My Guardian Reaper (Watashi no gādian shinigami)

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My Guardian Reaper\Watashi no gādian shinigami (私のガーディアン死神) is a story about a slaved boy that his guardian angel left him behind. One day a grim reaper saved him from his Death, saying that if he accept the agreement then the grim reaper will become his guardian angel\reaper. Almost all his wishes will be granted and every granted wishes have a price.

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Chapter 1: Die Or Live ?

3rd Person’s Pov

“Tell Me Did You Came Here To Kill Me ?” The Boy Said and someone Laugh at his back and said “Poor boy, are you tired of living ?“.

“I’m Sick Of This World. No One Loves Me Any More” The Boy Said

“To Think Of It Your Guardian Angel Left You” The Grim Reaper Reply

Don’t tell a fantasy story I’m not fan of it.” The Boy Said

“No its not a fantasy its real.” The Grim Reaper Reply

The Boy Turn Around To See The Grim Reaper. After Turning Around His First Noticed Is The Scythe

“What you gonna do with your scythe ?” The Boy Said

The Grim Reaper Smiled Evilly.

Boy’s Pov

- After 3 Months -

“Good Morning Master” My Servant Said To Me

I Woke Up On This Bed.

I’m living good life now. I’m become rich because of that grim reaper.

“Your Meal Is Ready Master” My Servant Said

I went to the dinning room with my servant. While we are walking it went to my mind that with her I got everything I wanted. I even had a car, mansion and other expensive stuff. After I’m done eating I went to my car and I also had a driver. While my driver is driving I thought of something about what I said to “her” in the past.

-The Past-

“You’re Lucky Actually Because You Can See Me And You Can Summon Me Anytime You Want.“The Grim Reaper Said.

“What Do You Mean “Summon You” ?. I don’t recall summoning you.” I said because I really don’t recall summoning her. She Replied “You call for help Do you remember ?”

- From earlier -
I Was tortured by the 3 man and I can’t feel anything because I get use of it. Being Punch With No Reason. Being Slap if you don’t follow them. I think I was born with no freedom. I closed my eyes and I’m ready to die here.

“Do you need some help ?“.

I heard a voice. I opened my eyes and said “Who ever you are, if you are willing to help me then help me !”

“What is he saying ?” the man in the left said

“Shut up ! there’s no one will help you stupid brat” the man in the middle said and he continues to kick me. Suddenly from the window in the top of me broke and a girl appeared.

“Well, I’m not willing to help you but I willing to have agreement with you” The Girl Said.

“Shit ! Boss She Had A Scythe” the man in the right said and the man in the middle punch that man in the head and said “Don’t be afraid it just a scythe and we have a guns”

“Agreement ? Sure, But First Finish The 3 Man In front Of Me They Just Disgust Me” I said to that girl. The Man on the left turn around to face me.

“You brat, I’m gonna punch you in the face” he shouted and he almost punch me but the middle man stop him and said “Don’t, Let’s Focus On That Girl because She interrupted us also she also had a weapon”

The man on the left turn around to face the girl and said “Hey, Why are you here?. Are you here because you goanna save this trash?“.

She Look At Me And Smiled.

“Hey, I don’t know who the heck you are. This brat is ours and if you interfere then we will kill you along with this brat but if you run away we won’t kill you” The Middle Man Said

“Now, now let’s be friends” She Said To That 3 Man With A Big Smile. She Run Very Fast To Strike The 3 Man With Her Scythe. The 3 Man Tried To Shoot Her But She’s To Fast To Aimed at.

“Boss ! She’s To Fast I can’t get a clear shot” The Man on the left said and the middle man tried to speak but its to late. they both sliced in half by the girl. I’m truly impressed and someone pointed a gun at me and said to the girl “Don’t get close or this brat will die”. I can tell this man is scared on that girl because she is shaking so hard.

“Excuse me, Sir how can you kill that boy ?” she kindly said to that man and she showed a hand with a gun. and the man looked his hand but his hand was missing. I did not notice that she cut the man hand. The Man Scream in pain !

“What are you, you’re not a human” the man said to that girl. I also agree with him she might not be a human at all. while the man on pain she just smiling there

“Are you gonna answer the man question ?” I said

“Sorry, But I can’t tell right now” she said

“Why’s that ?” I Said

She Did Not Answer My Question.

- Past -
“I remember, what’s the agreement about” I said

“Since you were born you have 100 years to lived. Now, I’m here to have an agreement with you if you accept are agreement almost all your wishes will be granted. But every granted wishes have a price” she said

“That seems interesting what will be the price ?” I said

“If your wish been granted then your life time will be decreased by 1 year. but if the wish is not granted then your life time will not decreased it remained the same” she said.

“What if you all the years have been consumed, what will happened ?” I said

“You’re body will die and your soul will be harvested by me, and sent it to my castle” she said

“Mmm... to think of it. It’s better to die when your wished are granted or die with nothing, I don’t recall having a castle in our country except the queen castle and I know your not the queen” I said

“Well, My Castle is on hell. If you want me to take you there I’m honor to take you there ” She Said That with an evil looking eyes.

“If you trying to scared me it’s not working” I said and looked the man who got his hand cut off.

“He died from blood lost and until now you didn’t answer his question” I said to her slowly because Somehow I felt sad to the guy.

“Is this your plan ? waiting to him to die so you will not answer his question ?” I shouted to her.

“Do you accept the agreement ?” She looks serious about saying that.

I’m thinking if I accept the agreement or disagree.

“If you won’t talk then you are just wasting my time” she said and she tried to leave but I stopped her and I agreed to her agreement.

“Now, I agreed to your agreement then answer my question” I said, she bow to me like I’m her God

“Yes, what is your question my master ?” she said

“Who are you and What are you ?” I said.

“I Don’t have a name and I am now your guardian reaper” she said, then she suddenly stabbed me with her scythe.

“What are you doing ?” I said to her and I spit blood

“I just marked you.” She said

“Mark ?” I said to her and I collapsed.

End Of Chapter 1.

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