at her, suddenly feeling the weight of his own actions… And something else. A warmth. A light. Something that drove him to want to become something better. Julie smiled at him… But he looked at Owen… And he knew that there was one thing not very many had, that Owen did… His respect.

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