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After having a dark past, Maria goes to school to try and live a normal life, but not everything is as easy as it seems. After going to a school full of packs, her hatred for them increases. When she meets a girl called Riley, her perspective on everything changes. She begins to trust, but soon everything will come crashing down. Running out of time, Maria must decide whether to put everything she has worked for on the line or to fight her battle alone. As a war is getting closer, Maria must work harder to defeat the enemy she has always hated. However, after having a special connection to her enemy, will she be able to defeat them or will she crumble to the ground? Loyalties will be tested and love will be broken throughout the great war. Will they be able to defeat their enemy or will their power be too strong? A twist that no one expected changes everything.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

This is not your usual story. It's not where the prince comes and saves the princess. Instead, it is about hatred and secrets, where packs have to trust lone wolves to defeat the biggest threat they have ever encountered. Where secrets get people killed and where strangers become friends. A lone wolf called Maria will face lots of challenges with love, revenge and friendship all because she trusted a wolf in a pack. The packs son will be torn between two girls (a mate and a random girl) that he both has feelings for. Here is their story.

A lone wolf called Maria lives up high in the mountains inside a cave. She has no family and no money. She has black hair and bright blue eyes that are as cold as ice. She doesn't trust anyone and many people fear her because when you are on her bad side, she can be meaner than the devil himself. This is why and how it happened. 5 years ago, Maria was only 12 years old and was living with her family and pack in the woods. Everything was normal attack happened at the pack house by witches and warlocks. She witnessed all of her family and pack get killed, but her parents were still alive and she could tell that the witch, Salice, had something else in store for them. The witch was going to curse them to become human forever and only let them transform into their wolves on the day she cursed them and eventually they would die! Maria wasn't going to stand and watch so just as the witch casted her spell, she jumped in front of her parents making her get cursed instead of them. Salice boiled with rage and killed Marias parents in anger. The pack house was burnt to the ground and from that day, Salice went into hiding, losing some of her magic every day because of Marias love for her parents. Maria is still cursed and can only transform into her wolf on the day she got cursed. She now lives in a cave and is plotting her revenge. A few miles from Marias cave, the Red Moon pack was training and having fun. Although, one girl called Riley was annoyed that she couldn't train just because she was a girl. Riley wasn't very tall for her age. She had light brown hair that stopped at her shoulders and she had light brown eyes to match. She wore glasses, which didn't help the situation she was in at school. Her brother, Enzo, was going to become the new alpha, but only when his dad steps down and thinks that he was ready. This meant that he was getting trained the most and the hardest. He had dark brown hair, but not too dark that it looked like it was black. Instead of having brown eyes like his sister, he had green eyes that he got from his mother's side of the family. He was quite tall and had a muscular body from all of the training. Enzo saw how his sister looked and went over to her. "Hey. Don't look so annoyed," Enzo said. "Why can't I train with you guy's. I should know how to fight too," asked Riley. Enzo sighed and looked at his sister. "You know why. It's a pack rule. Go inside and get some rest. We've got school tomorrow," and with that, Enzo walks off. Riley dreaded the thought of going back to school because she gets bullied at lot by her brother's mate. She doesn't tell anyone this because who would believe her compared to a beautiful and popular girl who will soon be Luna of the pack. Snapping herself out of the thought, she listens to what her brother says and goes inside.

Maria sees her two closet friends walking towards her and they are the only ones who know what happened with her and her family. One of them was called Chris and he was a vampire. He had pale skin and white eyes that were like snow. He was tall and had white hair that reached his shoulders. The girl with him was called Freya and she has still tall but smaller than Chris and was a witch. She had long beautiful blonde hair and had dark blue eyes that warmed your heart whenever you looked into them. "Me and Chris have decided that you are going to go to school." "WHAT!" Maria shouts, "Why do I need to go to school? It's pointless." Chris laughed as he knew that this would be how Maria reacted. "We think it will be good thing for you. You haven't interacted with people your age since your family... well you know. No discussion. You start at 8:30," Freya says. The two of them stay there for a while trying to convince Maria that it is a good idea. Then when it was getting late, Freya said goodbye and left. Not soon after Freya, Chris also said his goodbye to Maria and left her to get some rest. Maria was fuming that she had to go to a school filled with humans and wolves that are from the Red Moon pack. The night got darker and darker by the minute, apart from where the half-moon shines brightly at where the cave is. The stars start to spread out across the black midnight sky glistening and sparkling like a diamond. There's a story that when you die, you become a star in the sky and that you'll always be remembered. This made Maria think of her parents and she smiled knowing that they were watching over her.

