Owen Cavalier (Inkitt Edition) Vampire/Werewolf

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Chapter 46: What Happened

“I’m kinda sorta a little bit not really in love with you…” Daveigh mumbled.

They were in the coffee house a bit of a walk from the school. Owen looked at her, utterly amused.

“Oh really?” He smiled.





“No, say it back.”

“Why? It’s more fun keeping you on edge.” He laughed.

“I changed my mind, I hate you.”

“You can’t unsay it, sorry.”

“I take it back. Clearly I was delusional.”

“Oh dear.”

“Why do I even date you?” Daveigh pouted.

“My charm and charisma?”

“Try again.”

“My dashing good looks and winning personality?”

“No, no.”

“Because I love you and you’re the most incredible person I know?”

“Warmer. Getting warmer.” She smiled.

“And if I guess right?”

“Maybe I’ll let you make me dinner.”

“Is there a bonus round where I get to take you to a film as well?”

“There you did it again! Just say movie! Not motion picture, not film, movie. But you might get to… If you remember my middle names.”

“You told me like once. That’s unfair. I bet you don’t even know my middle name.”

“One starts with an ‘E’ and one with an ‘A’.”

“Elizabeth Alexandra?”

“Alexandria. You lose, Owen Alfred Cavalier.” She said emphasizing every syllable of his name.

“I was off by one letter. How do you even know my middle name? I’ve never told you. I doubt I’ve ever told anyone. You can’t seriously just know my middle name without me even mentioning it to anyone.”

“Guess it’s you and your hand tonight, Alfred. Your mom wrote it on the tag of sweatshirt. That was lying on my floor.” She smiled smugly.

“No fair. I invoke the sudden death rule.”

“Nope. Better luck next time.” She said.

“One letter. Give me like a mulligan.”


“Okay, if I buy you a chai spice latte now and grovel, can I take you out on a date tonight?”


“No fair, one letter.”

“And I will never let you forget that, Alfred.”

“Hey, just… Listen… You still haven’t told me.”

“Oh God, here it is. The reason you asked me to come.”

“What happened with Michael though? I mean, if you don’t want to tell me…”

“No, I do… It’s just a bit of a mess… Uhm…” She bit her lip. “You sure you want to hear this?”

“I do.”

“Sure sure?”


“I met Michael in Mercury City. I fell completely in love with him. Like… I was crazy about him. And he told me about his past, what he did… I didn’t care though. I should have though. Because he had a hit out on him from a demon named Topher. I was with my parents and Peppers one night, and then a group of vampires broke in, torched most of the place and started killing my parents. Topher was there that night. And he killed my dad in front of my mom. Then killed my mom in front of Peppers. But me? He had some vampire freak turn me. He thought he’d make me hate Michael. Peppers blames Michael for everything. Michael had someone who owed him a favour and he erased my memory. Well.. Blocked it more like. I didn’t hate him. I still kinda don’t. I’m just confused… He wasn’t the type of person to hurt anyone, at least not with me.”

“I think you were the reason he didn’t hurt people.”

“Maybe… Doesn’t make me feel less confused, or hurt…”

“I’m sorry.”

“He was my first, Michael.”


“But you know something?”


“He won’t ever be my best.” Daveigh smiled. “So Alfred, that coffee?”

Owen stood up to get it, and Daveigh caught him by the hand. She cupped his cheek with her hand, and kissed him.

Owen smiled and went to the counter.

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