Saviour| Vkook one-shot

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The dark grey and fuchsia-colored clouds collided together forming a very beautiful ambiance in the sky. Inking the sky in a very profound look that no one has ever looked neither tried to imagine. He sighed, cursing his already cursed fate a 1000th time. He never asked for it. He never wanted to be a situation like this. “Get out!!!” The cafe-owner said voice stern as ever. “W..what? No.. No… please sir No. You know my situation. It’s hard for me to find another job . . . “S...Sir, what are you doing? Move aside, please… I can’t breathe. Please what happened to you?” Taehyung pleaded to the officer. “Oh come on… don’t act all innocent and all I know you want it. The life was playing hard games with Taehyung and all he can do is to except everything as destiny. Until one day he met him… . . . “Who are you?”Tae said questioning the driver whose face he still hasn’t seen. “I am your SAVIOUR.” The driver said cheekily making his melodious voice soothe Taehyung in a very different way.

Fantasy / Romance
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Authors Note

This book is completely the work of fiction and none of the characters have to do anything with the real person out there neither has anything to do with their personality. Before you read let me clear one thing this book is completely my idea. Don’t fucking dare to use the plot in any way.

Remember Plagiarism is a crime.

This book contains slight angst, mention of abuse, mature, and some NSFW content. So kids please don’t read if you are underage or read at your own risk.

I love taekook with all my heart ❤ and this book is a small dedication towards that. I have no interest in ship-wars and all. Just love ot7 we all are ARMY and remember.

“We’re only seven with you♩✧♪●♩○♬☆”

Now let’s get the bread...

All Rights Reserved © Nandytae

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