Owen Cavalier (Inkitt Edition) Vampire/Werewolf

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Chapter 9: Hello Juliet

Daveigh and Peppers arrived at the childhood home of Ophelia Deadroses. The two looked at the occupied driveway and lights.

“Someone lives here.” Daveigh said.

“Noted. The house is in great shape. What now?” Peppers asked Daveigh.

“This used to be her house. I guess I just want to see what it was like. I was sort of hoping I could live here. Where Mom used to.”

“Well, let’s meet the new inhabitants.” Peppers said.

Daveigh knocked on the door. The house was far out of town. It was old, but had a very comforting feel to it, a house that was made to be lived in until you died, a home. She felt her heart in her stomach as she waited for the owner to open the door. She heard footsteps coming from inside the house. A girl opened the door; she looked a few years older than Daveigh, but had a similar face. Daveigh noted that they had the same beauty mark. Then she recognised the face. Peppers spoke first.

“Juliet Andrews. I saw you last when you were nothing but a little thing I could toss around.”

“Jules! What are you doing here? Oh my God, I thought it would be some stranger!” Daveigh laughed.

“Mr Beaumont! Daviegh! You little twit, you had us all worried! I thought you were dead! I’m so sorry about your mother...” Julie said and hugged her cousin.

“It’s okay.” Daveigh swallowed back tears.

“Well, I live here alone now. My mother joined a coven up in the city with my sisters and I hate coven life. I used to live with them in Mercury City but Aunt Ophelia left me this house. Just me. Well, it was supposed to be yours but if you weren’t around to receive it... Well, that doesn’t matter now, if you don’t have other plans... The house is pretty quiet... You guys could stay with me.” Julie said sheepishly.

“That would be amazing Jules!”

“Come in, let me help you guys with your things... Last people I expected.”

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