The next day, Enzo, Brian (Enzo's best friend) and Riley walk into school. When they arrive there, Riley heads straight towards her first class before the bell even rings as she is trying to avoid Sara (Enzo's mate and Riley's bully). 10 minutes later Maria walks into school. Everyone turns and looks at her with intrigued and shocked expressions on their faces. Maria was wearing her normal everyday clothes. She had black shades to cover her eyes, grey boots that went up to her ankles and black trousers with holes over her kneecaps. She also wore a black jacket with a white crop top. As she walks down towards the principle's office, she can hear everyone whispering about her and one person catches her eye. Enzo. She stops and looks at him from head to toe and finds out he is doing the same to her. Sara notices what she is doing and walks up to Maria and says "Before you get any ideas, he is my boyfriend so back off!" Maria looks at her for a while and smiles and laughs quietly before she starts to walk off and into the principle's office. The bell rings and everybody leaves the hallway and heads to class. 30 minutes later, Maria heads towards her first class with Mrs Smith. She walks into class and just like before, everyone looks at her. "You must be Maria. Why don't you tell us something about yourself?" Maria looks at the teacher and says, "I think I'll pass. Where shall I sit?" Everyone in the room laughs apart from Enzo who is just staring at Maria and trying to figure who this new girl is. The teacher was annoyed at the comment and says "Be quite. You can sit next to Riley." Sara and her friend start to laugh as Maria sits next to her. It had been 10 minutes into the lesson and not a word was spoken between Maria and Riley. "You gonna talk to me anytime soon?" Maria asks. Riley just looks at her in an embarrassed way and goes back to her work without answering the question. After a very long time and lots of boring algebra questions, the bell rings and Riley races off to her next lesson, which makes Maria curious about her and why she is so shy when she was the daughter of an alpha. Maria could tell who were humans and who were wolves as she could smell the difference between the two scents. A few boring lessons later and it was lunch. As Maria was getting a drink, Enzo walks up to her and asks "What are you and why are you here?" Maria looks at him and responds with, "I have no idea what you're talking about." "I think you do," says Enzo. Maria takes a step forwards and the two are only a few inches apart. Maria just looked at him before she walked away. Brian walks over to Enzo after seeing what just happened. "What was that all about?" asks Brain. "Something is off about her but I can't figure it out," says Enzo.

Maria was sat outside thinking about her family and wondering whether or not they would be proud of her and the person she had become. Out of the corner of her eye, she notices Riley being pushed around by two girls. One of them was Sara. Sara had blonde hair and green eyes. She was also taller than Riley and was wearing a lot of makeup (maybe too much). Maria starts to walk over to see what was going on. She asks Riley "Are these two bothering you?" Before Riley could even speak, Sara interrupts and says "Why does it matter to you? You don't even know the girl." Maria turned her attention to her Sara and scowled. "It doesn't matter whether I know her or not. I don't want to see you bullying her so if I catch you being mean, rude and spiteful to her again then I will make sure it's the last thing you do!" Sara looks at Maria and takes a step forward so she is face to face with Maria. "Are you threatening me new girl?" "No. I'm making you a promise." The two girls step back and start to walk away in fear and shock. "Thank you for that," said Riley. Maria looks at her and smiles. The two walk away together and sits down at a table and eats their lunch. "Why didn't you just stand up for yourself or hurt them like they hurt you?" Asks Maria. "Well she's my brother's girlfriend and I'm also not allowed to fight." Maria looks at her and gets a piece of paper out of her pocket to write something on it and passes it to Riley. "Meet me there at that time tomorrow and don't be late." Leaving Riley with lots of questions, Maria leaves and goes inside. Hours later and the school day was over.

Back at the Red Moon pack, Enzo tells his dad about Maria in his office. Books and papers are everywhere and in the middle there is a desk with a piece of paper lying in the middle of the desk. There were bookshelves around the room with a painting of his family on the wall behind the desk. "Well this is interesting news, son. Why do you think there is something off about her?" "She doesn't smell like a wolf, she doesn't follow witches rules and she is able to walk in the daytime unlike a vampire." "Then she's a human. I don't know why you are over thinking this son." Enzo looks annoyed at his father's response, but carries on talking, "I just have a feeling that she is something like us and I know when I'm right." The alpha rolls his eyes and says "You also don't know when your wrong, but if this is so important to you then I will do some digging, but you need to keep an eye on her. Now leave me I have some important letters to write." With that, Enzo leaves the study and goes down for dinner while his father is writing letters to other pack members so they can all discus a important matter and problem.

Over at the mountains, Maria is sat with Freya and Chris. "How was your first day at school then Maria?" asked Chris laughing at the thought of her actually going. "How do you think it was? I saw and had to talk to a pack of wolves and had to learn maths." All three of them laughed and looked at the sun set and the sky turn into a light orange and then to a dark black. "There is something I want to ask you guys and I understand if you don't want to do it or help me." The two of them shot a worried look at each other and then turned back to Maria. "What is it?" asks Freya. "Will you help me kill Salice and get revenge for my mother, father and pack?" Freya and Chris looked at each and then nodded their heads at Maria. All three of them start to devise up a plan to get revenge and to try and break the curse that was put over Maria.

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