love or obsession

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mentaly unstable & sexual assult survivor 11 year old kalli just wants to be loved she has a major crush on a boy shes known for ever, and with her house being like a drop in center she has full access to him 24/7 a young girl from a broken home becomes completely enveloped in this romance but when she meets a pregnant woman does she take it to far, how far are you willing to go for love.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter 1

As ten year old Keisha came bounding through the house door, she was greeted with the scent of marijuana and home made pizza, the whole house live with movement the guys from the Block, as she turns left into the kitchen she walks right into him! she bites her lip mutters a quick sorry as she can feel her cheeks getting hot.

. ″ soft shorty dont worry about it’′ ’ohh god she thought he sounds so sexy, his deep voice vibrating through the air made the hair on the back of her neck stand up her clit jump at the same time , As she looked up and down at this perfect specimen, her mother michelle asked her if she was hungry sure immy what did you make ″ ya na weddyweddyweddy” oh my gosh momm stopp it " ohh shut the fuck up you love it” she sings it as she does a little booty shake while cutting the pizza, mom stop that's embarrassing but the guy chuckled the mandem all loved mom she was one of those down with it white lady’s you know her mom is the den mother of the block.

She will feed ya, home you, cloth you, and chase down police chasing you, but HIS chuckle brought kalli's attention back to him just as he reached down to slightly pulled up his baggy pants but not to get them around his waist more so to fix the look of his pants, with the blue bandanna being used as a belt they were still sagging off,

she watched as he slid his hand into his pocket to grab a vibrating phone as he lifted his hand to his ear her eyes landed on where his shirt fell against his chest revealing pecs that popped, oh he for sure has abz she thought.

It was then when he answered the phone she stopped at his lips noticing the scar on the right side of his bottom lip she wondered how he got it, the perfect boy,she wondered how to get him, she wanted him, but she was only 11 well 12 soon he was 14, AND DIDN’T GIVE HER THE TIME OF DAY, even on the nights he crashes in her living room. The first time she had awoken and she had been thirsty and went down stairs to the kitchen for a water bottle, when she saw him she crawled up on the the couch with him and wrapped his arms around hers, that was the first time she crept down to sleep with him,

she was nine then its happens frequently he falls asleep cause they drank to much or just got tired and she would slip down stairs after her mom fell asleep and lay with him a few times a month since then, but when he wakes up he quickly jumps up off the couch and leaves through the back door, the last time she opens her eyes as he was walking out and he made eye contact with her ,and says your to young, as he slid the back door closed and left, maybe that why Kali felt so nervous seeing him now, she had to figure out how to make him notice her as more than the young clingy girl.

For now she was saving one of many mental pictures she had of him, while wondering if she would ever get a chance to be with him. When he sucked his teeth and swore into the phone 'yo fuck that lets body him i have the machine its at half’s ima grab it and meet you'', yep she thought hes a thug he has to see her every other guy notices her she has short curly hair enough to get the attention of all the boys she came across,

he is to sexy as she moved her eyes down again she stopped to admire the strong veins in his neck, they were not bad,

not like old white woman legs, no

its more like hes so sexy it has to come out in other ways so instead of blood pumping those veins they just hold his sexyness, could she be in love, she had dreams about him ever since the second time when she cuddled up to him and he wrapped up around her before he woke up and took off apologizeing as he tucked hi dick into the waist band of his pants. He was walking towards the door before he hung up as he got to the door he called out i gotta deal with some thing mum ill be back. ′ okay baby boo’

nows her chance to catch him before he meets up with his friends but by the time kalli got out of the front door he had disappear must have been picked up she will see him tonight if he sleeps here though she thought.. and she grabed some pizza and headed over to he cousins next door.

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