Owen Cavalier (Inkitt Edition) Vampire/Werewolf

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Chapter 7: In Limbo

Morgan frantically scribbled on the floor. Alyssa was fading in and out of consciousness, and Owen felt a lot more sober.

“So, who’s explaining this to me when we get back?” Owen said, nursing his temples.

“Be happy to if we get to live. Haven’t been sought out like this in a long time. This is why I hate demons.” Morgan grumbled.

“What are you even doing, Morgan?” Owen glared in disbelief.

Morgan stopped for a moment to ponder. He looked like he was about to give an explanation, but instead continued and said, “I’ll tell you when I’m done.”

“I swear to God… Can I even say that? Does he exist? Or should I be… I don’t know. Man. This is a lot. Morgan, I’m never getting drunk with you again. I mean it. Bad shit goes down.” Alyssa stirred and sat up straight. Owen sat down in exasperation.

“Can’t say I don’t know how to party.”

“I feel like I’ve been roofied and I just woke up in someone’s creepy basement. Where even are we, Morgan?”

“Limbo, the world between worlds. And I’m okay, thanks for asking.” Alyssa said.

“Neither of us cares.” Morgan spat out.

“I care a little.” Owen sheepishly said.

“Thank you, stranger. How come you’re so bitter Morgan? Who hurt you?”

“Owen, stop caring.”

“No. Cute girls are the only reason we have to not succumb to nihilism, Morgan, and I shall always care about their wellbeing.” Owen joked.

“I like him.” Alyssa laughed.

Morgan sighed. “Let’s just get out of here.”

A huge booming voice sounded out. Alyssa turned pale and Owen suddenly wanted to puke. It was demonic and cruel.

“Alyssa, welcome to your new hell, I’m going to enjoy fucking the new holes I’m gonna make in you…”

Alyssa’s eyes turned black, then her skin lost its colour and a black halo appeared above her head. Black wings sprouted from her back, with giant red eyes scanning in every direction. She waited. The voice said nothing further. A crack opened below her and she stumbled back. Hands poured out of the crack in front of the three of them, and then horns, then demonic red eyes with slit pupils… It had fangs and tusks… It stood on two goat-like legs… But it smiled… A large penis hung loosely. Alyssa felt her palms sweating. A fiery crown appeared above its head and then blood dripped from Alyssa’s eyes and nose on to the ground. It howled and then Alyssa soared high up before the pain overtook her.

“Fuck, he has gigantic dick.” Owen said.

She brought a loud kick down on the older demon but it laughed it off and grabbed Alyssa with two of its arms. It laughed as it started tearing off her shirt. Alyssa screamed and suddenly a large rock hit the demon in the eye. It dropped Alyssa in its rage and blinked and she was gone.

It stared silently and ominously, rage building in its eyes and veins stood out on its face...

Owen smirked.

“Listen, ugly but gifted. You’re lucky I’m drunk. Imagine what I would have hit sober. If you lay another hand on her, I’m personally going to fuck you. I will rip your gigantic dick off and fuck you with it.” Owen taunted.

“Cheeky little monkey.” It snarled

Owen tossed another rock at the monster but it caught it this time. Alyssa flashed into the fight and wrenched one arm back and aimed a fist at the joint. The demon howled and Alyssa was gone as it reached for the air where she had just been and she was behind him, ripping off the arm she had broken, and it released a piercing shriek. Morgan finished his giant sigil. He tapped his arm and suddenly sigils glowed on his skin. He was fast and he ripped another arm off. However the demon grabbed Morgan and kicked his knee in. Morgan screamed in agony and Alyssa flashed into the fight and pulled him out of harm’s way. Morgan tapped the giant confusing and complex pattern below them and it glowed. Alyssa was gone once more, and then she ripped the demon’s legs out from under him. She was back in an instant and then they were gone.

The demon roared for the prey that just escaped.

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