The Neophyte

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Orphaned at the age of four, 28-year-old Heidi Danielson begins her journey as a Spellcaster. She trains under the three magic Sages of the three magic types—Practical, Mischief and Untamed. There she ends up falling in love with Tristan Embers, the handsome brooding Sage of Untamed magic. Soon, Heidi finds herself in the midst of Synto’s plans, the Leader of djinns and dark magic. Will she, despite the aid of the three Sages and the Vampires, survive the evil demands of Synto the Fallen? Or will Tristan find desperate attempts to save her from Synto’s grasp? These series are inspired by the Sims 4’s Realm of Magic.

Fantasy / Thriller
Dina Syariza
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“You said you wanted to be bigger than yourself.”

I lifted my head off the ground and pried my eyes open. My vision was red and I could feel blood trickling from the cut on my head. The heat from the flames enveloped us as the smoke got thicker. I coughed.

“Look around you,” He spread his arms, “There is nothing left of your past. There is nothing left to fight for, Heidi!”

His golden eyes glowed brighter. I pushed myself off the ground. My bad shoulder was aching badly again—so much for the recovery. I held my wand with my good arm and pointed towards him.

“My past does not define me,” I croaked. My throat was dry.

He bore his wild gaze on me, “If you kill me, He will take us both down.”

I looked around us as the fire swallowed the place. It might have been a bare, concrete building but it was once my home. I took a deep breath and waved my wand.

“Then we’ll both die here so no one else gets hurt."

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